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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel so You know, this is our new normal and I made the huge mistake several times. So I mean, is there a mistake really even called a mistake if you keep doing it? I don’t know about that That’s like a very deep question But anyways, yeah this is what the inside of my mask looks like because I kept wearing it with like full makeup full lipstick everything and I feel like I was kind of wasting product because Obviously when I have been going out if I wear makeup, no one can see my lips or my like the bottom of my face So I feel like i’m wasting product like i’m wasting foundation i’m wasting my lip products And it’s just getting on the inside of my mask.

So I was kind of thinking I should do a little you know makeup for math tutorial and then Actually on my last one of my last videos a lot of you guys were commenting that so I thought you know what today is the day and I kind of want to do two different options one for more everyday wear like if you’re going to the grocery store the post office whatever but also if you just want to make yourself pop I want to do like a more glammed up version so I’m gonna try to fit in both very ambitious Uh, but yeah, let’s go ahead and get started.

Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and turn those notifications on So this pretty much covers my entire face, um except for like this area So that’s pretty much the area. We’re gonna be focusing on we need a little primer smashbox smooth and blur to the rescue Right in this t-zone because that is one area that is gonna be showing even if we have our mask on Then i’m gonna go ahead and do my brows.

I still don’t have my elf brow pencil But um, this is the one that i’ve been using the milani precision brow in caramel The brows are kind of the star of the show here. That’s pretty much one of the only Aspects of her face that’s going to be showing so, you know, make sure they look popping trim them Tweeze them if you need to don’t go too hard if you’re trying to grow them out, but do what you need to do Oh, they really needed some work today.

You guys this side this brow is like an evil stepsister And this brow is like the good angel child and then like I don’t know what this brow does all day every day But it just like doesn’t do what I want it to do so Yeah Um, but anyways, i’m just gonna go ahead and fill them in really lightly Everybody not everybody but a lot of people have been asking for an updated brow routine But honestly, I do pretty much the same thing.

The only thing I will say is that I feel like I was looking at older pictures and my brows were so thick like so thick I love the look of thick brows on a lot of people but for me, like I feel like they Didn’t really match my face to be honest and the only thing that has really changed since everybody has been asking for an updated brow routine is the fact that I Do them a bit thinner and a bit more natural looking now and I use a lighter brow pencil But if you guys really want to see an updated routine then I guess let me know and i’ll do one.

Okay brows done Um, all right, so I would recommend just doing like a little skin tint or you know Tinted moisturizer moment for this you can apply it all over your face i’m, probably just going to apply it to the top part today just because I don’t want to waste my product and I feel like it’s so worth it to just get a little bit of Color on the skin and most skin tints have spf in it.

So that is definitely useful. So this one is from laura mercier It’s their tinted moisturizer natural skin perfector broad spectrum spf 30 This one has really light coverage But that’s fine Because most of our face is going to be covered and that just creates like a little bit more of an even Base for our concealer to lay on so i’m going to go in with the makeup forever matte velvet skin This is the shade 3.

6 I’m, just going to dot it under the eyes And then a little bit on the forehead and right here The bottom of our nose is going to be covered though. So, you know Half face it is i’m just gonna blend that in with my fingertips It blends in really nicely.

It’s so full coverage. So it blends in nicely with a blender or If you want that more natural look, I would say use your fingertips But i’ve really been liking it because since it’s so long aware. I don’t have to set it which is actually a really nice benefit It’s gonna look so crazy because this is so full coverage But like remember all this is gonna be covered and i’m just gonna take my elf little concealer brush And blend out the edges just to make everything Nice and full always looking and I just like to add on just the slightest bit Of blush right here to the apples of the cheeks some masks may show this part some masks may hide it but like I feel like when you do take your mask off you want to have a little bit of color on the cheeks So i’m using this product from tata harper, it’s their cheek tint in the shade very charming It’s really pretty natural color.

I bring it all the way up. I love a good little cream blush This is a similar product It’s called their cream highlighter and very flashy also from tada harper, and I kind of want to try it you don’t have to by any means, but just to add a little bit of shine up here and that is literally my Favorite everyday makeup look lately.

Just a skin tint concealer Some cream blush and sometimes cream highlighter um if I really want to You know just sculpt the face a little bit more then i’ll go in with a powder blush I love this one from mac cosmetics.

I’ve been using it non-stop. It’s their totally topless radiant matte bronzing powder It’s super lightweight and silky on the skin And I feel like it’s similar to the the texture of their um What what was it called their? I forget exactly what it was called.

