I’m gonna start by priming my eyes. I’m gonna be using the P Lewis base And this one’s the Rumor 3 or the base shade 3 and I’m just gonna pat that on my lead Now, one of the few complaints I have about the wahala palette is that there are no blacks or browns in here So what we’re gonna do is use the Zulu Brown, which is one of my favorite brown eye shadows.

Now, I’m gonna take that on a small blending brush and as you can see I always like to start with my outer V and just build quite Some definition there and then I worked my way into my crease Now once I’ve built up quite a pigment I’m gonna go in with a bigger blending brush and just blend out that area Okay, I’m just gonna make sure I do then into my inner color here Sometimes I forget and it just looks a little bit wonky.

So I’ve try to make it a point to remember And I’m gonna switch to a bigger blending brush buffing brush and I’m just gonna blend Now we’re blending we’ve lost a little bit of definition so I’m gonna go back Into the same Zulu palette and just gonna reapply.

Now, I don’t really want a super sharp cut crease But I just want to brighten the area Before I apply the mustard yellow just so it pops a little bit more So what I’m gonna do is go in with my P Lewis base and this one’s the white one.

This one is real more zero I’m gonna go into the wahala pallet and now I’m gonna apply oversabii. It’s a really beautiful Yellow, I am in love with this color I have never used the mustard yellow on my lids before although I have issues with yellow I always find that they’re a little bit crusty like they kind of fade here and there but this yellow is so Pigmented and so vibrant.

The cut crease is a little bit wonky, it’s not the straightest but that’s okay I got a quick fix for it, this is a lazy girls cut crease? I’m gonna go into the same brown some Zulu palette and I’m just using a sharp pointy brush I’m gonna take that right into the crease.

I’m just gonna define that area now Now, I’m gonna go back in with my blending brush I’m gonna take a little bit of a brown and you guys know we always love a nice transition so I’m just gonna take the Zulu Brown just right into the yellow here and Lastly, I’m just gonna top it up again with the same mustard yellow the over sabi I’ve gone ahead and completed my face in terms of foundation contour and all that stuff now I’m gonna go in with a black line of pencil.

I’m not gonna do much of a wing just a really simple Winged line Now this one’s my pretty side so it looks really good this one’s like…. But we’re gonna fix that with a little bit of concealer. Now before I go off and apply my lashes I’m gonna go in with a tad bit of the P Lewis base I like to add a little bit of color to my under eyes.

It just really makes it look a lot more Perfect in my opinion. So I’m just applying a tad bit of that base and I’m just tapping that under my lid lower lid I’m not gonna be using a lot of color today.

I think I’m just gonna use the Juvias place brown I think my waterline could use some color So I’m gonna go in with the same black liner as well Now for mascara, I’m gonna be using the L’oreal voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara I got my lashes on I’m gonna move on to blush and for blush i’m gonna be using Unsilenced from the same Juvias place palette, this kinda like an orangey.

.. Coral orange. I think you’ll be really pretty on the cheeks Okay now for lipstick I’m gonna be using this pencil. This is from the color pop and Shayla collaboration, this is speed up. I’m gonna be using this liquid lip gloss from Steve Laurent and this one’s called Posh Now I really love the color of this lip gloss but I find it’s a little bit too orangey Kinda for me.

Although it looks really bomb today. I’m kind of tempted to just leave it as is I don’t know. Well, I’m just going to what I always do just go in with a tad bit of concealer This one’s from Juvia’s place.

And this one’s shade 16. I got a wrong shade. Yeah, so now I just use it for my Lips or whenever I need a lighter concealer I’m gonna set my face with my Morphe continuous mist. For highlighter, I’m thinking of using this one from Juvia’s plays This is the royalty one.

This highlight type is bangin’, it is Poppin, I’m just gonna apply that to my cheeks I’m just gonna go in with my blending brush. I’m just gonna tap that on make sure everything is sitting nice and tight I’m just going over with a little bit of face powder I am using the fit me by Maybelline the number 40 Okay, and I just realize my inner tear-duct is empty so I’m gonna go in with the same highlighter same one from Juvia’s place I’m just gonna apply that to my inner tear duct and One other thing I like to do is go in with a tiny bit of highlighter.

Just underneath my brow bone Okay, and I’ll just go in with a blending brush again just to make sure everything looks nice and blended and not divided It just make sure they’re all married together. So this is the first look guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I really love this yellow combination. Yellow and brown just on the melanin skin ..ouu Looks good. I love it If you guys like this first look make sure to give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below if you’d be trying out this yellow.

I know most people are scared of color but You just need to embrace color My job here is just to make you guys fell in love at color and if you guys do or if you guys try this tutorial and I think my job here is done.

I don’t talk too much Let’s get into the second look real quick For the second look, I’m gonna transform this one, which we had earlier on to this beautiful glitter brown with a little bit of black I don’t know what to call it.

