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Peeling Back The Past | NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me

Peeling Back The Past | NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me

(speaking Dutch) (clears throat) Hello, guys! It’s me, Nikkie! Hello. (inspirational music) I’ve been in this industry for a decade. Hey, YouTubers! More than a decade. Ten million subscribers on YouTube.

It’s about being a personality. You’re becoming a brand. How’s everybody doing?! You’re always your best you. You always have to be in a good mood. – Oh my God! – It’s constantly this game of… …evolving yourself.

– Guess who I’m here with, guys? – Lady Gaga! You get on this like high. And you feel like you’re on top of the world. Yay! Today was successful! (music fades) And then, life happens. My little brother is very sick.

I remember really ignoring the situation by work. Work, work, work, work, work. – She wants to be the tough one. (Nikkie): The more work, the better. (audience cheering) (Linda): Why did you do that? – To not feel.

This is my life. I feel like I’m on top of my game. – Hey, I’m your biggest fan! – But deep down, I know that I have a secret. (music fades) (Linda): I am your best friend, and I’ve been filming you, and I didn’t know.

(Nikkie): Is it lying? Yeah. But it’s also protecting yourself. (inspirational music) I always feel like me starting my YouTube career was my way of saving myself. You can create whatever world you want, you can create whatever personality you want, you can be whatever you want.

It was like world changing to me. You can get OFRA with a 30 percent discount if you use code NIKKIE at checkout. What?! I’m in for a little bit of a surprise. If you want to win my OFRA highlighters all you have to do is swipe up to go to my latest Instagram post.

(tense music) (Linda): What are you doing? – I just did a giveaway. For my followers. (Linda): Why? – It’s a secret. (laughing) Um… um… Because my post is doing really, really bad. (chuckling) I think it’s everyone’s biggest fear that one day it’s all over.

And I mean, I don’t have that fear a lot but now that two posts are doing bad I’m like… I feel like we just did two very professional photos. And I just posted two of those in a row. (whispering): How good.

I feel like tomorrow it needs to be… …a selfie in my quality, in my style. And then if that does bad, we’re going out for drinks. (chuckling) When views are low, you try to find out why they are low and how to fix it.

It’s constantly this game of evolving yourself. Constantly finding new trends, finding new ways of getting re-inspired. I entered this world of beauty. It is a circus. (laughing) A mad house. (chuckling) – Oh, that’s a good sister selfie! – That is a good sister selfie.

Brands will do the most to get a story or a post or whatever they’re wanting to get this new product exposed. – All right, guys. It’s happening. (cheering) (indistinct chattering) (rhythmic music) (indistinct chattering continues) – Hello, everybody.

Who’s ready to get astro-naughty today? (cheering) Yeah! We are in outer space and you guys are all part of our astronaut crew, ready to help us launch the biggest, baddest launch of benefit for the year.

Are you guys ready not only for you to see it… – Oh, here we go. – …but for your followers to see it, for the world to see it. For the galaxy to see it. (woman 1): My flowers are ready. Ready! (woman 2): Yes, let’s go! (host): Introducing.

.. – Oh, God. (host): …Badgal Bang Volumizing Mascara! (cheering) Are you ready?! Commander, bring out the mascara! ♪ Can you feel it? ♪ ♪ You make me feel so good ♪ (rhythmic beat) (cheering) – Whoa.

Whoa. (laughing) Was not expecting that one. (laughing) What’s so interesting about the industry nowadays is that people enter this industry to become an influencer or to become a “celebrity” or to make money.

But the thing is for me, when I started my channel I was 14 years old and there was no money. There were no ads. So it truly started from passion, um… and just falling in love with the idea of that illusion of makeup.

You’re always your best you. You always have to be in a good mood. You have to look your best. You have to be, you know, your best you all the time. (Linda): That sounds a little, um, rough? – Yes. (chuckling) (Linda): So why do you do this? – Hmm.

.. I started doing makeup because I was very insecure as a kid and I saw someone do a makeup tutorial and I was like, “What’s that?” (Linda): What were you insecure about? – The question is, what wasn’t I insecure about? I got bullied a lot.

Being tall, being fat, being different, being outspoken, and, you know, I feel like whenever you’re a kid and you’re different, you’re already behind. And it was the same for me. (sombre music) It was always mainly the boys.

The older boys, they would pick one me, they would be like, “Fat one, tall one.” “You fat fuck, you disgrace, you failure.” Blah, blah, blah. I always spent time in my room. My room was where I could be myself and do everything I wanted and have like full dialogues with myself.

