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Pride Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Silver Eyeshadow Look | COVERGIRL

Pride Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Silver Eyeshadow Look | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC – DANIEL TOBUS, “THE LOVE OF MY LIFE”] Hey, guys. What’s up? My name is Nick Metos. And I am very, very, very excited to be giving you guys two different Pride videos here on the COVERGIRL’s YouTube channel.

When I was thinking of what looks to do, I feel like when people think of Pride makeup looks it’s just rainbows and glitter, which definitely glitter is necessary for sure. But I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted to show the different sides of pride and what it means to me. And the fact is that coming out isn’t always the easiest thing for many people. Not everyone has the most supportive parents, or friends, or family in general around them.

And it’s really not easy. So, I’m sure many of you can relate to that and relate to the fact that it is a very dark– it can be very dark in the beginning. So with this look, I really wanted to embrace darkness, but also finding the beauty in darkness, and finding the glitter, and finding the light in that.

Because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. So especially if– I mean, even if you’re somebody that is going through this right now, you’re still kind of in the closet, or you’re just struggling with coming out, hopefully, I can inspire you to just kind of be yourself.

Live your best life and not be afraid of who you really are. So, yeah. So for this look, I really wanted to embrace the beauty in darkness. And I’m, of course, using a bunch of their newest launches and also things that have not even launched yet.

So, and if you have any questions about any products and where to find them, everything will be in the description box below, as well as all my social media handles. But yeah, if you guys want to see how I got this look, then go ahead and keep on watching.

All right, guys. So let’s go ahead and get started on this face. I just went ahead and moisturized– whatever your favorite moisturizer is. And then I’m going to be going in with the TruBlend Matte Made Foundation.

And I am going to be using the shade Perfect Beige. It’s really beautiful. And I have never been so excited to use concealer before. Because, you guys, the new COVERGIRL Undercover Concealer comes in 30 shades.

I can’t even show you all of them at once. And for the first time, their applicators have a doe foot applicator. So this is what it looks like. So this is what it looks like. I love the black and white stripes– super cute.

And look how exciting, you guys. It has a doe foot now. If you guys don’t know what that means, it just means this kind of applicator. So I’m very, very excited. Like I said, it comes in 30 shades. And I’m going to be showing you guys how to highlight, conceal, and contour with them.

So, let’s get started. The first one that I grabbed is Sand Beige. And I really do like to– it might seem a little dark, or not. But I do like to take concealer that seems maybe a little darker than you would think.

Because then you have a really light cast under your eyes, I’ve noticed. So I like to just take a little bit at a time. I’m taking the other side of the beauty blender. And I’m just going in and just pressing Wow.

Ok, that blended in like -2 seconds OK, do you see the difference already? I’m into it. So then I kind of like to just add more as I go, so that there’s not too much. Because then it can get really cakey.

I mean, you guys already know. You want to be cakey with class, though. You want to make it look like you. Meant to be cakey, not that you’re like, ugh, cakey. And then same thing with, I guess, the foundation.

I take this on top of my eyelids as well. And I can already feel it dry down really quickly, which I actually love in a concealer and a foundation. Because that’s how you can know that it’s really not going to crease.

Because otherwise, it just– if it takes too long, like your powder is going to get all weird in there, it just helps it not get all weird. Yeah, I’m really liking it. It doesn’t have too crazy of a scent, which I like.

Because when it’s scented, it’s just like, fragrance isn’t the best thing for your skin. But of course, these are all vegan and cruelty free, which is really exciting. And as you guys can see, I still am not losing my glow.

Still just keeping my natural glow. Take a little bit on the chin. So see, just same like I did with the foundation– just literally taking small amounts at a time is really the key to just keeping it natural, but still full coverage.

And that is totally my thing. So can you guys see the difference? It’s a lot more airbrushed right there versus just a little bit more my dark circles. OK, so there it is, all blended out. And I also notice it’s really not creasing on my eyes, which it usually does until I put powder for other products– other brands, I mean.

But this one is not creasing at all on my lid. Do you see how nice that– it’s just going to create a really nice space for shadow. So yes. OK, well, time to do a little bit of contouring. I’m going to take this one called Natural Tan.

