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hey guys I’m Roxie Theresa and welcome back to my Channel today we’re doing another prom makeup look and on my last key property is so many of you requested to see a makeup tutorial for a red dress or a red outfit because I mean I guess a lot of you are wearing red this year which I love you I love red and I love wearing red so I know you guys are going to look bomb eight if you know what I mean so hope you guys are excited to see how i created this look I think it’s really nice for red dress because it is neutral we got a little sprinkle of glitter in there but we still have that red lip to tie it all together so if you want to see how I created it and just keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe if you have our ready and hit that little bell if you want to always be notified of my videos because I mean I don’t know do you want to join the Sandman do you want to never miss out then go ahead and do that no pressure if you don’t want to just putting it up there so let’s get into this video we are going to start off with primer and I’m going to be using the Urban Decay quick fix primer miss just to get our face ready to go and then for foundation I’m actually going to be using to face born this way today this is definitely foundation that I would recommend if you’re going to a special event life prom where you know you’re going to get photographed because it doesn’t have flash backs and also it actually has really good covers while still looking very skin-like so I’m just applying that with a Sigma f80 now moving to eyes I’m going to be priming with Mac sauce ochre Paint Pot to get a really nice even base and then removing straight into the eye shadow and we’re going to keep it on Matt for today’s look so I’m gonna be into one of my favorite Matt palettes this is kat von d’s shade + light eye palette it is just like some matte goodness right here so what I’m going to first do is just set down that I base with the shade Caelius then taking this shade over here called ladies I hope I’m pronouncing these correctly because I feel like I’m not but I’m going to take that on a more feet m4 for one and place that all over the base of the lid and also into the crease and we’re just going to basically build that up with more matte shades to kind of create a gradient Matt I so the next time I’m taking is over here and this one is called Latinas so I’m taking this one and I’m going to place slightly to the outside of that same shade that we just put down so like I said we’re kind of creating a gradient effect now picking up a little bit of a smaller blending brush this is a sigma e45 small paper blending I’m going to pick up the black shade which is actually called shacks and I’m going to start to place this in the very outer V so this is kind of going to be our last gradient of shade so you do want to start small because it’s so dark it you know it’s definitely a black so you want to start very light hamid and then blend outwards rather than starting dark and then having to wipe away stuff the key to a look like this is to keep blending but then also continue packing on the colors especially the darkest shade so for this look you can see like you want to continue that gradient effect so I keep on blending out and then darkening up the black I’m going to be adding on a wing but we’re going to keep it a little bit more dainty than usual so I’m only taking the wing to the middle of the eye and I’m actually keeping it pretty thin for the most part and then after your wings are slaying the day or ready to go ready to prom it up then we’re going to use some mascara and i’m using the tarte cosmetics tardis mascara for this step then for lashes i’m going to go ahead and use the sador Siena lashes you guys know these are one of my absolute favorites and I feel like they’re good for prom because these particular ones are so comfortable to wear definitely if you are opting for lashes to get some that are comfortable because you do not want to be you know messing around with your lashes all night long already lashes are on now we can move right back to the face so for concealer I’m going to be using the NARS radiant creamy concealer definitely choose something that’s not going to crease throughout the night that has full coverage but it’s lightweight so this is a perfect option and I’m just going to go underneath the eyes down the role of the face and over any dilemma shins that I have and then blend up out with my Beauty Blender once it’s nice and blended before we move to powder I’m going to go in with a liquid highlighter this has been my favorite recently i haven’t been able to put it down it’s the becca shimmering skin Perfector liquid in the shade champagne pop and I literally just put it on to the butt as I need to call it I think the Beautyblender take it I blend a little bit out on my hand first and then I go and apply it to the cheekbones now it is time for powder and I’m going to be setting with the dermablend professional loose setting powder and I’m just stippling that well not stippling I don’t know why it’s weird but I’m pressing that into the skin with my dance Beauty Blender so it doesn’t get cakey I’m not really doing a heavy bake but if you have really oily skin then I would recommend doing that so that your makeup can last all night long for contour I’m going to be going in with mac cosmetics