Home Makeup Tutorials Oval Shaped Face – Vintage Makeup Tutorial 1960

Oval Shaped Face – Vintage Makeup Tutorial 1960

Oval Shaped Face – Vintage Makeup Tutorial 1960

Can you believe all three of these are the same face? Today I’ll show you some makeup do’s and don’ts for the oval shaped face. I’m Ern Westmore. As I’ve shown you before There are five basic shapes of face.

The Oval The Round the Square, oblong and the triangle. Determined by the breadth of your forehead and jawline There’s a separate set of basic hair and makeup rules for each one of the five face shapes.

If you’re to look your best It’s most important that you follow the rules for your face type only ! If your forehead is slightly broader than your jawline Then you’re an oval. So let’s take a look at the oval do’s and don’ts.

Here’s Miss oval without any makeup or hair-styling whatsoever. Even an ideal oval face is drab and uninteresting without makeup. Here is Miss Oval after applying all of the correct basic rules for makeup for her face shape.

I’ll show you how she can destroy her natural beauty with haphazard incorrect makeup. This kind of makeup is actually worse than none. Don’t make your eyebrows up too thin, too square or too heavy. And don’t start your brows too far back from your nose.

Make them up this way Keep a soft natural curve to your brow-line. And use a chisel sharp brow pencil to affect these fine brow lines. Now let me show you the contrast in these eyes, with and without makeup.

Remember to apply your mascara with upward outward strokes This is the wrong makeup for her lips. Don’t make your lips up too heavy Too dark .. or with this bee stung effect you see here. Try making them up like this With a natural soft curve Remember your upper and lower lips should be about the same fullness.

These results were achieved with a lip brush Rouge and cheek rouge properly applied works wonders Here’s the don’ts for cheek rouge Don’t apply in a dab or circle, and don’t apply too close to your nose.

Here’s the do’s for the oval Apply in the center of your cheek and blend it lightly up under your eye and over your cheek bones, out toward your temples. I’ll deal later with each one of these features individually.

There’s no reason why Miss Oval should look like this When she can look like this By simply following the makeup rules for her shaped face that enhance her natural beauty Proving, there isn’t a woman in the world who can’t become more beautiful


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