It is essentially a smokey eye This would be perfect for night time. But let’s just get into it. Now to create this look, I had to get a black and I’m using the black from the Saharan palette. I think it has a name.

.so this one here…so Chad. I’m gonna use a small blending brush and I’m gonna take that to my outer V area. Now, there’s probably gonna be a little bit of fallout So I’m just gonna put a cotton pad. Oops Just gonna put a cutting pad right here I’m going to use a really sharp tip brush and taking some of that black is well into the crease It’s kinda hard to hold this pad here while doing this.

Yeah scratch that. I’m just gonna fix whatever fallout there is I’m gonna go in with the same blending brush and just blend that out Now we’re gonna go into the Zulu palette and take the same Zulu brown Which is my fav and we’re just gonna blend out the edges of the black And I’m gonna go in with pepper body Which is the glitter yellow that I have been dying to use? And now I’m gonna take that just for a really sharp flat brush Glitter is great and all but what I’ve noticed is, if you apply a tiny bit of setting spray to your brush and just give it a pat.

I don’t know how to explain it. It just really blends in more and it doesn’t seem as chunky So that’s just all I’m doing here. Just patting it down It just looks a little bit flat here towards the end So what I did to this eye was go back into the same Zulu brown.

I’m just gonna tap that on to the glitter I’m just kind of go in with a slant motion Just pressing it downwards. Usually I’d go in this way to kind of create a transition but it is glitter. It could get messy if you go in this way, you just gotta be gentle with it.

Okay! Next I’m gonna go in with a black liner. This one’s from ELF and I’m just gonna reline my eyes Okay, and I’m just gonna make sure that liner is all nice and blended I’m just gonna go back in with the black I just really want that black just really saturated here towards the ends of the eye When I wear glitters, I love a glossy lip, I don’t know why so I’m gonna apply a tiny bit of the mac lipglass Okay, I think we got this look done I was a little bit tempted to apply the PMS Lipstick from Fenty Beauty.

It’s a rich dark dark brown Yeah, I think it’d looked good. But I don’t think it’d be everybody’s cup of tea, especially with the gold, you know Heavily on the lids. I think we’re just gonna leave it with a nude glossy lip.

Who bout that?. I think that’s good Okay, so that’s it for this tutorial guys I hope you guys enjoyed both looks or you like both looks if you don’t that’s okay I hope you at least like one of them. You guys let me know which one of the looks is your favorite in the comments section down below.

I think for me. It’s look one. I really love glitter I love glam. But the other one was so simple, kind of sunsetty. That one just gave me vibes I just really loved that one. This one I love. I would wear this out, you know on a night out just to be extra I still did not have much of a complaint I am still in love with this palette as much in love as I was the very first time I used it now There are a couple colors that I have noticed don’t I really show up as transition colors I’ve tried using Unsilence a couple days ago as a transition and it just it just kept fading and fading away I don’t know where it was going to but it was just fading.

It doesn’t seem to be as pigmented but it does look good as a blush and I think if you just apply it to your lid and then use a different color or different colors as transition colors, then it should work so I think unsilenced, busy body and even fire I would say these colors and not necessarily transition colors You maybe want to apply them to your lid and then use other colors as transition colors This palette is not a palette you’d use on its own.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed I did try to challenge myself to create two looks with this palette alone I’m gonna leave the looks I created on the screen here and here. They weren’t as bad but they’re weren’t the best.

They didn’t have the wow factor in my opinion I actually thought they looked good but like for YouTube nahhh, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about some colors not being pigmented I know there are some colors are not as pigmented like the unsilenced Pride too is not as pigmented But I do see some of these colors looking real good on someone who has a lighter complexion So I’m not really worried about it.

Everybody has to win with this palette I think the palette is still a win-win in my opinion And one thing I really love in the palette is multi use or multi use. As a small youtuber as small makeup artist I don’t have money to buy a whole lot of products I just try to use the little I have as best as I can and with a product like this, I can definitely use some colors as highlighters as I showed you guys in the first video, Some colors could be used as blushes, some you could put on your lids It’s just really so much you can do with this palette if you just think out of the box, Don’t just think of it as an eye shadow palette you could create some really bomb ass looks so Yeah, that’s it for this video guys.

I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video and we’re almost almost on 1k Thank you guys so much and thank you to all my new subscribers Welcome to the fans. Thank you guys for subscribing and to all my old subscribers Thank you for all your support and all your love.

I really do. Appreciate it Thank you guys so much again Don’t forget to let me know which of this looks with your favorite in the comments section if you enjoyed watching this video Don’t forget to give this video a like cuz it helps the channel groe and if you haven’t subscribed, you know what to do darling you just gotta Hit the subscribe button over there.

Okay. Okay, so that’s it guys. Thank you so much. I’ll catch you in the next one Cuz I am sweating. Okay. Bye


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