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Pastel Goth Makeup Tutorial by Alexa Poletti Begin with a clean face. Start by putting in circle lenses. These are Dolly Plus in Grey from PinkyParadise.com Eye-enlarging circle lenses are a big part of my look.

Now put on concealer. Apply underneath and around your eyes and blend outward. Apply foundation all over your face. You can use a brush or your hands as long as your hands are clean. If you want to use your hands like I do, make sure you wash them first so you’re not smearing dirt and germs into your pores.

Now use a transparent loose powder to set your foundation. This step is optional, but I like to use an eyeshadow primer to make my eyeshadow last. Now take a white eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes.

Using light colors on the inner corners of your eyes helps to make you look more awake. Then take a light purple eyeshadow and apply it to your lid. Make sure you get good coverage because this will be your base color.

Next, we will use a dark purple eyeshadow. Apply to the outer corners of your eyes and blend in through the crease. Next up is black eyeshadow. If you pat eyeshadow on, it will stay more pigmented than if you smear it.

Like with the dark purple shadow, you’ll start in the outer corner of your eye and move in along the crease. Here I switch back to my dark purple brush to help blend the black with the purple shadow. Use this opportunity to shape your eyeshadow however you want it.

It starts to look a little crazy until you have your eyeliner and your eyebrows done. Just stay with me and you’ll see how it comes together. Then you’ll take your white eyeshadow and highlight your brow bone.

This is a great chance to smooth out any stubborn eyeshadow that wouldn’t blend before. While you’re at it with the white shadow, go ahead and dot the inner corners of your eyes again for that extra highlight.

Now we’ll use a liquid eyeliner to create a clean line. If I were to do this tutorial again, I probably would have used a different eyeliner. This one has glitter in it, which doesn’t translate well on camera.

So if it looks wet and shiny, that’s why. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, wing your eyeliner out for a more dramatic look. Now take the same dark purple eyeshadow and apply it underneath your eyes.

Then I blend it out so it’s not so sharp. Next, take a black eyeshadow and line just underneath your waterline. Then I use a white eyeliner on my waterline. If you have a darker skin tone, you may want to use a cream or a gold liner to better compliment your skin.

Time to put on lots of mascara. I make sure to hit the top and bottom lashes so that they blend better when it’s time to put on my false lashes. Finally, it’s time to fill in my eyebrows. As you can tell, my eyebrows are naturally very light, so they look really silly when doing a darker eye look like this.

I’m using a black eyeshadow to fill them in but you can really use any color that you want. Sticking with the pastel goth theme, I considered using pink or purple for my brows, but I didn’t want them to blend in too much with my eyeshadow.

I chose black for the contrast and because I knew it would compliment my lip color. Using an angled brush, shape your brows however you want them. Now it’s time for lashes. I will be using Dolluxe number one, Lashing Out Loud.

These are easily the most dramatic lashes in the Dolluxe line. Apply lash glue to the band and wait about 25 seconds until the lash glue is tacky. Apply the lashes along your natural lash line. Using a damp Q-Tip, you can push them into place.

I usually press along my lash line with the Q-Tip to make sure the lashes are secure and to absorb any extra glue. This is a great stopping point for people who aren’t comfortable with underlashes or black lips.

But of course, I’m going to keep going. For my underlashes, I’m going to be using Dolluxe number eight, Underlash B. Apply lash glue to the strip, and wait… and wait… and wait! Finally, apply them right up underneath your lashes.

If they aren’t exactly where you want them, you can use your damp Q-Tip to push them around a little bit. If you don’t have black lipstick for this look, don’t worry. We can make our own. Cover your lips with a sticky lip balm.

Then you can use a black eyeshadow for lip color. Dab it directly on to your sticky lip balm. I totally forgot when making this tutorial that I have another black eyeshadow that works much better. After you get the initial lip shape you want with a brush, go in with a cheap eyeshadow sponge to set your lip color and fill in any gaps.

.. …which I also forgot to do. Oops! Then I will take a purple shadow on a dry brush and dab it on to the center of my lips. This gives your lips some dimension and almost an ombre effect. Then I put little rhinestones next to my eyes with eyelash glue.

Now it’s time to really incorporate the pastel part of this look with a pastel wig. To do this, I tie my hair back and put on a wig cap. My hair is pretty thin so one wig cap works for me, but if you have long, thick hair, you can use multiple wig caps to help contain and flatten your hair.

Time to bust out one of my favorite wigs. This is Gothic Lolita Wigs Rhapsody Collection, lavender to pink fade. Now all that’s left to do is to accessorize. You can’t really go wrong with a black beanie and a bat backpack.

Here is our finished look. Thanks for watching my pastel goth makeup tutorial. See you next time!


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