(laughing) Pah pa-pa-pa-pa pah. Hey, YouTubers! This is going to be my first, um, makeup tutorial. Um… I hope you guys like it. I already did my face makeup. And now we’re going to start with our eyes.

I remember I was 14 years old stealing my mom’s camera. I’d put the camera on a couple of boxes and I still had music on, I still had my windows open, I had my TV on, like everything was wrong! Right in the middle, outwards.

Middle, outwards. (background music) Middle… Bullying makes you grow up so fast. And it makes you look for a way out, and my way out was a makeup tutorial. Hello! Today we’re going to do this really bright, outgoing, boom look.

I acted like I owned it all and had it all under control and I was like this confident girl. Um, my attitude. You can ask everyone around me what they think of me, but I mean, 99 percent of the 100 says that when I’m around, it’s a party.

You start seeing yourself in such a different light and it just, it teaches you to look differently at yourself. The way I held my shoulders. You know, when I was talking, it was talking like this but nowadays, it’s like, “Hello, I’m here.

” Hey, guys! Today I was in the mood to get creative and challenge myself. It’s a brand new challenge that I came up with. That, guys, is the power of makeup. Look at that, ah! I am ready for some neon.

It’s that girl. Okay, then a nice… Deepen it a tiny bit more. It’s a dream. Damn. So just get your lines there to get yourself in that headspace. Please. Help, my mask. Yeah. Makeup is the golden industry right now.

Before, years ago, remember how everyone would come out with a perfume? This is the 2020 version of the perfumes. Do you want me to come up with names right now? (Carine): If you want to. – I can. (Ayelet): Yeah, that looks the same.

– So this one has more of a white base. This one’s creamier. Feel ’em. Feel. – It’s up to you. – Feel. Feel the texture. – Well, right now in the light they look completely… – Feel it? (Carine): Yes.

– How this one’s more buttery and this one’s more… (Ayelet): But this one’s breaking and cracking… – Yeah. But this in the light has more colour. (Ayelet): So we need this baby to have a name. I’m almost thinking like blue food, pink food.

Something funny. You know, the influencers, they speak their minds. They give a certain level of democracy in this world. And it’s definitely been an incredible journey to grow with influencers. They helped us tremendously to grow online and to have an online presence because they’re basically the celebrities of today.

Now you see celebrities trying to collaborate with these influencers because they’re so much more influential than the celebrities at this point. – Guess who I’m here with, guys. – Nikkie Tutorials!! – The iconic Nicole Richie! Lady Gaga! Please welcome Meghan Trainor! Drew Barrymore! It takes a couple of years to really like settle in and find your rhythm, but as soon as you’re in that rhythm it’s like.

.. (motivational music) – I’m so excited. – I am so excited. – I’ve been watching from afar and now it feels like my dream has come true that you get to actually do my makeup now. – You’re the first makeup tutorial I’ve ever watched.

– You are the best makeup artist in the world. – Well, that was today’s video. Thank you so much for tuning in. (laughing) – I call her the Meryl Streep, the Elvis, the Queen. (laughing) (Linda): Are your kids watching videos of Nikkie? – Yup, yup.

– Oh my God, stop it. – We were like watching all her videos again in the garden when we got home. And it’s like… I… You know, that to me is like healthy idols for my girls. It’s strong women, cool girls, I just love that.

I can tell you have a great confidence that doesn’t have arrogance. – Well, I had to grow that. (peaceful guitar music) – Roof! (laughing) (panting) That’s me excited. – Just in case you were wondering.

(laughing) Are you liking the glam? – Oh my God. – No, like, be honest with me. – Are you kidding me?! – If there is anything you want changed… – Hell to the no. – Are you sure? – Are you kidding me? I am loving it and my skin looks so even and.

.. (chuckling) I’d kill someone if they touched my face right now. Ï’d kill them. (speaking foreign language) (escalating synthesized music) (cheering) (shutter clicking) I am truly in such a good place in my life right now.

And it feels like everything is going the way it was supposed to after everything that has happened. But my little brother is very sick. He has cancer and… …we know that it’s not getting healed anymore.

We know that… (tense music) Hey, guys! Hello! Hey, everyone! And what I’m gonna call this is the underground treasure chest chick. I loved you before, but I love you even more right now. I love you guys.

Are you seeing that? You’re seeing that right? I’m going to use that colour.


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