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New Brides घर पर मेकअप कैसे करें – Step by Step Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Anaysa

New Brides घर पर मेकअप कैसे करें – Step by Step Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Anaysa

Guests were supposed to come whole day long so you need to do such a special makeup after marriage most of you do that red, green, pink makeup Try out this Makeup look & ready for the compliments you’ll get today we’re going to do Makeup commentary that we both me and my director will do together So you first start with your eye so first set your Eyebrows this brush is so good it perfectly set my eyebrows then apply concealer around your eyebrows & eyelids if you want to get that 3d effect Director could you tell us something about loose Powder Thanks Anishka ji so she’s applying loose powder around her eyes using a beauty blender she is applying it well now we like to see what different you could do with these eyeshadows blend this colour from inner corner to outer corner of your eyes and blend it too on the lower lash line to get a perfect V shape as we want to create a different look so I am using this blue colour now applying concealer now think why she is applying too much concealer she is applying concealer to make the glitter sticks well so pick this blue glitter these glitters sticks not so easily that’s why I’ve applied that concealer now don’t you want to make your eyes to look bold yes I will I am applying this black eyeshadow towards outer corner of my eyes this is the only secret of that bold eyes again you pick that blue colour Yeah need to apply it on our lower lash line too then we’ll apply kajal and this song would be play for a new bride Now we need to apply Mascara why you’re applying this cream before foundation actually it provides a smooth texture to our skin and also moisturises our skin can we too apply this yeah for sure now you’re going to apply primer your makeup will spoil if you don’t apply primer you’ll be ready after applying foundation you can see here the before after now we need to highlight our face I’ve learnt applying concealer from Shruti di now apply loose powder if you want your wedding pics should be perfect as this avoids foundation to look cakey so don’t skip loose powder remember what I’ve told you during bridal makeup if not then let me tell you always contour your face well to make it look sculpted are you applying blush?? yeah I am applying it to make my cheeks pinky pink highlighter too is must I am applying it to my bridge of nose, forehead and cheeks to give my face a shiny look now what I am gonna to do you would know listening to this song set you makeup with a makeup fixer I am telling you I haven’t got married this all I’ve done for this video so follow us on Instagram also don’t forget to hit LIKE to this video Also do SUBSCRIBE to our channel Anaysa


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