Because it has definitely more of a cool tone. And I think it looks really pretty, but I’m just going to be playing here, you guys. So, let’s just go for it. So I’m going to really just concentrate it on– just like if I was taking a powder, I really love to do a cream contour before.

Because I feel like it really adds more dimension and depth. And then go later in with powder. So I first– just same with when I do powder, I really concentrate it right on. And everyone’s face is going to be different.

But you can see right where I kind of have this shadow right here. And I really concentrate it just right there. And I’m just going to go like that. I’ll take a little bit at a time and blend that out.

Oh, yeah. Look how pretty and look how easy that was. This product is bomb, you guys. And you can kind of just a little bit more right there. So anywhere that there’s kind of shadows and depth, it’s really just like playing with light and shadows.

And obviously, everyone’s face is going to be different. But this is what works for mine. But you can pretty much follow the same idea. So see how there’s a little more of like sculptness. It’s also kind of like a cream bronzer for me, you know.

So also, for when you’re doing up here, make sure to always pull it back up here. So that there’s not a weird line on where your hair starts. And then just really– so pounce it in, and then really blend it in.

I like to contour– if you want to make your lips look a little bigger, I love doing this. Yes, I do have lip filler. But I also still just like to make them even bigger. Snatch this nose up. And you can kind of carry that into where that shadow is.

This stuff really blends out so nicely, you guys. And then I’m kind of taking it in like a shadow, like I said, on the eyelid. Then I kind of take the other side of the blender and just really blend, blend, blend, blend.

So also, like I said, this stuff does dry pretty quickly. So you got to work fast, and you got to work just in sections. So I’m just going to do the same thing to the other side, but see the difference? See the difference between this side and that side? I don’t know about you guys, but I love being tan, and contoured, and stuff.

So now it’s really starting to match my body. I do have some body bronzer and stuff on. I don’t know. I mean, I just feel like, whatever makes you feel most beautiful, you know? And I just feel most beautiful when I’m tan.

So you just got to live your life. Be yourself. Do what makes you happy. And we just gotta stop trying to please others. Because this is our life. And I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know about you guys.

But I always found myself, like– I have to constantly remind myself that. Because we’re always finding ourselves trying to please other people. And I’m talking for all of us, of course. Because I just feel it is a common thing.

But also, I like to tell other people because I’m also telling myself. But yeah. You gotta do you, boo, you know? I am v impressed with these concealers. (SINGING) Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

Well, now they know. Let it go. Let it go. All right. And then I’m going to take it just– want to contour my jaw line. I don’t know if I said this earlier, but with the blender, it’s always dabbing motions and pressing.

Never be dragging your blender. So I’m going to take that lighter concealer, and I’m going to go just right underneath. The contour– it’s really from right here, the top of your cheekbone kind of vibe to the mouth, is where we’re going to highlight.

I’m going to take an angle like that. Really pop out your jawline like this so you can see it. And then I take the other side. And then I just go like– and just blend it in. But see how that just really makes my jaw line stick out? It’s magic.

All right, you guys, we’re looking super contoured, and bronzed, and ready for the summer glow, girl. So now it is time to use some powder. So I’m going to go ahead and go in with CoverGirl’s TruBlend Minerals Setting Powder.

And this is the Banana shade. And then I’m going to go ahead and go in with my beauty blender. And just press it on to where I concealed. All right, so now let’s get started on the eyes. And these are their TruNaked Queenship Eye Shadow Sticks.

And they are literally so good. It’s a cream shadow stick. And they just are so easy to work with. I’ve been using them nonstop. I’m going to go ahead and take the darker one– number 950. And I’m going to use it to just kind of smoke out my eye a little bit.

I’m going to put it first kind of on the waterline. And then just kind of blend out from there. I’ve been loving creams sticks lately. They’re just really easy to work with. And then I’m taking my finger.

Even just that already made such a difference. You already have like a kind of smokey eyes. So I took it first on the water line, and now I’m taking it really right on the lash line. And it’s just super pretty.

And as you can see, just taking my finger to blend it in, and make sure to do that right away. Because like I said, it does dry really quickly, which is nice, especially in the eye area. Because then if your eyes are watering, I’m not going to get all crazy.

Like, literally, five minute smokey eye with this thing– it’s perfect. I’m going to kind of just take it on that top lash line. And start kind of smoking that out. As well. Do you see how easy it is to work with? And I feel like cream shadows are where it’s at right now, girl.

