Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel, so it is officially October I am so excited for the fall and for all the cute little pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters, but most importantly I don’t care what day of the month it is.

This month is Halloween, the entire month I definitely plan on doing a ton of different Halloween looks for you guys so definitely leave me a comment down below and tell me what you Want to see me do for this Halloween, but for today’s look our very first one I did this half face neon light up skull inspired makeup look And I am honestly it’s so so happy with how it turned out.

I think it just looks so so sick It definitely was not the easiest makeup look I’ve ever done it took a very long time and a lot of concentration But I feel like it’s not that hard You just have to be a really really patient and be willing to take your time which is something that I definitely struggle with but hey We came with okay today by the way today’s look is inspired by the wigs and makeup manager on Instagram she does so many beautiful and stunning skeleton makeup books Do you guys have to check her out alright all that being said Happy Halloween everybody, grab your Pinketty Drinketies and let’s get started Alright guys, so I already went ahead, and I primed my face off-camera as always using my favorite moisturizer But before we actually go into the makeup.

I want to prime my lips and for today’s video I partnered with EOS to show you guys their brand new crystal lip balm Basically this lip balm acts as like a moisturizing primer underneath the makeup, and it just wax free So it feels super super lightweight on the lips which is great because we’re gonna be putting a lot of makeup on today So we don’t want it to feel very very heavy And it also contains a lot of natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil Which makes for a really really long lasting hydrating feeling which is so so good like I said we’re going to be putting on a lot of face paint and eyeshadow And liner on to my lips today Which is not saying that I normally do and it tends to get really really really dry so this is just gonna make sure those lips last all day long and are super super comfortable to wear so now that we are all primed and ready to go like I Said we were gonna be wearing a lot a lot a lot of makeup today So I’m gonna quickly go ahead and do my base up camera as well as my eyebrows to save some time And then I’ll be right back to start off the eyes , okay, so jumping right in I have my base already completely on it this video is obviously gonna be focused on the eye makeup and the skeleton portion so I figured might as well just save some time and for my eyes today I’m gonna start off using my morphe 35B palette I use this palette so much in all my videos you guys have heard me say this a million times But it is surely my all-time favorite palette for colored looks And I’m gonna be using all these of blue shades in the left-hand row I’m gonna start off by grabbing an M433 brush and dipping into this light blue shade up in here and use that to start a transition shade I’m going in with a Very very light hand because a blue eyeshadow does tend to be very hard to blend out and I do want this to look good Obviously I mean duh So I’m just gonna blend this very very carefully making sure that this doesn’t get too high up Into like the brow and crease region and just keeping the shadow mostly concentrated in the crease I am taking what’s left of that shadow on the brush and just winging it out as well There’s obviously gonna be a lot going on in the mouth region with all the skeleton makeup So I definitely make sure it’s balanced on the eye portion And this is gonna be a lot of dimension a lot of different colors going on it So I feel like weighing this out and making the shadows Really really blown out and wide with a lot of different shades and dimension is just going to like really even out this look So I’m gonna grab an M507 brush and dip into this Darker blue shade in the top left hand and use that to darken up the crease in the outer corner Then I’m just gonna grab my M433 that I had that light blue shade on and use this to lightly buff over those edges To make sure everything is super blended out grabbing that same M 507 brush that I used for this blue I’m gonna dip into this darker blue shade in the bottom and use this to deepen it up even more at this point you guys Have literally seen me do a million half cut creases I’m speeding through this pretty quickly just because there is gonna be a lot of work and color going into the bottom half of The face being the skull, so just follow along the best you possibly can or watch another tutorial on a half cut crease I’m basically just doing a full on blue one and then grabbing my M506 I’m gonna dip into the slightest bit of black from the bottom of the palette And I mean slight you need to be so careful here.

Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve messed up an entire look with black shadow so Only grab a little bit and then once again going with the next darkest blue shade and using that to blend it out now that the shadows are all laid out and blended and side note I am so happy because of blue shadows for me are usually really really tricky, but today this looks so good and blended So thank God the makeup gods are in my favor today But moving on normally to cut my crease I would use my Tarte Shape Tape concealer as all of you guys know But that has a tan base obviously so instead I’m going to use my Kat Von D lock-it concealer in the shade Whiteout today Just because I want this a cut crease to be like white as opposed to like a tan color So you can overlay it with a glitter in a second And then I’m just going to set that concealer in place using my sugar pill single shadow in the shade taco and then finally for An extra pop I’m gonna grab my Mac reflux teal and my morphe M224 And I’m gonna spritz it using some Fix+ and then pack a little bit of this on to the lid for just a nice pop of blue for the lower lash Then I’m gonna grab my M507 and dip into the medium blue shade in the top and just start to buff out the lower lash You guys always know when it comes to doing a half cut creases I always like to Bring this shadow in the very inner corner on the lower lash line forward as opposed to following my natural eye shape This is a very drag technique, but I love how it makes my eyes look a lot more open and wide grabbing my original original M433 brush.

