what’s up everyone welcome back we look a little different today a lot is different so in my hair video I mentioned that I want to try not heat styling so much anymore so yesterday when I washed my hair I let it air dry unfortunately it doesn’t look like this when I air dry it you guys know I was getting the keratin treatment so from like maybe 6 inches down from my roots it’s like pretty straight and totally frizz free but all the growth up here is like a lot of volume a lot of different shapes and it’s funny because I start you’ll see I start the video putting this headband on just to get the hair out of my face while I do the makeup but it ended up looking kind of cute especially with the look so I just kept it on anyway today’s look is actually requested by you guys it’s like a combination of things requested because I asked you guys on the community tab what you wanted to see for my next makeup look and a lot of people said color a lot of people said keep doing your everyday thing I really liked it even though you do it loved it some people said like the Fox I look so I did like a combination of some of the requests obviously couldn’t fit everything into it some people didn’t say like smokey eye fold lamb which I’ll do again but for this look I kind of combined a little color with still that minimalist style a very fresh base still very me look at so much color me nails and everything I’m loving this just a very simple eyeliner look I give a lot of eyeliner tips in this video I’ve done it before this time was a little bit different some different techniques so yeah watch me do it the kind of hair I can actually like put back right now so I’m gonna use this headband to keep it out of my face this hair has actually shown me that I’m the least adventurous person when it comes to hair I never do anything differently mostly because I don’t know how to I got I’m not even sure I know how to put this headband is that right like I’m not actually trying to be cute with my hair back right now but I would like to be cute listen my hair is off my face it’s not gonna get in the way for the tutorial so we’re just gonna leave it also the headband is by Scunci it’s their collab with sincerely Jules okay let’s begin I’m also purposely kind of covering my hairline because I have Gray’s right now and I don’t want them to show so for my base I’m gonna combine two products this is by RMS it’s their uncover-up cream foundation really good product and you’ve seen me use this before the air Borean glow creme there are some times I just have to make sure that sound is working yep we’re good so these two I’m gonna blend together because this is actually a pretty thick product so I just want to dilute it a little bit make it a little bit more light also I think the color is a little bit deep for me so this should also dilute that a little bit this is just like a very iridescent glowy cream I’m just gonna play this in my hands oh my god I didn’t bring any brushes either or what is wrong with me and I’m gonna put this on and I’m gonna go down and get some brushes wow that nap did me in so I’m just gonna press this into my skin do we even need brushes actually I don’t actually need brushes I don’t need to need them okay this just turned into a a challenge video a no brush challenge yeah you know what yeah I have this little guy we can work it out so yeah this base is really nice it’s just I love RMS they’re like a really good especially if you’re into more natural makeup like natural ingredients moving on I’m going to use the dose of colors meet your hue concealer really solid concealer I use it for more natural looks as well as like full glam looks and I’m gonna take this little guy this is my favorite this one and the full-size one it’s by Hank and Henry cosmetics it’s just a really good shape so this is the one that I’m using is the mini and I also have the giant one you guys have seen me use that one too so the face routine is pretty minimal for this because obviously I want the eyes to really stand out coverage wise I’m doing very minimal work I don’t know why my mirror is always like 20 feet away not that I have much to cover these days I’m very happy to say that my skin is really behaving all right next up I am going to you know what I’m actually gonna set this first I’m gonna take a little bit of the cover FX perfect setting powder very little of this very little because I want the finish overall to be pretty natural I’m gonna take the clean side of this and just just set the concealer so we don’t have any creasing under the eyes if you guys could see me doing my face routine when I’m not on camera I’m really kind of Carolus I’m like quick about how I do it because I really try to do as little as possible for like the most natural effect but also getting like a good finish now I’m gonna go in with contour this is the Hollywood contour wand by Charlotte Tilbury one of my favorites really good contour product because it comes with its own little sponge applicator I’m going to turn it to the on position and squeeze out a little product I don’t know if I’m so paranoid today about my audio still going strong okay so with this I’m just going to do like a light contour and then always switch this to the off position otherwise you might end up accidentally squeezing out a bunch and now that I have the facts I have this I’m going to use that to blend this out the other face