It was like their more natural collection like Skin Can you look up mac cosmet? Siri, come on Was it called barely there? No next to nothing next nothing. That was what it was called So they had a next to nothing powder foundation That was a really similar texture to this and it’s super lightweight and doesn’t add like a ton of color But just the right amount for a natural little vibe, so that is perfect If you’re looking for an everyday kind of vibe, you don’t want too much going on But you know, you still want those dark circles covered You want a little bit of color if you pull your mask off, you’re like, oh I still have a little color there, too If you pull it off all the way you’re like wait, I still look kind of put together right now like i’m still feeling myself but I mean this one’s already dirty, but you know what? I mean like if you do want to take it off like you, you know You pull up your instagram.

You want to be on a story real quick? You take off your mask while you’re in the car and then you still have a little something something on the face that’s not gonna like wear off and I feel like cream products for me have been the way to go when i’m doing something like this just because one it’s quick and easy to I feel like they like melt into the skin a little bit more and if you get Indentations in your makeup.

It’s a lot easier to just kind of like press in the product, um with your fingertips Obviously hand sanitized first. Um But versus like having powder and then like having a big mark and then it’s just like a whole mess, but you know what? i’m trying to say so that isn’t kind of our simple vibe but if you want to be extra if you want to like go a little glam if you’re for any reason, I don’t know like If you just want your eyes to pop I really wanted to use where did I put it? I’ve been dying to use this pot right here the violet boss sakura blossom palette So pretty and Why not? I mean, you know, we can do a little something some of the eyes even If the rest of our face is pretty plain my chin feels like it’s left out.

Like I feel like my chin is very like wet like why did the cheeks get a little color even though they’re gonna be covered but the chin didn’t I’m, just like a little extra you can all obviously just do brows and concealer as well So just putting that out there for you guys, but I don’t know i’ve been really dieties.

So I thought why not, you know? So i’m just gonna go in with a little bit more concealer on the lid blend that in So we’re gonna take this shade right here called spring this palette is so cute. Sakura means I just dropped it.

Okay, thank god, nothing broke. Um sakura means uh cherry blossom in japanese. So This palette is inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms. So i’m gonna take that shade and put it into the crease and then blend it out a bit Okay pigment Violet voss actually makes really bomb eyeshadow palettes And then I think we’re gonna take a mix of flower and festival over here And just deepen up this outer corner Now i’m kind of like should I have done a mint look It always happens like this i’m always like halfway through and i’m like wait should I have done something else? No, I should keep going so we’re gonna do a little cut crease action i’m taking the same makeup forever concealer And then blending that onto the lids with this smashbox concealer brush.

I’m just going to take my finger and like pat together the end Then we’re going to take this shade right here called sakura i’ve been dying to use the shade This was the vibes that we’re going for here okay, well vibes when the grocery store clerk sees you he’s gonna be like Or she he or she is gonna be like that then i’m gonna go back in with the shade festival which we Have already used make a small wing right on the outer corner We’re gonna add on some mascara.

And why do I feel like I kind of like don’t even need lashes with this. Mascara It’s so good. This is a new one for marc. Jacobs. It’s the at lash mascara in the shade blacker. Okay? Why is that like a vibe? okay, maybe i’ll just do like a little lash because you know, I just I can’t really help myself sometimes and I Promise that the next video I film is gonna be my new lash technique I promise you guys I don’t know if it’s gonna be the next video.

I Upload because I don’t know like my schedule because i’m also filming what I eat in a day today But I promise you it will be up very soon. Okay, doesn’t that look fire? So bomb i’m just gonna take whatever was left on this little brush And blend it into the bottom lash line.

I haven’t really been doing a lot to my bottom lash line to be honest I just kind of been keeping it simple and liking how that look I feel like that looks so cute And then with our mask Vibes like is this not a look this is such vibes.

Also look at my mask. It’s so cute If you can read this you’re too close Why is that me though? I feel like this is such a great way to like play around and like have a little fun during this Like new normal sort of thing and you’re going to pull up to the grocery store You’re going to pull up to costco.

You’re going to pull up to the post office. Everyone’s going to be like It’s got makeup but really it’s like half makeup because we Didn’t really do like the whole face, but you’re still gonna look poppin So hope you guys like this video um subscribe down below if you haven’t already I upload wednesdays and sundays so definitely stay tuned turn those notifications on and Remember you are beautiful.

I messed up my own catchphrase What you are beautiful inside and out. I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video bye guys You’re my caffeine


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