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Natural Vegetable Glycerine for Hair & Dry Skin – Pure USP High Grade Formula 8 Oz – Great Base for Shampoo Skincare Products & Soap to Improve Moisturizing Properties- 100%


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GREAT SKIN MOISTURIZER: Vegetable Glycerin contains many hyroscopic properties allowing it to attract and absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Studies have shown high-glycerin creams to be more effective than 15 of the leading moisturizing creams. Our Vegetable Glycerin is also a great way to prevent dry skin from occurring.
IMPROVES PHOTOAGED SKIN: Studies have shown glycerin to be a major ingredient in creams that improve prematurely aged skin. Mix our Natural Vegetable Glycerin with your favorite moisturizer to improve your skin’s ability to consistently shed outer layers (desquamation). This will aid regeneration and generate smoother skin.
PROTECT & MOISTURIZE HAIR: Glycerin is a great natural humectant and contains hyroscopic properties. This allows it to absorb moisture from the environment which can help improve hair dryness. Our Vegetable Glycerin can be used as a base ingredient or added to existing hair shampoos and conditioners.
FACIAL CLEANSER: Our Vegetable Glycerin contains many moisturizing properties that help improve oily skin blackheads and acne. This makes it the perfect ingredient for facial cleansers. Mix vegetable glycerin with tea tree oil and rosewater to create an all natural non-harsh facial cleanser that will leave your skin clean and soft.


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