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Organic Shea, Cocoa, Mango Butter ULTIMATE BODY BUTTER BLOCK 1 LB (16 oz) Raw, Unrefined Skincare Ingredient for Homemade DIY Lotion Making, Baby Care and Soap Making (USA)


Price: $10.49
(as of Sep 25,2020 08:11:37 UTC – Details)

Buy Ancient Health RemediesShea, Cocoa and Mango, ‘ULTIMATE BODY BUTTER BLOCK’. Only Ancient Health Remedies all natural. superior quality Organic ULTIMATE BLOCK has proven to be clinically effective in treating Acne, Anti-Aging Skincare, Arthritic Joint/Muscle Pains, Babies Rash, Bruises, Chapped Lips, Cuticle/Nails Fortification, Cuts, Dandruff, Dark Spots, Dry, Damaged Skin and Feet, Eczema, Ethnic Hair, Dermatitis, Frostbite, Hemorrhoids, Hair Treatment, Insect Bites, Nasal Congestion, Outer Viral Infections, Psoriasis, Razor Burns, Red Itchy Skin, Stretch Mark Prevention, Scar Prevention on Fresh Wounds, Stretch Marks, Sunburn Relief, Tattooed Skin, Weak Hair/Scalp, Wrinkles and Much More. This ALL IN ONE Body Butter Block is also the best choice on the market for Handmade and Industrial Manufacturers of Organic Skincare Products. Best All Natural Ingredient Base for All-Natural Cosmetics, Anti-Aging Cream, Babies Care Products, Beauty Products, Body Massage Oils, Body Lotion Making, Body Moisturizers, Handmade Body Butter Moisturizers, Healing Salves, Lip Balms, Organic Skincare Beauty Products, Natural Hair Products, Organic Shampoo, Stretch Cream and Whipped Shea Butter Products. EVERYONE should use Ancient Health Remedies ‘Ultimate’ Body Butter Block for healthy, youthful and pleasant feeling skin with best of 3 worlds, Shea Cocoa and Mango Butter. Subtract the hassle of buying all 3 butters in your home lab with this fabulous trio. Our special combination is the best all natural, organic alternative to popular, chemical based. skincare creams commonly sold in stores. Try yours today…hassle free, money back guaranteed and best legitimate price on Amazon.com. From ‘Ancient Health Remedies’, a company dedicated to the research and manufacture of the most successful, organic ancient health remedies of all time. PLEASE SEE LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR A DETAILED DESCRIPTION ON ‘ORGANIC’ LABELING.

*FREE 8 X 8 QUALITY 2 ML ZIP LOCK STORAGE BAG INCLUDED WITH EACH PURCHASE. 100% PURE, ORGANIC, UNREFINED, PREMIUM RICH, VEGAN AND READY TO USE for topical body use or ingredient base for homemade ‘Do It Yourself’ body butter recipes. Ideal for Baby Care Products, Lotion Making, Organic Skin Creams, Massage Lotions and Soap Making.
*CENTURIES OLD TRADITION IN SKIN THERAPY AND BEAUTY CARE…Ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, Central America, India and The Middle East have originated Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters as natural healing fixtures and skin sanctuaries since biblical times in their communities. These ancient beauty secrets in facial toning and universal body care are now available in ONE BLOCK.
*DIRECT FROM ANCIENT HEALTH REMEDIES , ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OF THE POPULAR 1 LB BODY BUTTER BLOCK IN KRAFT BAGS ON AMAZON. Easy to measure and sealed twice in a high quality Kraft Foil bag to preserve maximum healing benefits. We continue to revolutionize contributions to the organic skincare industry with years of research and consumer friendly packaging solutions.
*ETHICALLY SOURCED PROVIDING FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT FOR FAMILIES IN AFRICA, INDIA and LATIN AMERICA,- Our authentic Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters are purchased fair trade from private villages and agricultural communities providing economical sustainability for families in these regions.


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