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Princess Ariel Makeup Tutorial 🧜🏻‍♀️| The Little Mermaid

Princess Ariel Makeup Tutorial 🧜🏻‍♀️| The Little Mermaid

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. On today’s video, I’m back with Dev’s Disney Series. And I’m doing Princess Ariel’s make up look. I hope you like this look. So, if you wanna see how I create this look, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button, and let’s get started! First things first, I’m starting with the most difficult part, which tends to get messed up pretty easily.

In this case, the brows. My brows are very different from Princess Ariel’s. She’s got red eyebrows. Let’s say, I’ve put on my foundation and powder, then I screw up the brow part. When I remove the products from my brows, I’ll mess up my foundation and powder, too.

So, in order to avoid that, I’ll do my brows first. By the way, I haven’t got any eyebrow pencils to create the red brows. So, I’ll make do with this creamy eyeliner from FOCALLURE, in shade #3, Auburn.

It’s got the right shade. I won’t shape my eyebrows too thin, because I want to make these Dev’s Disney Princess make up looks more wearable… and better-looking than the cartoon versions. When I’m doing Princess looks, I’ll never straight up copy the whole cartoon version.

I usually adjust the color palette. For example, I added a touch of turquoise to my previous Jasmine’s look, even though in the cartoon version, the eye make up is all brown. Therefore, for this look, I won’t make the brow shape too thin.

Because I think if there were a real-life version of Princess Ariel, she wouldn’t look pretty with thin, red brows. I’ll make it more real-looking with thicker brows. So red. Can you guys see it? This shade is perfect.

Now, imagine if I’ve applied my foundation and I mess up my brows. Removing the products will be troublesome. I’ll make the front part of my brows a bit bushy. We’ll tidy that up later. For now, at least I’ve got the brow shape right.

And I won’t make the front parts as thick as my natural eyebrows. I’ll apply concealer to cover up about half of my lower brows. So, yeah, this is the shape. Turns out I need a darker shade for the brows.

I’ll try on this eyeliner from PIXY to make thin strokes. Okay, this shade is perfect. I want this dark red color. Now, I’m gonna use Benefit’s 24-hour Brow Setter… to set my brow shape. Then, I’ll apply some concealer.

You can use any creamy concealer you want. But I’ve always used Kryolan’s, if you’re curious. I’ll start to conceal the remaining brow hairs from the middle part… up to the tail. See, that part is now shaped perfectly.

Now for the front up to the middle part, I’ll start here. See, guys, now my brow’s got the perfect shape. Now that I’ve done with the shape, I can see which parts I still need to fix. This part right here.

The shade is still too light. I’ll just use my brow pencil to fill it. It looks more presentable now. Just remember, guys. The trick to make this make up look more real… is by doing it thoroughly. Don’t put too much pressure and just do it gently.

That’s how you’ll make it more presentable. I do that all the time, too. Don’t put too much pressure. Do it gently. It’ll turn out nice. Now that the bottom parts are done, I’ll fix this upper part. It’s still such an eyesore.

Okay guys, my brows are done. Now, I’m gonna use my priming water. This is Studio Tropik’s Original Priming Water for normal to oily skin. And for the foundation, I’m using this foundation from MAC, the Studio Fix Fluid.

This has SPF 15. I’ve never used this product before. I bought this 2-3 months ago. Next, I’ll put on my powder. This is L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte in the shade #100, Porcelain. I originally thought of applying liquid concealer, but the foundation has covered it all.

And the foundation is buildable, too. So, yeah. I’ll apply the powder with my brush. My complexion is so matte right now. I’m gonna zoom in the camera a bit, and we’ll get to the eye make up. For the eye shadow, I’m using this Disney Designer Collection palette from ColourPop.

First, I’ll apply this shade #Chip on my whole eyelids. This really light brown shade. So, I’m using this as the base color. This will make my eyelids appear brighter. Then, I’ll take the #Triton shade, this one.

Also brown. It has a slightly satin finish, so it won’t be too matte. I’ll just use the same brush to apply this shade on my crease. For the eye make up, I’ll just do a simple one. As long as it makes my eyes appear big and round.

And now, I’m using a smaller brush… and I’ll take this slightly darker brown shade. This #Abu shade. (Why my camera won’t focus?) This color, see. I’ll use this shade to accentuate the crease. Focus this shade on the crease, to add more dimension to the eyes.

See the difference? Now, I’ll apply this shade using the smallest brush… to my lower lash line. Blend it from the outer corner up to the middle. This will make my eyes appear rounder and bigger. Next, I’m gonna apply this #Ray shade, this champagne color.

It has satin-shimmery finish. (I don’t know why the camera won’t focus…) I’ll just use my finger. Apply it on this part of my eyelids with lighter shade. And I’ll also put it on my inner corners. For the eye liner, don’t make the line too thick.

We want the cut crease effect. Therefore, to make a well-defined crease, don’t apply your eyeliner too thick. Or else, your crease won’t be too apparent. So, just make a thin line. On this part right here, I’m gonna add a darker shade.

I’ll pick this #Midnight Curfew shade. It has a bit of glitter, but I’ll just apply it thinly. So it won’t be too shimmery. Now, I’m gonna use this faux lashes from Artisan Pro. Honestly, I don’t know this product’s code because it’s not written here.

This is just a sample I got. See, it’s written “Sample” here. So I don’t have the box, and I don’t know the product code. But it looks like this. The lashes in the middle are longer. Next, I’ll apply my mascara.

This one I’m using is from Looke Cosmetics. I’m just gonna apply this on my lower lashes, since I’ve got faux lashes already. And I’ll put more mascara on the lashes in the middle. I think this mascara is quite impressive, because it makes my lashes look real nice, but don’t give the “wet” look.

I don’t like those new products… that make my lashes look wet. Because later on it will get sticky. Last one for the eye make up, I’m gonna mix these #Prince Charming and #Ray shades, I’ll apply them on my undereyes.

For the blush on, I’m using Emina’s Cheeklit Pressed Blush in the shade #Violet Berry. This pink one. Because Ariel has vivid pink blush on, and it’s only applied on this area. I’ll put it on to this area near my eyes, too.

To contour my nose, I’m using this #Triton shade from the palette earlier. This one. I’ll add another blush on from PIXY Make It Glow’s Adorable Marble, in the shade #02, Tempting Pink I’ll just put it on top of the previous blush on.

.. to achieve a glowy look. See, it has a more glowy look now. For the highlighter, I’m using BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade #Champagne Pop. This one. I’ll just put it on the tip and the bridge of my nose.

I’m gonna use setting spray before putting on my lipstick. This one is Studio Tropik’s Dream Setter Glowy. This is their new product. It has glitter particles to make our faces glow. For my lips, I’m using.

.. SECONDATE’s Milky Gel Lip Tint in the shade #Naughty. I’ll use this to define the shape of my lips first. Well, guys, so that’s all for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget to like this video, and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

And do tell me in the comment section below, which Disney Princess’ look I should do next? See you guys on my next video, bye bye!


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