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Prom / Formal Makeup Tutorial

Prom / Formal Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, Tina here welcome [back] to my channel in today’s video I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial on this little now in Australia Formal season is coming up or in other parts of the world you guys would call it prom So I wanted to design a makeup look specifically [for] those of you who are planning to do your own makeup? So if you want to know how to achieve this look make sure you keep watching and I’ll show you how First I’m going to apply my Laura Mercier oil-free foundation primer this [one’s] excellent.

If you have a combination or oily skin type For foundation. I’ll be using a new one from Laura mercier called the smooth finish flawless fluid foundation. [oh], that’s a mouthful This one is oil-free and dries to a natural-looking matte finish It’s best to apply [this] product with your fingers or a sponge and here I’m grabbing my sponge and spraying fix+ onto it, and then just really [working] the product in using a patting motion Next I’m going to spot conceal with my Mac pro Concealer Palette in medium Once I’m happy with my base I’m going to grab my Mac prep and prime highlighter pen in light boost and I’m going to apply it to the areas along [the] center of my face Then I’m going [to] blend it all in the small fluffy brush Next comes [contry].

I’ll be using my tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette in Intensity 1 and using a medium fluffy brush I’m [just] going to shade in the hollows of my cheeks [to] create a more sculpted look And with whatever’s left on my brush.

I’m just going to blend it into my forehead my jawline and the sides of my nose after [that] I’m going to apply my Mac Mineralize skinfinish in medium And I’m just going [to] apply the powder onto my t-Zone wherever it gets a bit oily Then using benefits bronzing powder in Hoola.

I’m going to start contouring my nose Now if you haven’t seen [my] contouring videos make sure you check it out by clicking the links on the screen or the links in the caption below For my brows. I’ll be using brow wiz in Soft [Brown] by Anastasia, Beverly Hills I really like this retractable eyebrow pencil because it’s so thin which means that you don’t have to ever sharpen it.

How [awesome] [is] that? Once I’m happy with the shape, and I’ve brushed it out with the spoolie I’m just going to use my dip brow to underline and further define my eyebrows Now I’m ready to move on to my eyes for my base.

I’ll be using Mac Paint pot in soft ochre, and I’m just going to apply that on with my fingers and really pat and blend it in For my crease or transition color I’ll be using soft brown from the Mac When applying eyeshadows, it’s all about blending.

So make sure you use a fluffy brush to really blend and work the color in Next I’m going to grab driftwood from the Stila Palette and apply that along my outer-V This will help give [it] more depth and dimension and also help elongate my eyes To highlight.

I’ll be using the color trick from the naked 3 Palette And I’m just going to pat that into the center in a corner of [my] lids Next I’m going to grab my Mac eyeliner in which experience and run that along my lower lash line Then blending it out with a flat brush Then I’m going to apply a bit of soft brown underneath just to soften up my lower lash line And I’m going to do the same with my [other] eye With my dolly wink liquid eyeliner.

I’m going to line the top [lashline] and create a nice flick to further elongate my eyes Next I’m going to curl my almost non-existent lashes And then I’m going to apply my clinique bottom lash, Mascara To finish off my eyes, I’m going to apply a nice [natural-looking] pair of both eyelashes After I’ve got my lashes on a good trick I like to do is use my [fingers] to sandwich my natural lash and the false lashes together So that I avoid having that double lash effect For my cheeks.

I’ll be using my favorite Mac mineralized blush in warm Sole. I Love this color because it just seems to match with any look that. I do so it’s definitely my go-to color To highlight. I’ll be using my Laura mercier baked powder in Highlight number one And I’m just going to apply that in the inner corner of my eyes just [to] brighten up [the] look I Also like to apply it along my cheekbones Underneath my brow Bone along my nose bridge and along my Cupid’s bow just to give it a bit more radiance especially when the light hits my face For my lips.

I’ll be applying my matte lipstick in Kinda sexy, and yes, this shade is Kinda sexy Then I’m going to grab my mac viva glam Gaga lip gloss and apply [that] along the center of my lips What this does is help create the illusion that I’ve got bigger and fuller lips Finally, I’m going to use my makeup forever setting spray to help lock in all my hard work So I hope you guys like this makeup look and thank you so much for watching [please] make [sure] you like share and [subscribe] to [stay] updated the future videos and Stay until the end because there’s some funny bloopers that you might want to see also I’m filming a get to know me video very soon So if you have any questions that you want me to answer Or you want to know about me leave it in the comment box below so I can answer it my next video And I’ll speak to you [guys] soon.

Bye What is that naughty? Shoes here that fucking murdered. [oh] my gosh. It’s gonna be on camera To get sprayed too much Let it dry and dry. Oh no the sun’s coming up. Oh Yeah, I’m putting bad hairdo my [bow]


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