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No Foundation ‘MINIMAL’ Makeup Tutorial (Daily Look) 🌼

No Foundation ‘MINIMAL’ Makeup Tutorial (Daily Look) 🌼

Hi guys, it’s me Devienna, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I will do my everyday make-up and because this year we go everywhere wearing masks, so I get more acne. So I avoid using a thick base makeup.

It just makes my skin look healthier and blush. First I used Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner, it doesn’t have any fragrance, no color, and only contains ingredients that our skin needs so it doesn’t smell at all.

The texture of this Essence Toner is watery and it also quickly absorbs into our skin, especially dry skin because it moisturizes the skin. After using it my skin feels fresh, soothing, moisturizing and calming.

I like compressing it using this Pyunkang Yul cotton pad too, it’s called 1/3 cotton pad, because it only soaks 1/3 of our product. The cotton is very thin, has a very soft texture doesn’t irritate the skin and is very comfortable on the skin.

So I usually put a few drops, distribute evenly, stick it to the cheeks and forehead when it’s dry or rash. It helps to get rid of the rash within a few days. And this toner can ease redness if you want to do makeup but there is redness on the cheeks.

Just compress it, it can calm your skin. Now I use Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum it only contains 15 essential ingredients that our skin needs. The texture is a little thicker than essence toner because it is more moisturizing really soft texture.

It is also very nourishing for our skin. The results after use, our skin is not sticky, it looks thick but not as thick as a moisturizer. So usually when I use this morning and I don’t use moisturizer anymore, it’s enough to moisturize.

At night, usually after this I continue to use a moisturizer from Pyunkang Yul to keep it moist until morning. Now let’s start the makeup. First I use Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer. almost out of a bottle, guys.

It’s really good I like to wear it under my eyes because it often dries up under my eyes, so if I use this it gets pretty moisturizing. So after that I continue using the Cardcaptor Sakura Powder by Perfect Diary.

This is one of the powders that I always say is really good and I only apply it in the under eyes and also in the areas that are needed. After that, I just need to fill or add color to my thin eyebrows.

Usually, for daily, I like the natural ones, I like to use dark brown or gray ones because they match my hair color best. Next we make eyebrows using the Brow Setter Gel from Benefit. I brush up the front part so it looks more bushy, and the back we just brush it in the direction of our eyebrows.

Next, we use this shade charm blush on from Sephora Colorful. I really like pink or coral blush colors, and this one is more pinkish. Just tap tap in a little thin on our cheeks. Moving on to the eyes, I only use Perfect Diary Extra Lengthening Mascara.

So for daily, I don’t use eyeshadow, not that I don’t use it, but I rarely use it. So I prefer to just add the lashes at the bottom, so my eyes look bigger. Now for lips, I use Dior Lip Tattoo and I think I’ve used up nearly 20 bottles guys because I have been using it for years and I love it that much! And every day I use lip oil because it’s to replace lip gloss, makes my lips more moisturised and makes them more durable than lip balm.

The texture is also comfortable, not sticky, like lip gloss. Last but not least, I use Sephora Beauty Amplifier Setting Spray so that my makeup is long-lasting and my skin looks more glowing. So, that’s all for today’s video guys.

I hope you like this look. It’s actually really simple because this is actually my everyday makeup. I hope you can follow the steps if you are looking for inspiration for thin makeup but makes our skin healthy and blushing.

Don’t be lazy to use skincare, guys. See you on my next video. Bye!


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