routine on this look is not quite as important so you could really do whatever you feel like for your foundation your base I just feel like because it’s such a simple eyeliner look I really want to keep it as fresh and minimal as possible I always mess up here and don’t blend enough and then in pictures it’s like just like a line so finally for the face I’m gonna go in with my terracotta stick by Caroline this is such a beautiful color because it has that obviously the blush color that pink but it’s a glowy product on its own to you so I’m not gonna actually use a highlight for this look as you can see it it’s it has like a highlight quality on its own and then this just with my hand I’m gonna blend it out I know a lot of you don’t like fragrance and products and these are heavily fragrance to their powders and their sticks but man it smells good fragrance doesn’t bother me I know a lot of people your skin just doesn’t handle it like it’s your kind of like mildly allergic some people are really allergic some people have reactions to it but my skin has never had a problem with fragrance and every time I use a girl on product I’m just like in heaven it smells so good like I need them to make a fragrance like an actual perfume just out of their cosmetics smell so good okay fresh enough right just very natural fresh minimal I’m pretty sure that’s it for face I just wanted to double-check because I’m like kind of off to make sure I don’t forget anything so actually I am gonna do one more thing just for the sake of making sure it stays I would recommend this for any look especially because when I asked you guys in the community tab what kind of look you wanted to see for this video a lot of people said like a hot weather sweat proof makeup look obviously this isn’t geared at that specifically but the mist and fix I think is one of the best setting sprays for keeping your makeup in place especially when it’s hot and sweaty I’m just gonna give my face a spritz okay time for the eyes you know I always get nervous when it comes time to do the liner so I just pull it together so the product that I’m gonna use for the eye liner is by Fenty beauty this is they’re what’s called vivid liquid eyeliner and banana blaze funny thing about this I actually don’t really recommend it when I was trying out the look I noticed that it gets very kind of dry and cracked when you when you put it on I have this I have the pink and I have the white so I noticed it just the quality is not great when it dries down but it’s not like I have a dozen a highlighter yellow eyeliners the laying around so hope I’m gonna make do with this but if you do have another like fluorescent yellow option for eyeliner I would suggest using something else it’s not terrible it’s just not great I can’t recommend it what I do like about it is the brush the brush is actually really nice you guys can see it there so I look directly into the mirror head on and start looking in the mirror at the very inner corner of my eye drawing from inner corner up to well almost the end of my eye okay and you’re gonna get this if you’re using this you’re gonna get it all over your lashes no big deal we’re gonna put mascara over it but the reason I do it like this is so just this is my base this is where I’m starting off and my breathing gets so shallow when I do fucking fur okay so now again holding up the mirror directly in front of me making sure you can still see in the camera now I’m gonna start at the very outer corner of my eye and just map out the shape of the wing I’m not doing anything too big too intense and then kind of connecting it in like that so really this is just my wing shape I still haven’t connected anything here I’m just getting a shape down right now so now I’m gonna actually connect these two okay so I’ve connected it and now you could see the blueprint of the line it’s a really nice smooth line if you just if you have deep set eyes if you just go from in our corner to the wing in one swift motion in one swipe I guess it’s not gonna turn out right you have to work with the shape of your eye you have to start sort of blueprint with your eye open to make sure that the shape of the wing fits the shape of your eye I’ve done a couple other videos one specifically for how to do liner for deep set eyes this is a little bit different so now I’m just kind of filling in the space and smoothing out the line once you have your shape down you can start you know thickening up parts of it depending on your preference so right now what I’m doing is I’m gonna actually thicken this part of the line a little bit but I’m gonna do it little by little I’m not going to do anything too crazy at once because I don’t want to alter the shape of my wing the shape of the wing is very important this is a very important stuff so I’m going to stop here with this side and move on to the other side and then once I have both sides done then I can make any adjustments all right just get the line going no need to fill it in just yet then going into the wing starting at the outer corner draw your wing draw the connecting part okay good shape so now we’re going to connect these two lines try to be as smooth about it as possible that a minute to dry because I don’t want it to especially when you have deeper set eyes that crease could you know bleed the color of the liner so I’m just going to give it a second to dry before I fully open that