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PUMPKIN SPICE | Fall Makeup Tutorialūüćā

PUMPKIN SPICE | Fall Makeup Tutorialūüćā

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel¬† for this pretty a pumpkin spice fall makeup¬†¬† look typically i do pop culture tutorials or looks¬† inspired by different decades but you guys seem to¬†¬† like this look on instagram so i thought i would¬† recreate it today using the too faced pumpkin¬†¬† spice palette if you enjoyed this video make¬† sure you give it a thumbs up and if you’re new¬†¬† please subscribe if you love pop culture videos¬† and my goal here is to inspire you to switch up¬†¬† your style with confidence so be sure to tag me if¬† you try out this look or any of the others on my¬†¬† channel so i can feature you and let’s get started¬† with the makeup and then i also have this hairdo¬†¬† and a fall haul lots of fall inspo let’s get into¬† it i already have on my base and for brows i’m¬†¬† using my favorite the precisely my brow and shade¬† five from benefit and i line underneath the front¬†¬† portion of my brow and then create little strokes¬† at the head to bring them a little closer together¬†¬† and then i add a couple more¬† strokes to fill in any sparse areas and boom there are the brows it makes such a¬† difference i love this brow pencil for creating¬†¬† little freckles as well so i’m adding some up my¬† cheeks and mainly on my nose there and i like to¬†¬† pat over them with my fingers so they look more¬† realistic a fall in winter must is the laneige¬†¬† lip sleeping mask this one is in the scent sweet¬† candy and i love to apply this when i’m doing¬†¬† the rest of my makeup if i forgot to wear it at¬† night and the star of this tutorial is the too¬†¬† faced pumpkin spice palette so we have a range¬† of orange shades purple peach and greens and¬†¬† of course this palette smells amazing i¬† have all the products i use as always link¬†¬† down below to help shop i’m using fall for it¬† which is a pinky peach and i’m using a rounded¬†¬† brush through the crease in a rounded shape to¬† warm up the area and this helps with blending¬†¬† i created this look twice so i’m actually¬† recreating the instagram picture that i posted¬†¬† and as much as i love this pumpkin spice shade¬† that drew me to this palette it is a bit chalkier¬†¬† than some of the other too faced shadows that i’ve¬† tried so to cut down on blending using that shade¬†¬† i took warm and cozy and cocoa drizzle and i¬† mixed this deep shade into my outer v and up¬†¬† into the crease down onto the lid and once i have¬† that shape how i want it fading about halfway¬†¬† onto the lid then i’m taking the pumpkin spice¬† shade and patting this in a slightly exaggerated¬†¬† crease shape usually i go light to dark but for¬† this palette this is how i found it was easiest¬†¬† and because it was a bit chalkier you might¬† want to add some powder underneath your eye¬†¬† so you don’t have any fallout because orange¬† is definitely something that can look kind of¬†¬† sickly if you don’t get it off all the way and¬† then one more time with pumpkin spice i blended¬†¬† above the darker crease shape for an added¬† pop of pumpkin touching up that deeper portion¬†¬† and again with the shade whipped¬† cream i added this in the inner corner ginger spice drag this underneath the bottom¬† lash line this really makes any eye color pop i found this look like as you’re applying it¬† can look a little scary and like unfinished¬†¬† but once we have some liner it’s really going¬† to balance it out so here yet again i’m using¬†¬† the rare beauty liquid liner this is so easy to¬† use and if you struggle with like shaky hands you¬†¬† should try this one because my hands are shaky¬† and i find it’s easy to hold and apply steadily and take your favorite liner pencil and i like¬† to add this on the inner and outer corner of my¬†¬† waterline this is a very like rounded eye shape¬† look that i’m doing but i like to add a little¬†¬† bit more of an almond shape with this little trick¬† curl those lashes and apply your favorite mascara¬†¬† i’m really going to build this up for¬† bold eyes without the use of falsies¬†¬† and you can see a little bit of metallic pencil¬† liner i did go over some of the liquid liner¬†¬† because i felt like it was a bit um too thick¬† for what i wanted but for some reason that did¬†¬† not film or i deleted it accidentally but that’s¬† an easy step to cut down on your liner if you have¬†¬† like a metallic eyeliner pencil they usually¬† will block out a liquid liner quite easily