Home Makeup Tutorials Paulina’s Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial 💄 Ashley Garcia | Netflix Futures

Paulina’s Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial 💄 Ashley Garcia | Netflix Futures

Paulina’s Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial 💄 Ashley Garcia | Netflix Futures

– Hey, guys, it’s Paulina Chávez from Ashley Garcia and I’m gonna be showing you how I do my makeup. Let’s get started. (cheerful music) I start off with my brows. I feel like it just helps shape my face and it’s a good starter, and when my hair is full I have to fill out this ’cause I have a little bit of a bald spot.

All right, let’s do skin. I like using skin tints. I like for my skin to pop out of my makeup. So here I’ll put some of that and I smudge it around and then I blend. All right now we’re gonna conceal, my blemish here and now I’m going to be getting some cream blush and this beauty blender right here and I use this to sculpt out my face, with cheekbones, forehead and full jawline.

Okay so I don’t know how to nose contour and I’m not gonna be trying that today, but I do not like my nose to look flat toned so I’m gonna use this beauty blender and it has a pretty straight line here, so I’m gonna grab a little bit of that cream contour and I’m just gonna do a little line right here along the nose.

Now one of my favorite things is cream blush. I absolutely love it, I go to town with this. I put it all over my cheeks and I go over my nose. Okay, now I’m gonna put some bronzer on to set the contour and this stuff smells amazing.

Cool. Now I’m gonna set the rest of the face with some powder. Yeah! Alright, now I’m gonna be going back to my cream blush. I’m gonna grab some of that with my finger and apply that to my eye. And I’m gonna be dipping into this light brown color and I’m just going to make a little wing.

Okay, now I’m going to take this darker brown, deep brown and I’m just going to go where the eye ends and I’m gonna extend it just to add more dimension to the eye. I really got inspired to do eyeliner because of Bella who plays Brooke Bishop in Ashley Garcia.

She would always wear a little thin wing of liner and it really inspired me to try wearing it. So, thank you, Bella. I’m gonna be taking that same palette with this fluffy brush and I’ll be using this like pinkish color and I’m just going to very gently put that on my crease and dragging it down.

Something I like to do is grab a dark brown and just put it right underneath my lower lashes to make my eyes kind of appear bigger. Now I’m going to set my brows with brow gel, just gonna brush them up really fast and add the brow gel.

They look really bushy, but with my fingers and just kind of comb the hairs down. When I was in Ashley Garcia, Syl, my makeup artist, convinced me not to pluck my eyebrows throughout shooting and after shooting and I absolutely love that.

Time to highlight. Just gonna drag that up right there where my cheekbones are. Put that up here, chin, above the lips, sometimes the nose. So, I don’t curl my lashes with a lash curler I curl them with my fingers.

I’m gonna look a little scary. I just grab them and I roll them around and then they usually curl like that. All righty, we are almost done. I’m gonna do my mascara. I’m gonna be wearing burgundy mascara today.

I feel like pinks and purples really make my brown eyes pop. Now I’m gonna apply a little bit of a mascara to my lower lashes. Lips and I like to use, I’m all into burgundy now. I like to use a burgundy shade and just put some on.

Yay! All right guys, that was my makeup routine. I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you so much for watching and spending time with me. Remember there are no rules to makeup, do what makes you feel beautiful.

I love you guys so, so much, bye. (cheerful music)


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