Yeah, I want to know what Pride is like where you guys live. And if your city does some fun stuff or if they don’t celebrate at all. I want to know Go ahead an tell me where you’re from, I want – I’m definitely am going to be in the comment section reading and replying to you guys.

I want to see where you’re from in the world, and what you do to celebrate pride, and what pride means to you. I love hearing everyone’s different responses. Because it really should be a big– a time when everybody comes together and has pride in who we are.

That’s really what I think it’s all about. See, look at this, you guys. See, I’m just a little smokey now. Oh, yeah. All right, and then I’m going to go ahead and go in with the super nude one. There’s two lighter nude ones.

There’s 905 and 900. 905 has a little bit more of a pinky one. And I think the lightest one is actually called Prima Donna. But yeah, I’m going to take that as a little bit of a base. Because then I’m going to do something fun.

So I’m going to really cut my crease with this. Oh my god, look how easy that was. Wow. See the difference? That’s crazy. All right, so next, I’m going to go in with– these are their new Exhibitionist Glitter Sticks.

And they’re so pretty, you guys. So there’s six different shades. I really want to go with this kind of silvery vibe. So I’m going to use– this is number three. And I’m going to just apply that right on top of where I did that nude shadow stick just now.

Oh my gosh. Wait, look how pretty this is, you guys. Oh my gosh. Um, wow. And how easy was that? And then I’m going to kind of just blend with my finger, just right at that connection between them. This is one of the beautiful new eyeshadow palettes they also just launched.

This is the Overthrown palette. I’m obsessed with this new packaging. And I’m going to go into this shade right here called Taken. It’s super pretty. So depending where your crease is, I like to kind of just tilt my head back and just find where that shadow is.

And I’m just going right where– so I’m really going to pack it on to that cream shadow we did. And then blend it into that crease. Oh, see how nicely that’s blending? I’m seriously so impressed with all these new products.

COVERGIRL is coming for you. All right, so I’m actually going to go ahead and go into the Reign palette. This is the gold one. I’m obsessed with anything gold. And I’m actually going to go into this shimmery green shade right here called Dignified.

It’s super pretty. Super pretty, and I want to do that as a little brow bone highlight. I’m kind of just taking my finger. The fingers actually working out better than the brush, so I’m just taking that.

And I’m just blending that out, and it works really, really well. All right. So now that the eye shadow is all done, I’m going to go ahead and go with my mascara. All right, you guys, the mascara is all on.

And I’m really, really loving how this is coming out so far. Loving everything that I’ve used. I’m really, really impressed. I’m going to actually go back into that Overthrown palette, and I’m going to go in with this shade, Conviction– this black.

It’s like a creamy black– super creamy pigmented. And I’m just going to take one of those brushes I was using before, just really, really lightly dipping into it– dipping into it and then tapping it.

And I’m really just going to use that to just deepen ever so lightly. So I’m going to take that other lighter cream shadow stick in the shade 920. Yeah, it’s like a shimmery pinky thing at the moment.

And I just want to pop that into my inner corners. Love me an inner corner highlight to really just make an eye pop. And it really helps just kind of bring attention to the eye. All right, for highlight, I’m going to be going in with their TruBlend Super Stunner Hyper Glow Highlighter.

Oh my gosh, look how pretty that is. Oh, yeah. OK, so for lip, I was going to go in with their Outlast All Day Custom Nudes. And then this is the shade Light Cool. I already took it out because I was using this earlier.

When I first started the video, this is what was on my lips, is their moisturizer. So it comes with a lip and then a moisturizer you put on afterwards to kind of just keep it hydrated– blah, blah, blah.

But also, you can use it as just a moisturizer. And it’s really, really bomb. So I’m going to do that. And then I’m going to– I mean, look how bomb that looks with just like the foundation and the highlight.

And it smells really yummy, too. It also doesn’t get in your mouth, like lots of moisturizers do. Get in your mouth and taste so weird. It doesn’t do that at all. I think this is so pretty but I wanted to go into the Ascension palette.

And the shade Glass Slipper right here is so gorge. And I want it on my lips so I’m going to do that. All right, you guys. Well, I am going to go ahead and throw my weave on, and I’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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