shade stir sculpting powder on a sigma f f-35 brush and I’m just going to be chiseling out the cheekbones really focusing on the outer parts so that we can get you know a nicely defined look they’re moving straight into bronzer I’m going to take Matt cosmetics dark golden mineralize skinfinish on a Mac 168 brush and start to further blend out that contour and also add some warmth back into the face and then with that same bronzer I’m actually going to place that underneath the lash line as well to smoke it out just ever so slightly I don’t want too much on her hair because I definitely want the focus to be on that beautiful matte ombre that we have but I do want a little something on the lower lashes oh that hurt like legit just poked myself a nice so hard with this brush but um yeah now we’re ready for mascara and I’m still going to using my tart tardis mascara for this step to really finish off the eyes forgot to do the lower waterline I was going to put a black eyeliner so I’m gonna try to do that right now but yeah i’m using the physicians formula glide on gel liner and the shape black velvet for this step now moving back to the face I’m taking this blush from bareMinerals it’s called the natural high it’s actually a really beautiful color and I’m going to apply that to the apples of the cheeks with a mac 137 and this blush just gets a really natural rosiness to the cheap which is exactly what we want but then for highlight we’re going to grind it up a little bit with the spotlight palette from Smashbox cosmetics and it’s in the shade pearl and I’m actually going to be using this middle shade right here which is called crank it up okay you see what up and I’m just going to be applying that with a sigma f 42 all along the high points of the face now i think i want to add just a little bit of glitter to this look if you want to keep it just like this mostly mat then you totally can but if you want to amp it up just a little bit more i’m going to take this Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liner and this one is in Midnight Cowboy it has more of a gold tint but depending on your dress or you know your outfit i would say whatever the accents are on the outfit like if it has silver jewels or silver beads OOP i just dropped if it has you know silver jewels or beads on maybe go with silver glitter but if it has gold bingo was gold glitter even if it has pink or something like i think that would look cool to to have like a little pop of color glare to match the accents on the dress or at your outfit so i’m just going to take a little bit and go right here on the bottom section of the inner corner yes glitter come through so we’re ready to move to the list and we’re definitely going to do a red lip for a red dress because i just i really like the look of that when you have matching red lip and red dress I don’t know why I just I really love that so hopefully you guys do too I’m net first line with this la girl lip liner and the shade deepest purple honestly I was hoping to you Mac night mom because you guys know about is like one of my favorite lip liners of all time but I cannot find it anywhere so this one is really similar and it’s definitely more affordable so if you’re looking for a dupe for max night mop this is a really good one to choose and using a purple lip liner for a red lip will create a really beautiful ombre effect and it will also create the illusion of very full lips so I’m just going around the lips for this one and then we’re ready to move to our main lip color I do highly recommend using something that one is going to last a long time but also a shade that suits your specific shade of red because obviously you know there are tons of different shades of red you may have a brighter red so I would definitely go for a brighter you know look color if you have a deeper red definitely go for a deeper lip color you know what I mean so try to kind of match it with the shade of your dress but for me today I’m going to be using jus a brick long-wear cream this has such a beautiful formula so if you can find a good read that has a nice formula that’s going to be key dough vine that like my shirt and lipstick don’t match that well because this is like literally the only red shirt that I could find that wasn’t strapless because the strapless it didn’t even show you know what i mean so i had to use this one but it’s okay it’s alright just let’s just move past that you guys do better than me you guys are you guys can take take take a lesson from my mistake so last step is going to be to set our face down with the makeup forever missed and fix this stuff is going to hold our makeup and blaze oh well we dancing and doing doing our thing at prom are the end this is the finished look so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some info for the makeup look that you’re going to rock this your prom and as always have a wonderful wonderful climate from I’m like so thrilled for you guys to have such a fun night and yeah I think that’s going to be it from me remember you Orbital inside and out oh i forgot to say if you still have any more prone requests feel free to leave them down below because this one was a request from you guys and yeah i just want to see what you guys wanted to and yeah like I was saying remember you are v1’s it out love you guys so much and I’ll see you next time


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