add a little bit down here so now I’m going to make this a little thicker just to match the other side it still didn’t turn out as good as this side but like eyebrows eyeliner is always going to be sisters not twins this looks a little crazy right now without the mascara but once I get the mascara on and I’m gonna put a couple of individual lashes just to give it that fucks eye look it’s gonna look really cute so for the mascara this is also going to be strategic it’s not going to be your usual mascara application because I want the lashes and I hope this makes sense I want the lashes to fit the shape of the liner so the liner is that you know that cat shape and I want the lashes to kind of align with that so I’m gonna take the legendary lashes by Charlotte Tilbury and I’m going to focus my mascara just on this outer part here so I’m not really putting the mascara anywhere near the inner part of my lash line because that kind of defeats the purpose of this wing shape and we’re also trying to cover any yellow that’s on the lashes so I’m not going to actually stop there I do want to add a little bit of individual lashes just to again really reinforce that shape so the shape of the lashes go with the shape of the wing so for the lashes I’m using a combination of I think they’re both Ardell yeah they’re both Ardell but one is not free short black and these are the not free double flares so these are like twice as thick I’m gonna grab one of the regular not free and dip it dip the tail into the glue and just lower it into the I don’t want them to be like full like like voluminous I want them to be PC land nope didn’t land again so I’m spacing them out so that there’s not too much volume in one place I’m gonna space them out I also brought up these guys these are by red cherry I haven’t used these in a really long time because they’re just not practical they’re like actual individual Russian but I feel like they’re what I need for this look right now so I’m going to take one it’s obviously time consuming to use these but the outcome is so pretty so I just landed one probably need like four more that’s it make an impact but with these if you know what you’re doing over time you get used to it it gets faster and faster applying them now on to the other side wait a hole there side to do so let’s take one of these double flares this is always harder because it’s my right side you’re probably not gonna see all of what I’m doing I’m gonna take one more of the double flare add this even further out to the other corner and then I’m gonna grab maybe two of the singles and just give it that extra flared shape at the very end here I’m not actually sure where that landed but it looks fine so I’m happy with this just a really subtle like claret look with the lashes at the outer corners like I said just to match the shape of the wing he’s leaving me for like four weeks well good reason he has to go back to Belgium for work so do you like my eyeliner yeah all right so for brows I’m gonna do a very light very very light fill just because I want them to be fluffy for this I’m not gonna do too much this is by Rimmel it’s one of those it’s like a pen I like it I had high high hopes for it but it kind of like runs not runs out but it doesn’t I think because you hold it this way instead of this way it starts to not really produce color like that so yeah that’s really all I want I don’t want to do too much because I don’t want this to be a super polished look but just to finish it off I’m going to use the arch brow gel by noir glass I’m just gonna be me even more of that fluffy look so for the lips the final step I’m actually not doing any color I’m gonna do a bomb it’s a tinted bomb and then I’m gonna give the option of a gloss over it which is not even actually a gloss it’s another bomb but it’s shiny so this is by l-c cosmetics it is there I mean remember the name of it it doesn’t say on the package but it’s they’re tinted bombs this one is the coral so you can see it’s a really pretty coral shade but it’s very sheer so just classify this directly I just think what it look like this you could you could go with like a watermelon like matte liquid lip or like a glossy pink but I don’t know something about this look says to me like keep it natural I do want to gloss it up a little bit so I’m gonna use the Smashbox nourishing lip oil so it’s not even a gloss it’s an oil so everything about this look is very just a low maintenance minimalist now if the look is done I kind of want to keep the headband on even I was cutting off the circulation of my big head for this look I’m so happy I finally played with a little bit more color a lot of you asked for something fun something outside the box that I don’t normally do and I’m really happy you did this it’s like a really good it’s a good way to use color without being over-the-top like I’m not really like a color person like that with makeup but things like this I appreciate because it’s like a nice touch it’s still minimalist I still feel like it’s me so I hope you guys loved it and I loved taking requests if you guys have more requests I’m gonna keep going to the community tab and I want to find a way for you guys to like send me pictures of things you like for me to recreate so I’ll find a find a way to do that but until next time thank you guys for watching I’ll see you soon


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