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Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty Makeup Tutorial

I’m going to begin [with] my nyx concealer! Nyx above and Beyond full coverage concealer. [I] got this online. It was really cheap [I] got like a bag of makeup brushes on an amazing site called the Rose wholesale I think for like [ten] brushes it was [850] and free shipping it was great also, [if] you have any Breakouts obviously concealer is what you should be using to get those Hidden my cheek my right cheek has been breaking out a lot lately and I’m not sure why So I just basically bring it right Right on the top of the apple of my cheek and then all along eyelid All right, so that’s complete and now I look bright on one side And then sometimes I’ll just use the excess concealer from the brush In between my eyebrows I tend to get kind of red there.

Oh And in case anyone was wondering about moisturizer. I don’t actually use moisturizer I find that it makes me because I’m naturally kind of on the oily side and I Find that it makes my makeup uneven because I’m too oily so I don’t moisturize day or night So now my computer is done.

So I’m going to go in with my foundation now I shouldn’t have to make a note of this but obviously Wash your hands very well if you do apply your concealer I mean your foundation with your fingers without that I do I do not like using brushes my foundation personally, but I see a lot of people and [hear] a lot of people be like oh, that’s so gross like Don’t use your hand.

They’re dirty. That’s like Like I wash my hands guys So I’m using L’oreal true Match Paris. Can’t really see it there We go there and don’t mind my finger nail polish that I need to wash off from when I was with Elena [so] this is in cool alabaster.

Yeah, and I l’oreal paris is my favorite brand by far for some reason. I like to start on The lower part that was my face so gonna blend that in lightly With my finger and once once it’s like even I just lightly dab it make sure you get The top of your neck in there, so people can’t see the line So basically I just do the same thing over and over again as far as putting my foundation on is concerned I don’t contour some people like to put on Their foundation over their lips.

[I] don’t really like to do that so I just like Go like that when I’m applying it as you’ll see in a second but I don’t know I find that when the foundation goes on my lips it messes up my Lipliner Routine, so oh I love this part.

I love when I’m almost done with my foundation because man this [takes] the longest because I’m like Obsessive my biggest tip about foundation because that’s what most people make comments on on my account And how do you get your foundation look like that you have to just really be aware of how you’re blending it and Making sure that the same amount is all over your face like [not] just like throwing it on and putting powder on like I cover Every little bit and make sure that it’s all consistent and now I’m going in to my Mineral makeup my powder which is the [tried-And-true]? L’oreal true Match Mineral Oil [pear] is too much mineral.

I use it in soft. Ivory. [I’ve] been using this stuff For as long as I’m wearing makeup It’s better than any powder I’ve ever tried coverage could like the texture of it the it’s the best I really have a good thing to say about it So I’m going to basically just put this all over my face, and I do use a fair amount It is cheap, but because I use a lot [of] it whenever I apply it I tend to have to buy it a lot which does add up financially, but it is always worth it so I start with under my eyes I Didn’t start with the places that tend to collect the most Grease or Oils or Sweat as we all know who our princess is like today.

My party is in a park, and it looks like a really Beautiful, but sunny and hot day so I want to make sure I am as powdered as can be Yeah, make sure Those creases [of] foundation because that’s what my biggest type And you can see like the lines of where the foundation is the liquid foundations get those all Powdered out and buffed out as far as tips with powder goes same as like Liquid foundation just consistency Don’t overlook any spots get it all blended in in all All areas [of] your face, and we are almost done Wow, that’s really sad it takes me 15 minutes to do this.

It’s weird seeing it timed [um] I Think today. I mean sometimes I start with my eyebrows and sometimes I start with my shadow But I think the state of this look, I’m going to start with the eye shadow This is the best pilot in the world two-Phase natural matte Not cheap, but so worth it and you get all of these beautiful colors And I use this for everything obviously.

I’m out of expresso that that name makes me giggle [I’m] going to use in the day section heaven, and that’s what I’m going to begin with with my finger And I’m putting that all over my eyelid You see this is really hard to do Just like that then I’m going to take under the classic section Lace Teddy Put that all over my wood Just to give it more of like a peachy look um in case anyone’s curious as to [I] don’t use a brush I Like using your brushes for my crease But with my lid, I just find that it’s so much more pigmented to use your finger And you don’t waste any on a brush from it flying all over the place Just seems to work better for me personally, so maybe I just haven’t found a really good brush All right, oh, I got a sleepy in my eyes that happens people Princesses get sleepy too, and I’m sleeping beauty today, so if I worked out well okay, then I’m going to use a Glorious brush from that kit I got online, and it’s just like this I’m really going to explain this this is the shape of it and I’m going to take my favorite color in this palette.

