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Pinky Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial 🍒

Pinky Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial 🍒

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. How’s your quarantine days? I hope you’re all healthy and in good spirits, even though we have to stay at home all day. On today’s video, I’ll show you how to do this pinky look.

And I’ll also review some new products I’ve used to create this look. So, if you wanna see how I create this look, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and let’s get started! First, I’ll use Wardah’s C-Defense Face Mist.

.. to moisturize my skin and enhance the effect of the foundation. By the way, this is one of Wardah’s products that I really like. Next, for the foundation, I’m using… Dior’s Forever Skin Glow Foundation in the shade #1N.

This foundation has neutral tone. It fits my skin’s neutral undertone, not too pink and not too yellow. And this is one of my favorite foundation from Dior, because it makes my skin glow… and it looks so natural, just like a second skin.

But it still has pretty high coverage. It’s impressive, really. Next, I’ll just apply my concealer thinly… because the foundation has pretty much covered my imperfections. I’m using this Kryolan’s Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in the shade #D3.

I’ve got this product in 2 shades, #D3 and #D4. And I used to use the #D4. They’ve got similar shades, with the #D4 being just a bit darker. I’ll apply this thinly with my brush… to cover up my dark circles and redness.

You must’ve seen me use this eye shadow primer a lot. Well, it’s that good. When I need my make ups to last through a whole day of events, I’ll just put this primer on… and my lids don’t get oily at all.

And my eye shadow and eyeliner won’t smudge at all. So, if you have oily lids, I highly recommend this product. Now, I’ll cover up my whole face, including my lids, using this powder. The one I’m using is Innisfree x Mentos’ No Sebum Mineral Powder.

The formula is exactly the same as the original product. And this product is just as good for oily skin. However, since this is the result of their collaboration with Mentos, it smells like Mentos candies.

This powder is good for oily skin. But, if you have dry skin, this powder will make your skin appear cakey. So, I don’t recommend using this on dry skin. Moving on to the eye make up. I’ll fix my brows first.

I’m using this Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter Eyebrow Gel. This product, I guarantee, will keep your brows in place all day long. It really is that good. I think this is my sixth/seventh bottle of this product.

I use this product so often that it gets used up pretty fast. On my lazy days, I’ll just apply this product to define the shape of my eyebrows. And, that’s it. I’m ready to go. After applying this, I can see straightaway.

.. which part of my brows that I still need to fill in. Then, I’ll use this MAC’s Eyebrow Styler in the shade #Spiked. This product is so pigmented. There’s no need to put too much pressure repeatedly.

Otherwise, it’ll make your eyebrows appear too bold. Just fill in where you need to. Now, we’ll get to my favorite part of this look, the eye shadow. I’m using this new palette I just received from Innisfree, the Cherry Blossom eye shadow palette.

This palette is an all-in-one package. It’s got matte, shimmery, and satin colors, and even matte colors with glitters. A complete package. This is your go-to palette to create any natural or glam looks.

The first color I’m gonna pick is the third color in the first row. This nude pink color with matte finish. I’ll put this on my whole crease area, to add more dimension to my eyes. I’ll use smaller brush to apply this color to my lower lash line, too.

Next, I’ll put this color all over the previous one, and on my undereyes to accentuate the pink even more. To achieve the pinkish look. See the picture of the eye shadow on the left corner, I’m gonna put a heart shape on the color I’m currently using.

I’ll just put the third color on the outer corner of my eyes. And blend it slightly to the middle to give a smokey effect. This shade is a bit brownish in color. I’m gonna do a cut-crease on my eye shadow.

But I’m just gonna do half cut-crease, not the full one. I’m still using the Kryolan concealer, and the same brush from earlier. Now, I’m gonna add brighter colors on top of the concealer. I’ll mix these two shades.

These shimmery ones. Let’s get on to the eyeliner. This is my first time trying SASC’s It’s Lit Gel Eyeliner #Teal My Heart. This shade has grey metallic color. The tip is rather blunt. So it’s kinda difficult to make a thin line.

Now I’m gonna put on this 3D faux lashes, Artisan Pro’s Touche #6355. I’ll curl my lashes beforehand, so when I put on the faux lashes, my already-curled real lashes will hold this faux lashes in place.

.. and prevent them from falling off. Next, I’ll use… the Barry M’s That’s How I Roll mascara. This mascara is waterproof, guys. Barry M released 2 versions of this product, the normal one and the waterproof one.

I’ll just apply this on my lower lashes. Now the eye make up is done, I’m gonna finish my face make up. I’m using this Colorful Blush On from Sephora. As usual, I’m gonna put this on the apple of my cheeks.

.. up to the top of my cheekbones. And I’m gonna put it on my nose, too… using a smaller brush. In order to give a cute impression, I’ll just apply this to the tip of my nose. And now, the highlighter.

This is Innisfree’s Cherry Blossom Luminizer. If you apply this with your finger, the texture is not too powdery, but it feels rather wet. It’s better to apply this with your fingers. As usual, I’ll apply this on my nose, chin, and cheekbones.

This is one of my favorite setting spray. Because the fragrance in this product is not too much, and it sprays little droplets, so it doesn’t make our make up look too wet. For my lips, the first product I’m using is.

.. Wardah’s Velvet Matte Lip Mousse in shade #4. I’ll just apply this on my lower lips… so it’ll still look natural and not too pink. I’ll just blend this with my finger… and wipe this product off my lip line.

.. to give my lip line the blurred effect. Again with this Kryolan concealer, and still using the same brush, I’ll put it on the edges of my lips, to make my lips appear fuller in the middle and get the dolly look.

Now, I’m gonna use this Lip Cream from PIXY, the one with the new packaging. I don’t know whether they have different formula from the old product. I’ll apply this only in the middle part of my lips, and blend it with my finger, focusing in the middle part.

Last but not least, I’ll put on this Looke’s Holy Lip Polish in the shade #Luna. This product is amazing, guys. The color is a bit pinkish, as you can see. And I’ll just apply this in the middle part of my upper and lower lips.

On my upper lip, I’ll smudge it a bit off my lip line, to make my lips appear fuller in the middle, and make a cuter impression. So, that’s all for today’s video, guys. I hope you enjoy this video, because honestly, I love this look.

And I hope you’ll get to try recreating this look. Maybe when you’ve got nothing to do at home. And when you do, don’t forget to take a pic and tag me on Instagram! So, yeah, don’t forget to like this video, and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

See you guys on my next video, bye bye!


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