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Natural Male Makeup Tutorial – Updated

Natural Male Makeup Tutorial – Updated

Hey guys welcome to my channel. So if you are new here, what’s up? My name is Wesley I’m going to be showing you how I do my male makeup This is something that you can do every day if you want you can take what you want out of it Leave some parts out you can add really customizable, but it’s just what I do When I’m going somewhere, I don’t want to do like a full face of makeup.

So it’s pretty minimal. It’s pretty undetectable I would say as long as you’re using the correct products correct shades I’ll talk about that more into the video and also this doesn’t have to necessarily be just for males.

It could be any gender Male female or whatever you identify as makeup has no gender. Also you guys can’t ignore the fact that I’m like super red. I got burnt Look at that tan line. Yeah. Let’s not talk about that even though I just did So let’s just get into the video Um so first off if you do have any redness which a lot of people do You want to use a green corrector.

This is my all-time favorite green corrector I’ve ever used I don’t like creams because that’s more for like heavy glam makeup It doesn’t look very natural at least like a green cast and you have to cover that with a bunch of makeup So I like this one by NYX this is their color correcting liquid primer, and this is just green neutralizes redness so what you do, I do have redness around my nose, so what you do is you just take a little bit on your finger and This like really goes and melt into the skin you can’t really tell it’s there This is why it’s all my favorite so what I do is I just tap it in the sides of my nose and like underneath Tappin’ it really helps the product stay there if you rub it in it’s just going to disappear, so if you tap it It will help keep the product where you want it Male Makeup Tutorial – natural A lot of my redness is not there today but it usually is.

But trust me this works really well for redness and if you need more, you can like build this up also on top of my nose gets a little red I’m also a little bit sunburnt so that also would help around right on top of my nose, just going to tap it out natural male makeup tutorial mens natural makeup You guys can see it.

Just like honestly corrects it. It’s amazing and it doesn’t look green at all Like the Green the red mix it together and make like this very neutral color so I’m going to get like two into depth with Color correcting because it can get pretty intense I guess and most people do have just redness So that’s just all I’m going to cover today And if you’re like getting darkness discoloration on your eyes that’s what concealer is for if you don’t need to corrector You can just move on into the next step which is going to be concealer, so this is my favorite concealer This is by Catrice.

This is the liquid camouflage concealer You can give the ulta and the stores online all that stuff So this is also waterproof So it does not move that’s one thing if you don’t want your if you don’t want your makeup to be very noticeable You make sure it’s going to stay because if it starts to crumble or like break up or take like come off It’s going to be patchy and it can be obvious you have makeup on so this one’s really good.

I know it’s heart-shaped Tape is a very good one. It’s a little bit more expensive But that is like one of the best concealers out there, I guess Honestly thats we use it, but I know everyone loves it.

I also know the Maybelline age rewind concealer is really good There’s a lot of drugstores and stores are like honestly really good, but this store. I have used so far. That is my favorite So this is what I am going to use.

you want sometimes the same tone as your skin or something It’s a little bit lighter. You definitely don’t wanna go darker. the darkest you want to go is your skin tone.. So it comes with a wand.. I’m just going to place a little bit underneath my eyes I’m not going to go right up to my like eye crease right there because I don’t want it to be too intense So I am just going to do a little bit, bringing it down to here.

I’m sure you guys have seen the videos of people doing this online very popular natural male makeup tutorial And also another reason why I love this concealer. It looks a little dark on me, but it blends out to be my skin tone The reason why do love this concealer is because it looks like there is nothing on my skin it just blends into the skin So good just looks so beautiful like Dewy and just very natural So I’m going to use a little fluffy brush to blend this out.

You can use a beauty blender That’s also a good tool to help you get a really natural finish. It soaks up any of the excess product Excess products that you don’t need so that it does look super natural So I’m just going to buff this in male makeup tutorial natural make up tutorial for males everyday male makeup tutorial natural flawless male makeup tutorial If you make sure you blend very well because you don’t want to see any lines of demarcation Because that will really give it away that you are wearing makeup I do not know a lot of guys have that I don’t want anyone to notice which is totally fine male makeup tutorial I like to put it around my nose to you to help get rid of redness, and I do it little sections Just because this concealer does dry really fast, which is good because it means it sets itself Which is just not going to move You can put a little bit on your chin.

