Home Makeup Tutorials Perfekte Augenbrauen schminken für Anfänger | Makeup Tutorial | Judy R.

Perfekte Augenbrauen schminken für Anfänger | Makeup Tutorial | Judy R.

Perfekte Augenbrauen schminken für Anfänger | Makeup Tutorial | Judy R.

Hello everyone and . My name is Judy and in this one Video I show you how I have drawn my eyebrows in this way. I think this type of eyebrow is a very nice option if you want to emphasize your eyebrows, so if you don’t want it to be too natural, but if it’s not instagram either ‘Block eyebrows’ are supposed to be.

If you are interested in makeup tutorials in general, Please down here on the right and then we’ll start right away with that Eyebrow tutorial. The first product I’ll use is an eyebrow pencil, but a variant that you can screw up, so this very small micro variant of it.

The best-known representative of these pens from the drugstore is probably the micro brow pencil by NYX professional make-up. But for example, catrice also has some of them in its range or trend it up also has these pins for screwing up.

The difference between these Pencils are mostly about color and texture. So how soft this pen is and, that is maybe a bit of personal preference and maybe that too Purse that decides which pen you like best.

But it tends to be that the soft pencils are of course used up faster and you have to buy them more often. Maybe you can make something out of it. In this video I am using one now Pen by catrice, namely the slim matic precise brow pencil in the color natural.

Let’s go with it that I brush through the eyebrow and also tend to brush a little upwards. And then it comes to careful filling. I start filling in the eyebrows at the Lower edge. I also don’t paint strong lines and don’t try to imitate hair or anything, I want to put a shadow behind my eyebrows, so to speak.

The bottom edge I go all the way to the end and at the end of the eyebrow I go also tends to be a bit higher than you might normally do. This gives the eye a little more space and makes it look a little lifted.

I really like that the view seems a little more open; of course you can also just follow your natural form. To fill in the top of my eyebrow I tend to brush my hair down just to see better where there are still gaps and then I just run along the contour of the eyebrow, just like I did below.

A good tip when choosing colors is definitely everyone First of all, choose a lighter color to get used to it a bit fills his eyebrows at all. Over time you develop a feeling for whether this color already fits or whether you want to go a color darker again.

I only think about very dark eyebrows like dark brown or black and also in particular if you have black hair it makes sense that you don’t have a blonde eyebrow pencil needs. But still choose a shade lighter if you are unsure.

As I said before, I proceed with a very light hand, so that none dark spots appear in the eyebrow. I also think it’s very important that the front area is not completely filled out. It looks very strange and very angular sometimes.

I look a little where there is enough hair to stop in time, so to speak and interrupt the shadow. We just don’t pull all the way through but somewhere up to here. If you think of a small square, maybe you can be angled Just take the corner above as the last point where you stop repainting.

Then will First brushed the eyebrows to remove crumbs and excess product. also the hairs lay in the shape that they should probably have later. And if you still see gaps now, you can fill them in if you want.

I think im direct comparison you can see quite well what kind of effect that made. Now it goes on with the other side and of course it is important that we do the best we can Mimic the shape of the other eyebrow.

I know very well that it can be very difficult because the eyebrows are just different shapes. One is more curved than the other. Just adjust the eyebrows together for long enough that they are roughly have the same shape.

Your two eyebrows should only be siblings and not twins. 🙂 It continues with a step that applies to fixing the individual hairs. And it doesn’t matter what kind of product you use. For example, similar to soap brows, you can simply use a Use soaps that get wet and apply into the hair with a spoolie.

Or but, you use an eyebrow gel. Whether colored or transparent is also completely you again left. I am now using the alverde transparent eyebrow and eyelash gel that is no longer as transparent for me because I’ve just used it many times and that was discolored a bit by the products I usually have in my eyebrows.

With I now brush up my eyebrow hairs with the gel. I also like that very much that she doesn’t follow the shape of the eyebrows too much, but I really like that when they are a little stand out and look a bit bushier and a bit bigger.

But that is also completely a matter of taste and you can do it the way you like it best. Now comes an optional step for which you first complete your eyebrows Have to let it dry so that the hairs no longer move.

And if you are relative have dark eyebrow hairs, but very strong gaps in the eyebrows can help to paint individual hairs in the gaps. I don’t do that to myself because I think my eyebrows are very thick, I have no gaps in my hair and I like them the way they are.

But if you have individual gaps where you think “human, I could use a few more eyebrow hairs “, you can just brow use definer and with that you simply paint where you need it, individual hairs. The products that have a brush tip are particularly suitable.

If if you set them to a point, you can use them to paint very thin lines and if you set them flat wider lines. And with that you simply add hair in the places where you want it to be. catrice has one of these in its range, for example, but just take a look at what’s still available for products on the market and then choose one that suits you.

If you are the lower If you want to have the edge of the eyebrows a little more precise, you can do it again finish with a concealer. You wear it very precisely with the help of a brush lower edge of your eyebrow.

This also has the advantage that not just any Bumps are evened out, but thanks to the light color of the concealer, even more so a lifting effect is created optically. The area looks bigger, the eyebrows are sitting higher and your eyes shine a little more.

The step is a bit though Fine work, I would say. That might not be for everyone either Tag, but you can keep it in mind and maybe give it a try if you like a little Have time. The lighter the concealer you use for this step, the heavier it is is of course this effect and also this lifting effect under the eyebrow.

Therefore if you really just want to compensate for the shape, in case you’ve mistaken yourself somehow, or something like that the direction, just take a concealer in your skin color so also a little darker than you would use under the eye.

So it is hardly noticeable and you have one perfect raised eyebrow. Simply applying this concealer line so bluntly would of course be great look stupid and that’s why you naturally blend this concealer line towards the eye.

And I think you can still see a nice effect here in a direct comparison. I very much hope this video helped you to trace your eyebrows. If you have any other You want to learn variations, for example, bushy eyebrows, the typical Instagram eyebrows or super soft eyebrows with powder, then please let me know in the comments, which variant interests you most.

If you liked this video, leave give me a thumbs up there. Here at the bottom right you can , so as not to miss any more of my videos. I also link you up here on the right one of my videos, so that you can continue looking immediately I hope, we’ll see each other again next time.

Until then, bye.


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