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Princess Makeup Tutorial ♔

Princess Makeup Tutorial ♔

It’s Royal Gala day, for my coronation as your Princess of The Land of Lavish. And on this grand occasion, I’ll wear my most dazzling makeup and attire. Oh my, dressing up and twirling makes my heart sing.

Now, shall I wear petal pink or royal pink to the grand ball tonight? However will I decide? First, I present my rosy and enchanting princess makeup ritual. To be adorned with gentleness and love. Welcome to my boudoir to begin this regal look beautify your skin with romantic rose water and pamper your pout with a nourishing lip balm.

Next enhance your complexion with a luminous foundation for a flawless base blend using circular motions. Revive your eyes with a creamy concealer. With the gentlest touch apply to areas that need extra brightening and cheer.

To gleam like an evening star highlight your cheekbones with a glistening swan white luminizer. Add the pearlescent pigment to the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow. With a golden bronzer, sculpt the contours of your face to achieve a goddess glow.

One will always look lovely wearing a delicate flush of petal pink. Apply a rosy coloured blusher to the apple of your cheeks. Time to beautify the doorway to your heart. Prime your eyelids for the perfect base layer for eyeshadows.

Sweep an angelic buttercup ivory shade across your entire eyelid. Define your crease with a romantic hue of soft pink, and blend. With brave wings we fly, so adorn your eyes with fluttering winged eyeliner.

With a steady hand, draw a dainty line across your entire lash line. Glide along and create a fancy flick. Curl your lashes for innocent, dreamy Bambi eyes. Add length and glamour to your lashes with a voluminous mascara.

Coat your bottom lashes for joyful innocence. Repeat for an úber glamorous effect. To radiate like a golden jewel, add a metallic eyeliner under your eyes. Line and fill your lips with a royal rose lipliner.

Create a plume cupid’s bow. Lavishly coat your lips with your signature lip colour. Shine with your sparkliest lipgloss. Lastly, lift your mood with the fragrance of a thousand roses in full bloom. May it invoke nostalgia to your true beauty as a divine princess that reigns with a pure heart filled with with light from the sky.

Now, where were we? Oh right, petal pink or royal pink? Petal pink it is, the thought of roses gives me wings. Oh of course it does. Princesses, let your true colours shine, and together, we’ll make the world a blossoming rainbow.


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