This is going to like a highlighting area over done line nose Then just like a little bit on my forehead You just want to do a little bit at a time You can build it up if you’d like so concealer is down also You can conceal anywhere on your skin that you have like blemishes or anything that you want to hide I don’t really have any right now Also, you could use foundation I’m not going to talk about that because because I personally don’t use foundation when I want to do a natural makeup Look, I would suggest just any concealer and then just going in and like spot healing everything.

So after that I’ll take a powder just with translucent one. This is line NYX. This is their hD finishing powder This is a drugstore powder, so it’s pretty affordable. It’s really good. It doesn’t really cake up or anything And does not have flash back meaning if you take a photo And there’s a flash you do not have like a white cast some powders do that this one does not so that’s good So I could take just a little brush.

Just like this looked a little tulip brush. I just put it in here This is translucent. It looks white, but actually has no color to it so that’s why I would suggest to that to your concealer and You want to set your concealer so that it does not move Also, some concealers are way more dewy, so you’ll be like super shiny here, which isn’t too attractive.

I guess It would just look super oily and greasy so you want to just like dab Pats over that concealer just to set it It’ll help it last a lot longer and look better and if you are dry I would suggest using just a very small amount so the next thing I’m going to do is bronze up and slash Contour a little bit when you do put concealer on our foundation or anything like that It does kind of make your face.

Look more flat. I gave a lot of dimension It makes it look flawless But nestle makes a little bit flat so I use this as a bronzer if you’re warmer, you could use like a contour It’s a little bit warmer here sometimes I make lines, or I contour more like a shadow it’s more of just like warming up the skin if you don’t know um you could do either or You could kind of play with it and just see what from you like better Contouring is going to look more natural Bronz-y doesn’t look like you do have more Not necessarily make up, but its going to look more unnatural, so I’m just going to contour for this I’m going to use something That’s pretty affordable my favourite contours It’s broken so don’t judge me, but I do want to do one that’s more affordable for you guys This is ten dollars a pan actually pretty big I broke it.

I’ve dropped this multiple time Traveling with it, and it’s all I have left, but this is my makeup geek this is in shade break up and this retails for $10 just the pan on their website you can also get it in a compact for a couple dollars more I I’m just going to use a little small fluffy brush I’m just going to dab into that not anything too crazy And then I’m just going to go to the cheekbones and right where the cheekbones are I’m just going to place it go back and forth from the ear to the corner of the mouth and then once you blend that upwards You dont ever want to blend down And you can see that’s also a little warm for me.

So it’s going to kind of have to look contour and bronzer, so I’m just going to really blend that in Don’t want any Harsh lines and I’ll say a little bit product at a time is what is Important you don’t want to go straight in with a bunch of product it’s going to be hard to get it off so also going to do it right here on the sides one forehead and Then I’m also going to do right on the jaw bone male makeup tutorial I’m also going to contour my Lips on my Cupid’s bow and my nose.

Just a little bit this is also going to help make it look a little bit bigger and more definition to it So this is why I make my lip This will help me make it look like your bottoms a little bigger And then I’m also going to go right here in the Cupid’s bow It’s going to make your bottom lip look like it’s pouty.

Let make it go up with it this brush a little bit thick, so I’m going to pinch it just a little bit and then just put it right there natural male makeup tutorial And I don’t know if you can tell but it just looks a little more poutier So for your nose also going to be different for everyone everyone has a different shaped nose But I’m not going to go too in depth into it.

But, i’m just going to contour my nose just so you guys can see what I do so I just go underneath the Nose a little bit Let pinch my brush. Just a little bit like this, and I’m just going to go right put this line right here I’m just going to kind of follow it down male makeup tutorial – natural Alright, so I’m going to finish up the skin I’m going to do blush You can skip this if you want, but I use just a little bit of blush a very natural one And then I’m going to do highlighter as well, so for blush.