Which is strapless. It’s like this nudey pink color [famous] for my brush around in it and tap it off, so I don’t waste or get it everywhere [then] I’m just going to take it all along the crease here.

I had a better angle The Secret to eyeshadow is being Gentle with your application not like I learned that the hard way. [I] feel like while isn’t it working It’s because I was pushing too hard How [did] [he] [cover] High? Now honestly like eyeshadow is not my strong suit.

I feel like I have a lot to learn because I see these Unbelievable, I shadow Routines and tutorials. I watched I’m just like I don’t know How people get cut creases [like] that or like blend it like that? it’s really hard for me [to] do that and then obviously when the [eyeshadow] drops down you can just Brush it away with your powder brush you take this shade right here at Risk’ And I’m going to put that Also into the crease mainly just in the corners not so much on the inside but on the outside Corners And then I’m also going to put it at my lashline and now obviously Really in your face, and we don’t watch those sharp lines I’m just going to blend that up Might go back and clean that up a little but for now, it’ll do and go back in with that same brush with [Risqué] And do that all under the Lash We don’t want this to be too harsh either so go back in with that blending brush The next part we’re going to do is eyeliner, but before I do that Honestly [what] I like to do is apply Mascara before that like a light light amount of Mascara before that Lashblast fusion By covergirl and it’s in very black, I think Yes, I love this stuff.

I used to curl my eyelashes, but You don’t even need to with this My left [eye] [lashes] are very temperamental. I don’t know what the deal is but My right lash is always like okay melody, and then my left ones are like Gonna We’re tired, and I’m putting on false lashes in a minute anyway And then I don’t know why I do it this way.

I’m weird, but I put on the Mascara [I] let it dry, and then I brush out my brows the Eyeliner a youth It’s lasted so long and I’ve had [it] for so [long] that the label has worn off, but I think It’s also L’oreal true Like L’oreal Paris, and it’s a felt-tip so this a winged Eyeliner is Not very kind to us humans.

I don’t need to tell you guys that because it’s hard But I’m just going to not [even] explain you guys. I feel like if I [talk] I’m just going to ruin it, [so] Just watch and learn I guess Okay There it is [all] [right], I hope you guys learned something um Yeah, that’s my eyeliner.

[I] Find that it is always best to start with the wing just one line and then connect and drag accordingly Sorry, I’m so bad at this Um if you guys have any questions of course you can ask and I can explain myself much better in writing to be honest And then always make sure that your line is even with your other line The Norah Jones song stuck in my head, and I have no idea.

Why I like Norah Jones But I don’t it just keeps repeating and I haven’t listened to her since I was a kid And I’m very confused we’re going to do one more coat of Mascara [now] that it’s dried Sorry for this very unattractive angle.

I don’t know why but leaning my head back when I’m applying Mascara really helps my lashes be perky I Don’t really understand the physics of it, but somehow That’s just [plated] So I recommend it instead of just being like this like get the lashes up there, and then hit yourself in the eye For some weird reason.

I like to do my eyelashes like fake eyelashes last. Maybe it’s because I Hate putting them on so much, but I’m like I’m just gonna this wait. Do my eyebrows now Eyebrows are hard they really are and I have my off days for sure So let’s begin and hope for the best.

This is the brush I use. It’s just this thin like Don’t even an eyebrow brush, but it’s I think it’s actually an Elf Concealer brush, but I Have found that. I like using it for my favor out, so That’s been undoing Then I use anastasiya dip brow Pomade and chocolate and I’m just going to put a little bit on there, and I like to start with the middle of my brow and create a line in the shape by one and Then I basically just use the excess on the front of my eyebrow if that makes any sense so [um] here we go So yeah, I start with a line just to give myself a base, and then I fill it in and I like to just add a Line right where I want the definition to be my front on my brow And then I find that raising my eyebrows helps me with the shape and brush it up like this That’s how I do my eyebrows and then make [sure] that when you lift your brows the line you made are even That way one doesn’t look lower than the other or higher than the other [CrV].

