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pretty savage 메이크업 make up | 가은GAEUN

pretty savage 메이크업 make up | 가은GAEUN

Hello, I’m GaEun. The reason why I turn on camera is to do makeup, right? Today, BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage I’m going to do cover dance of that song today. This time, I got Jennie’s part. So I turn on the camera to do makeup that suits Jennie.

Then, Shall we start? First, I’m gonna put on this base. Now I’m doing the laundry. So please understand that the washing machine can be heard little bit. I’m done with my base. I’ll do the shading now.

That’s all and for nose, I’ll shade it slightly. And I’m gonna put on powder. I’ll draw eyebrows. Eyebrows are done. I’m gonna do eye makeup now. Today I’ll use this palette. The makeup that I’m doing that I try to do today is Eye line is more important.

For base, I’ll mix these two color for the base. Using this dark color, Draw outline of eyes. Then I’ll draw eye lines. And I’ll finish with eye liner. Like this, I drew on my wing-tippies. I’ll draw eye lines under the eyes with a pencil eye liner.

I’ll curl my eye lashes. Mascara. I’m sorry. This is the only scene where I apply mascara. On the head of the eyes, I’ll put on this pearl. I’ll do the blusher now. I’ll use this orange color. She put the blusher very widely.

For the last, I’ll put on lipstick. Like this, Makeup is done. Then I’ll change my clothes and do my hair. Tada-!! Like this BLACKPINK Jennie’s makeup is done!! Thank you for watching my video today. See you in next video.



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