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Pink marmalade makeup tutorial | [IND/ENG SUB]

Pink marmalade makeup tutorial | [IND/ENG SUB]

All products used were written in the description box Makeup start! Kitty kawaii “Spanish grey” lens Super comfy! As if I am not wearing anything The diameter is just right, so it’s not too excessive Before we start, I am using a moisturizer from The Body Shop Because my skin right now is not in it’s best condition And I want my makeup base to end up dewy Next, I am using a cushion from Pixy What I like from it is it is very lightweight For the coverage, it is not the very full coverage one But it was quite able to cover the redness of my acnes Next, I am using an eyebrow pencil from Maybelline I only filled in my brows since my brows already has a shape After that I draw a little longer at the edge of my brows Then, I used the cushion again to make my eyebrows neat This is an eyeshadow that is one shade darker than my skin tone Here I want to make an aegyo-sal/ tear bag Start shading from the middle So it won’t end up as a “Panda eyes” And then slowly drag it to the outer side Now we’re moving to the eyelid I am using a rose pink shade Since my mono lids are small So I blend it up until above the line of my mono lids For the lower lash line, I used the orange shade I just used it in the outer part of the lower lash line As for the Outer V, I applied it diagonally Using the lighter orange shade Now moving on to the shimmer eyeshadow I am using an highlighter for ColourPop It has a wet texture And it is very pigmented I also used it in my lower lash line Don’t drag it until to your tear duct This is an eyeliner from Heroine makeup, It has a small tip So it is easy to draw a line Don’t forget to curl your lashes I am using the mascara from Catrice It’s super natural right? I contoured my nose using the same shade that we used for our aegyo-sal For the blush, I used the orange eyeshadow and blend it lightly Now I am adding the blush from Canmake I blend it in the middle of the orange blush By the way it also has a shimmer too Last step, I used the lip tint from Baby bright It is a coral shade I apply it in the inner part of my lips And blend the outer parts And we’re done!^^ So how was it? do you guys like it? You may request a tutorial in the comment section! Don’t forget to click the like and subscribe button!


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