I’m going to take this pan right here This is also by makeup geek It’s the same brand ten dollars for a single This is in main squeeze something. That’s very natural I like to do something else more a little more peachy a bit warm with a more warm.

Tone on my skin I also use a fluffy brush nothing. That’s too dense. it’s super fluffy So it doesn’t deposit too much product and these aren’t crazy pigmented like when you dip into them You’d only get a lot of product on the brush.

That’s why I like them because they are pretty natural And sometimes I go with this shade, which is even a warmer I’m probably ah probably mix the two together this one is bliss and You can see it doesn’t come without much product just going to mix those together And it’s going to go right to the beginning of my cheekbones You can smile and kind of tell where you want your blush to start.

I normally don’t do that I don’t know why I just like to put it rocketing right in between my contour where my highlighter would go So I’m just going to do that just right all over the cheekbones honestly I’m not super Fancy with my delish There’s also kind of warm up warm up the skin tone.

Just a little bit give my life into it So for highlighter the point of highlighting is to make your skin look very dewy very glowy very natural Using a matte foundation with your oily will make you look matt obviously And that does not look natural at all.

No one just has to bring a matte skin normally so some my favorite highlighters um This one recently it is come like when my favorites this one know that more expensive this one’s like Kevin Aucoin It’s in a little Kit but it’s this one right here called candle light.

It’s kind of light powder It’s not absolutely no shimmer in it, but it still has like nice glow. It’s a little more expensive And then one that’s really good also. That’s a little more expensive is the SmaShbox for these called Smashbox Spotlight palette This is in Pearl These have barely any glitter or shimmer into it, so it’s very fine It’s very natural on the skin also the Anastasia Beverly hills one.

This is the glow in sun dipped This is my favorite shade of all time. Which is called Moonstone. Love this so much I don’t have too many drugs for highlighters, but if you do want drugs or highlighter this one I do have this is by bh cosmetics This is amazing.

It’s about. I think like 10 to 13 dollars, but this is really good for my skin tone I use this called Glow There’s a super super light one, and then there’s some over here for like Deeper skin tones So it’s really good if you are like a makeup artist, but I really do like this highlighter palette for a drugstore option But today, I’m going to use the Kevin Aucoin one because I’m like falling in love with this So this is it right here once again.

Just going to use a little fluffy brush You could use something like this another good highlighter brush is the morphe 501, and it’s like kind of like a small fluffy brush Or like an oversized blending brush So this one my favorite brush ever too highlight with this is by Jay manuel actually this is the fade brush So I’m just going to dip into this highlighter Tap off the extra extra and then spread on top of the Cheeks of the right on top of the cheeks just go in and highlight.

This one is more subtle to show you guys I’m just going to go in with the Anastasia one. this one is super intense but I’ll show you I just dipped into the pan one and This is Moonstone by the way, but this oh my God this highlighter is so beautiful on the other side.

I’ll show you with nothing oh So those gold kits are about $40 around there you do get four shades. They’re huge pan and a little bit goes a long way down the nose Basically you wanna highlight anywhere that sticks out of your face.

I guess like a high point So I like to do the nose and the bridge and my Cupid’s bow. this is going to make your cupids bow look bigger And it’s going to obviously make your top lip it look a little bit bigger so we contour and highlighted the cupids bow Do a little bit on the chin just cause it sticks out Give a nice little subtle glow, and I like to do the brow bone natural male makeup tutorial how to do male male makeup natural natural makeup tutorial for men and there’s a little bit right on top of the brow Bone, so Underneath and above when you turn your head you get a little bit of glow there going I’m gonna move on to eyebrows right now.

There’s two options I would stay away from Paul made those are very thick and very dark and heavy if you want something natural I honestly do not suggest those I would suggest a brow pencil or a powder my favorite eyebrow powder is by the Anastasia Is by Anastasia, it’s her brow Palette obviously But I do want to keep this pretty drugstore for you guys So I’m going to use this brow palette by bh cosmetics.

