Home Makeup Tutorials pastel kitsune • easy halloween makeup tutorial! (english cc subtitles)

pastel kitsune • easy halloween makeup tutorial! (english cc subtitles)

pastel kitsune • easy halloween makeup tutorial! (english cc subtitles)

Hello everyone, it’s Anzu and welcome back to my channel! I’m very sorry for being away for so long, I wasn’t feeling well lately so I wanted to get myself together and I think I did! I got inspired by the kitsune legends for this makeup, since Halloween is around the corner.

I used pastel colors and created this character. I also got to try some items from a brand that recently came to Turkey, and I really liked them- It is not sponsored btw! We’ll be checking them together.

I also linked the lenses and wig in description below, so check them out if you are interested. Let’s start! I will use different lenses while doing the makeup since the purple ones kinda close my vision.

I’m starting the base with Benefit’s porefessional. I’m using the hydrating one since my skin is dry. Here I’m finding out about a pimple… It somehow overlaps with my glasses. For foundation, I’m using a stick one from Apieu.

Unfortunately the tone of it is wrong since it has yellow undertone… and I have pink. But once blended it’s not very noticeable so I kinda saved it. Then I use Loreal’s infaillible concealer and use it as I always do.

I rarely change items in my base routine anyway For the powder, I have used VDL’s. Then I use this eyeshadow primer from Paese. This is the brand I was talking about, it is my first time trying their stuff.

I’m not only gonna use shadow on the eyes, so I spread the primer a bit further than my eyes. I switch to the (61) blush from Paese, It’s the shade I want for the eyes first, so I use it there. I’ll take it further from the eyes as well And also on my nose and chin.

Now I switch to the rainbow palette from Paese, the red from there, but It is a very pigmented palette, so I tapped the brush in it very little. I get the yellow from the same palette and apply it on my eyelids- You can see how pigmented it is from how much it colors with one tap.

I’m getting this really shimmery pigment from Paese, we will brighten the eyes with it. I use it in the inner corner of my eyes and a bit at the bottom with a small brush. I will use a lipliner for the face lines, I wanted to use something light just in case I mess up.

It was scary. But I managed! This way the base is ready, and I will use the Argan oil lipstick to fill it up. I do a classical eyeliner in black, but I can’t really tell a brand for it since I had to switch them a lot of times during it.

And ofcourse, lashes. I’m using a pair more suited for cosplays, but I do not have the link for it, it was from Aliexpress. For the highlighter, I used an eyeshadow- the foil effect one in gold- Gold goes very well with pink and red colors so I did it like this.

We have a lot of work to do with white eyeliner, so I’m using the Epic Wear one in white. I use it on the inner corner of the eyes and make a small line. I add the last big detail to the face with it.

I also use it on my lower lashes, I thought black lashed would be too heavy- and this turned out cute! I also do a bit of a wing on the corner of my eye and have it touch the black liner. And I do the last little detail on my nose with it too.

I was indecisive about what to do with the brows so I left them last, but since my bangs will cover them I’m just setting them with a clear gel. I wanted to try something new for my lips, so I’m using concealer on the sides.

Then I go back to the lipstick and first line my lips with it using a brush. Then I apply it on the middle of my lips and smudge it with my finger. To make it more vibrant and lasting, I use the same red eyeshadow to set it.

Using a darker eyeshadow, I create an ombre effect. I go back to the palette and take this shimmery shadow, and apply it on top of my lips and on the top lip a little. And with this, the makeup is done, I lastly put on the ears! I struggled with the ears but the result was cute, so I’m happy! With this we also came to the end of the video, I hope you liked it! If you don’t have any ideas for Halloween, you can try something like this since it’s easy! If you do, please tag me in Instagram, it would make me very happy! Lastly, please don’t forget to subscribe, like the video and leave a comment! Then I will see you next video! Bye bye!


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