I’m going to grab some q-tips to show you guys a great tip if you find you make little mistakes [okay], q-tips are your best friend when you make mistakes to your eyebrows? it gets rid of any any mistake This is this goes for Mascara like when you hit that bridge of your nose.

Which I do like [almost] every day when it’s like tap or tap just let it dry for a second and then go in there was a q-tip and it’s It’s out of there [hit] done The next part I’d like to do is my favorite part lips I love putting my lips on because I’m really insecure about the actual shape of my lips, so when I can Put on my lined lips.

It’s like huh, I’m using an nyx lip liner in the color natural and it looks like I Don’t know it’s so it’s really short now. So I don’t know the exact [I] think it’s the matte one just look for ask anyone working at nyx like a and looking for the Natural toned lip liners, and I’m sure they’ll be helpful.

They usually are So this is the first thing I do I just create lines for the top of my lips Make sure they’re even and then that’s a good starting point Is that I’m not going to go over and I can figure out how I want to shape my lip from there, I Round out this corner.

I go a little over my lip line and [then] just try down and fill it in a little right here you The bottom is pretty simple. I don’t really salt or anything. I just line my lips the way it is You lips are trapped.

I’m sorry so all of this bottom lip with my lip liner Now I’m going to use an nyx matte lip cream, so this is cannes it’s not as pink as it looks in the video, but It’s glorious Just put that all [over] the lips you So now I’m going to go in with my bronzer [its] Hoola by benefit It’s just lovely it’s matte and it’s a great consistency and they go in with this brush and find where that Line is right, beneath the cheek them very lightly Next I’m going to do my blush.

There’s this great elf Blush Palette so it’ll be just called blush, Palette. It’s wonderful. I’m going to be using this one right here same brush and Blot Now obviously I’ve never used as much blush in my daily look, but I think it’s nice to look pretty rosy when you’re princess Okay, now I actually Just started doing this.

[I] just started using Highlighter, [I] just wanted to try it and now I’m like obsessed. [what] do you know I’m using L’oreal true Match Lumi This is in Rose because they have several this thing It’s glorious, so I’m going to just swirl all of it around get mostly the lightest part of it the white and smile give yourself an angle, so the sun’s on it, and then are the light and then Just let that only look at that.

That’s just nice That’s just nice Look at me Glow something very Empowering about eyeliner I Don’t know what it is So there you go with that. [oh], and this is the brush. I’m using by the way take up flat really light Brush then I’m Gonna fit it right in my nose Shiny [oh] Right here, just a dab here dab here That’s it okay, and now last but not least flashes the eye lashes.

I’ve been using that. I love our nyx The be wicked lashes in sin. They look like this. I can’t really get to [zoom] much less, but this is what they look like my biggest tip really important people who struggle [with] putting on lashes not to say I don’t because I do but I Find that the biggest hack is Letting the glue dry people say let it dry [for] 30 seconds that is not enough I let mine dry for at least a minute.

Oh And I use a duo of course the only kind that works in my experience, so I just got that eyelash on still drives you can do the glue but There you have [it] is a the amount of glue that I put on it And now I have both of my lashes on All it makes such a difference.

I’ll never get over how wonderful fake eyelashes are do our bottom lashes Which I don’t like to do a whole lot, especially because I have really long bottom eyelashes But I’m gonna do a little just to Make my eyes [look] a [little] brighter [alright], and this is basically the [look], this is weird.

I just film the makeup tutorial Waiting for these lashes to dry once you once my eyelashes do dry I like to put one little final layer of Mascara to make sure my actual Flashes are blending in with the fake and here is the completed look here in my kitchen then Thank you all so much for [watching].

I’m sorry that was a pretty sporadic makeup tutorial It was my first so it’s bound to be a little Rocky hopefully my next [one] which will be snow white Would [be] a lot smoother I do hope this was informative though and helpful Let me know if you have any further questions regarding makeup any kind of tips I will help in any way I can also Thank you so much for liking my post where I said if I got 500 plus likes I would do this makeup tutorial So thank you all for your interest and your support [I] can’t believe more than 600 people actually care about how I do my makeup.

That’s pretty amazing now I have to get my tights and my shoes on so I can go and mix and [she’s] happy. I’m really awkward okay you


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