This is probably around 10-ish dollars I wanna say, but honestly these are just They basically just as good as the Anastasia one honestly not going to lie I’m just going to go in with The Eyebrow pencil and show you guys the way I do with this so my favorite so is my favorite drugstore Brow pencil at the moment this is by Maybelline So their brow precise micro Crayon comes with a little spooley on the end, and then it is a twist up as you can see I don’t know.

What shade. This is like Don’t I can’t find it on the actual pencil so I’m going to use this spooly and brush my hair is up This is going to make the hairs will look a little bit more full and then just going to wind it up Just a little bit And I’m just going to go in and fill them in how you fill in your eyebrows is really up to you There’s no right or wrong way to do it If you do want to be natural I wouldn’t go too far off of the shape of your eyebrows, and yeah There’s plenty of like eyebrows tutorials out there if you guys went to like an in-depth brow tutorial So I could just feel a little bit in the front too like little hair strokes I don’t go in and just color it in I do a little like a little hair stroke – you know what I’m saying male makeup look natural Just a little bit on the top.

I don’t like us for bold intense eyebrows. I’m going to make this a little more natural male makeup tutorial and a little bit on the arch male makeup tutorial look natural, easy So I’m going to go ahead and do the other one off camera So now that my eyebrows are all filled and I’m going to go ahead and set the eyebrow hairs in place I’m going to make them look super feathery and Super bushy Which is going to make them look more natural my favorite eyebrow gel to set them with is the brow Gal is by Sonia crooks this is just like clear water resistance Eyebrow gel It’s basically like glue honestly It does get a little bit crunchy, but I don’t mind that because it does keep my eyebrows in place all day So I’m just going to run them through from this through my eyebrows natural everyday male makeup tutorial natural makeup tutorial look an alternative to a drugstore would be the next control freak this one is pretty good I do like the other one better, but this one is pretty good for what it is next I’m going to do is the lips so you can obviously skip this part if you want you can just take pieces of this tutorial if you want and apply it to you, so for my lips I do fill them in because I do have a lit of pigmentation loss And the bottom of it it kind of just blends with my skin now sometimes on my lips look uneven I’m like this side looks like it goes up further because I don’t have expectations there So I just fill my lips in just to give them like the full you know lusciousness that they actually are So do that.

I use either a lip pencil That’s the same skin tone as my lips, or I will use a lipstick if I want it to last a little bit longer So I’m going to use a lipstick for this video This is like NYX this is be pinned up pout lipstick right I go straight in with this.

I’m going to use A lip brush to apply it this will make it look more precise and more Natural I’m just going to take a little bit off of the tube. It’s going to use on my brush I’m just going to apply it to The bottom I’m not going to do a shit time like I like to pile it on there I really want to just pull it kinda like a flush of color natural makeup look male makeup look natural I like to put a little bit here on the sides of my mouth And sometimes I feel like my lips are a little bit too pink for my own liking.

I’ll take a very nude lipstick, and I’ll just kind of put it right in the center and I’ll just like dot it out towards the sides Mac, this is called cream and Denude Does have a little bit of a shimmer to it so does add like a nice glow to the lips Which I would have added originally with highlighter is one thing I was going to show you guys all right guys so the last thing I’m going to do is set your face so that everything Does not move so it stays also if you have too much powder on your face this is going to help it like melt into the skin make it look a lot more natural Another good one is by urban decay.

This is just their chill stick up like a does there chill makeup setting spray This anything urban Decay intense pre is really good another one here. They drugstore my nyx this is their Dewy finish one I’ll probably just use this because I do like to look more.

Dewy you do have a mild one as well natural male makeup tutorial natural looking male makeup tutorial male makeup tutorial natural Alright guys, so here is the end of the video here is the finished look Yeah, I it does look super natural I’ll get like a close-up for you guys So I think it does look super natural I got a little glitter on my face because I have glitter on my face from a video Ok so if you have any questions about any products like any techniques or anything that I did not cover um go ahead and leave It in the comments down below, and I’ll try to respond to them as much as possible So if you liked the video if I helped you or anything Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it also Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this.

I’m trying to post three times a week Definitely two at least I’m trying 3 so make sure subscribe – so you dont miss my videos It for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it Thank you so much for watching I hope to see you in my next video.

Bye guys


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