I’m gonna use this to buff out that bottom edge And then finally I’m gonna grab an M 213 and dip this in the absolute darkest blue And then just push this right into the lashes so that is what I all complete obviously I’m gonna add a mascara and lashes towards the end of the look, but everything else is gonna Take me a long-ass time, and I don’t want to have to deal with the struggle of wearing lashes for the next several hours So I’m gonna go ahead and do the other eye off-camera quickly, and I’ll be right back to start off the skeleton And then we’ll put on the lashes and stuff later on Now we get to move on to the fun part of this tutorial and that is the half face Skeleton look next I’m gonna grab any white eyeliner pencil this one is from a morphe in the shade coconut and I’m gonna start sketching out the highlights of a skull I have a picture pulled up on my phone right here that I’m looking at a lot of times when you do skeleton makeup you Usually start with black to do like the shadows, but instead today We’re focusing on the highlight So really make sure your toning into the light and the darkness up the photo to really make sure we achieve this effect correctly Okay, so my camera died and I didn’t catch it I mean imagine that we really surprised at this point But what I did is I started off with my two top front teeth and sketched those in and then just started out from there Making my teeth get smaller and smaller as I get out to the molars out in the corner And then I’m just gonna do the same exact thing on my bottom lip and then taking a break from the mouth for one second then I’m Just gonna trace my cheekbone If you make a mistake it’s okay, don’t worry about it That’s why we’re starting off with this white eyeliner basically this entire top line that I just made was completely wrong So I’m just going to grab my Beauty Blender and quickly try to go over as best as I can But it’s gonna be hidden in a few seconds anyway because of the shadow and stuff that were gonna be putting on there So I’m gonna go ahead and redraw that now And then finally placing one really long line to trace up my jawline and yes I am definitely being a lot more sharp and chiseled than normal definitely does not hurt to fool the eye a little bit hen I’m gonna start to sketch in my nose and hen remember normally I know when we do a skull we usually focus on the shadows first being in the black shades but first today We need to do the whites first Just make sure we get those highlights all in place before we place the shadows later on so just kind of think the opposite of What you would normally sketch So I’m just kind of sketching a white outline of where the nose would normally be if that makes sense now I’m just going to quickly go ahead and mirror that same exact white lines on the other side I just went ahead and I drew out all the lines and once again Don’t worry if it’s not perfect you can always fix anything up with concealer And we’re about to blend the crap out of it anyway, so this is just to get a rough baseline But now that everything is roughly on I’m gonna grab my M433 that I use for my eye crease and back into my 35B palette you guessed it and dip into this Bright blue shade and start to blend out all those white lines I’m also gonna grab a clean M513 brush or any big fluffy brush and just go over those edges to make sure they’re not too intense Then I’m just gonna go ahead and repeat this for literally every single white line that I’ve already drawn Okay, so this way.

We’re looking absolutely ridiculous trust me I know it’s gonna get better in a second. Don’t worry There’s a lot of layering that needs to really go into this look to make sure it looks really really Realistic what I’m gonna Do is grab a slightly domed packer brush into the same neon blue shade once again And I pack this on into the same exact areas tracing over where those white lines were originally And this is just gonna help add a lot more to mend into the white lines once We add them in next I’m gonna do the same exact thing on the nose and the teeth as well But I’m gonna use my M149, which is a tiny fluffy pencil brush instead just make sure it’s more defined Okay, so now that we have all the blue in place next we’re gonna go in with the black and this is where we have To be really really careful and really precise or else is gonna start looking a really messy and really wonky real fast I’m gonna start out by grabbing my M506 brush, which is that same brush We used in black to deepen up the crease and I’m gonna dip it right back into the black from the 35 B I’m gonna start to really lightly fill in these areas in between the blue where there is no light What I’m gonna do next grab my E37 brush and dip once again into that black shade and use this to add Dimension into the teeth region Because using a fluffy brush in there would be a disaster Alright and now that the black is all in place.

I told you guys this is gonna be a long one I’m gonna grab my M513, which is my blending brush to blend that blue out And I’m gonna dip this into the teal and I’m gonna get a lot of it on there And I’m gonna go right over top of those lines one more time To blend together the blue and the black this step is basically to eliminate any tan skin left showing in this region, okay? So now that we have the black and blue in place Finally our last step is going to be to add the highlights, which makes this like actually neon and today I’m gonna be using the white NYX liquid liner I’m gonna be super careful here because this took a lot of time But all I’m gonna do is just trace a thin white line Right over the center most bluest point of all the blue lines and that’s going to create that neon sign effect Just for an extra little touch because at this point why not I’m gonna grab an M441 or just any fluffy blending Brush and dip the tiniest bit into the Mac Reflux steel spritz a little bit of it with some fix+ and then just tap this pigment right over top of those highlighted areas Finally to finish off this look I’m gonna pop on the new bounce of lashes in the style a dragon Lee and you can use code James for 20% off all their lashes Alright sisters and that is this hot faced neon skeleton makeup all complete I absolutely love how this turned out it has been so long since I’ve done Halloween makeup Mean yeah, duh it’s been a year.

Just like everyone else, but you get what I mean I’m so excited to be finally back in the game I love October and Halloween season so so so much and I cannot wait to do more tutorials for you guys Definitely leave me a comment down below Tell me what you want to see me do at this Halloween season And I’d be happy to start planning for some tutorials if you guys did enjoy today’s video Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below subscribe if you have not already We are so close to 2 million subscribers Click that little bell icon as well to be notified every time I upload a new video if you like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter and they are both Just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff Is James Charles an extra s after Charles if you are a new sister or you are already in the sisterhood I love you so much Don’t forget to check out sisters-apparel.

com for all your sisters apparel gear and all the cutest hoodies in the entire world This week’s sister shout-out goes to amber Thank you so much girl for always following and supporting and I love you so much And if you would like to be next week’s shout out make sure to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter All right sisters, I’ve been filming for a total of 6 hours now.

I need to wipe this off and go to bed I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye


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