for blush i went with this peachy mac blush and¬† i wanted to go bold i was having so much fun with¬†¬† color so you can tone this blush shade down but i¬† love it bold and i’m taking this up the cheekbones¬†¬† and a bit on the nose and i paired this with a¬† nude pumpkin shade on my nails from olive in june moving on to hair this is super¬† easy i’ve done a look similar in a¬†¬† no heat summer boho hairstyle tutorial but this¬† one is less steps so once i’ve separated the¬†¬† hair at the back without creating a harsh part¬† i’m simply twisting the hair around each other¬†¬† and then lightly holding the end as i pull¬† on each section of the twist to loosen it up i’m making sure the front face framing¬† piece hangs a bit lower i like it to kind of¬†¬† slim down my face shape and then i’m¬† simply folding it up and using bobby pins¬†¬† on the side and throughout the crown and¬† then we’re repeating this on the other side¬†¬† if you can tell it looks very limp without any¬† hair product this is how my fine hair usually¬†¬† is in looks without any product but i love the ogx¬† bamboo fiberful big hairspray such a textured look¬†¬† a lot of volume to every style i pretty¬† much always use it i’ve taken out some¬†¬† front framing pieces so it’s a little more¬† boho added some curl spritzing them with¬†¬† that hairspray in an upwards motion as well¬† as throughout the twist and bang like section and then these little gold flowers i¬† have from a craft i was doing a while ago¬†¬† and i added some of the pumpkin eyeshadow to them¬† so that they would have like an orangey shift and¬†¬† there is my pumpkin spice fall look the makeup on¬† its own is quite wearable and the hair makes for¬†¬† like a bit more of a fancy look i think this would¬† be great with just like a simple braid at the side¬†¬† or your natural hair and this top is an old one¬† from free people but they usually have similar¬†¬† styles so i’ll have like a dupe of it listed¬† down below and keep on watching for a fall haul¬†¬† okay it’s time for a quick haul so i’ll start¬† with my favorite piece that i got recently and¬†¬† all these were gifted from revolve so if you¬† see any items you like they are listed down¬†¬† below but i know revolve is quite pricey so¬† let’s say you like the style you can always¬†¬† look up those keywords and find something similar¬† but this first sweater i think is definitely worth¬†¬† the splurge because it’s a great um simple¬† piece and it’s super soft it’s a turtleneck¬†¬† but like not a super tight one and it has billowy¬† sleeves just love how soft this is and i recently¬†¬† wore this with a pair of leather pants which¬† typically i would never go for but i’ve been¬†¬† loving leather pants and really wanted a pair so i¬† got these ones that have a really pretty waistline¬†¬† another basic i have this turtleneck from privacy¬† please and i love how it fits and i thought this¬†¬† would look really cool with like all neutrals so¬† maybe white pants neutral colored boots or like¬†¬† patchwork boots i love sweater dresses for fall¬† especially in the beginning where i can just wear¬†¬† bare legs and boots so this is a black slouchy¬† dress and i love to wear this one with a belt¬†¬† from nbd we have a tighter sweater dress this¬† one is a off-white shade and i thought this¬†¬† would be super pretty with a little tie scarf and¬† high boots i love how the back has the slit here¬†¬† since i got a lot of plain pieces i wanted to get¬† something fun so this is a cheetahlicious dress¬†¬† i love that it’s pleated and i thought this would¬† be really cute with a black leather jacket and¬†¬† black tall boots another dress i fell in love¬† with is this satiny green one and i love the¬†¬† little pop sleeves how it’s cut it has pleats¬† at the bottom and i love the force green shade¬†¬† and finally my most worn cardigan from taylor¬† swift oh okay that sounds like she gifted this¬†¬† to me no i am not that cool um this is from¬† the taylor swift store and i wear this all the¬†¬† freaking time it’s so cute i love how it’s made¬† and the slouchy fit some of you guys asked the¬†¬† size i got and i have extra small so it does¬† come in that oversized um style if you guys¬†¬† want to keep on watching and you are looking for¬† some 90s hairstyles which are so trendy right now¬†¬† or maybe you’re looking for more of a sleek¬† sophisticated fall look and i think this kendall¬†¬† jenner look would be something you would love so¬† keep on watching and i’ll see you in my next video


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