Hey sunflowers, in today’s video I came up with a beautiful cut crease smokey pink makeup look. I do hope you love pink,I am not a big fun of this colour but if you combine it with different shades it can look really pretty.

So the palette that I will be using is James Charles palette, this is the only palette that I own that has all this different rainbow colours, and when James said that you can create any look with this palette he was right.

This palette have so many colours that I feel like the makeup look ideas are endless. So as you saw I started with my p.louise 05 eyeshadow base, then going in with the white shade from this palette, this shade is not pigmented but I like it because it is so good for blending the shades or when you applied too much eyeshadow to just lighten it out a bit, you can use it for a lot of things and I am really happy with the formula.

And if you want a really intense white you can just build it up. Alright so I will be using tape because I already did my face and I don’t wanna clean the edges again and then apply my foundation and all the products that I used.

So it will keep the eyeshadow in place Taking this darker pink from the palette I am going to apply it on my outer corner of the eye.And I just wanna take a moment here and tell you guys to stay safe this time,I don’t know what is the current situation in your country but I live in Italy and it is a disaster.

So stay safe don’t go outside too often protect yourself because no one is going to care more about you than yourself. Okay so the next shade that I will be using is this amazing neon pink that I absolutely love, it is absolutely amazing I love the colour as well as the formula, some of the shades from this palette are pressed pigments so I find it hard to blend because I am not used to play with pressed pigments but I will definitely find a way to blend them really well.

I am not a professional makeup artist I am still learning but I do hope that you are still enjoying my makeup looks. Okay so this purple is one of that shades that is hard to blend, honestly I love this eyeshadow colour but the first time I tried it was when I did my purple look and I had to do 2 times the same look and refilm everything because it turned into a big mess I was just looking like a 5 year old who’s trying to paint her face with purple.

Let’s pray that this time it will look better. If James can work with this shade I can do it as well because he is human and I am human to Also If you feel like this doesn’t look that great now I promise you that it will get better My next shade will be this light pink, I will apply it on my brow bone blending the other shades so that it have a nice transition between the shades.

Again taking the dark pink shade I am trying to blend everywhere I see this harsh lines from the purple because as I said it is not a easy shade to blend I will cut my crease with foundation I don’t know why I choosed to use it instead of my concealer but if you prefer concealer you can just do that,I am not gonna be focusing on doing it perfectly because I don’t want any straight lines I just wanna highlight my upper lash line So to give it a bright look I will highlight my upper lash line with this shimmery light pink shade as I said don’t try to be extra precise here because we don’t wanna have any straight lines.

Again taking the bright neon pink shade we are going to apply it in the middle of the eyelid. With the black shade I am going to create our smokey look applying it on my outer corner of my eye. I think this part calls outer V,anyway be careful using black or very dark shades or it can go from perfect to disaster real quick so be patient to apply small amounts of eyeshadow until you build the intensity that you like.

So with this brush I am kind of trying to blend the colours and any harsh lines that I see I will apply another layer of this shade because I think that it needs Again with the dark pink I am going to blend a bit the transition between that purple and neon pink Next I will apply a bit more of that light pink shimmery shade to intensify the colour From the palette Venus XL II I will take this white shimmery shade that goes well to apply it as a highlighter as well,I will apply it on my brow bone and on my inner corner of the eye For my lower lash line I will take the dark pink applying it with a really tiny brush from morphe I really love this set because it has all the brushes that I need from blending brushes all different sizes to the small ones even this tiny one that is perfect for the lash line and on top of this shade I will use the neon pink that would give this makeup a more vibrant look I will be also using some false eyelashes so to hide the lash line I will use a bit of eyeliner,I already applied glue on my false eyelashes and I will let the glue dry a bit while I am doing my mascara.

After applying my false lashes I will use a bit of gloss on top of my nude lipstick and this is the final look you guys,I hope you love it and if you do please do not forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video so that I can continue creating content because I really enjoy doing that.

Also don’t forget to turn on the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my future content,I wish you a great night because it is night here, stay safe and I will see you in my next video.


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