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Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Roxette Arisa

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Roxette Arisa

hey guys today we’re going to be creating this purple smokey eye I’m very happy with how it turned out so I hope you guys are excited to see the tutorial let’s go ahead and get started this video I’m going to be priming with my all-time favorites you know the drill Mac soft ochre Paint Box blending that in with a Sigma P 89 and I was actually really inspired by this deck of scarlet palette just wait for I see it these shoes because ochre okay there’s a scarlet we see you these Purple’s they are literally everything to me and if you guys don’t know that much about Dec of scarlet it’s actually it’s kind of like a makeup subscription but you get a full-size palette every two months and I’ve talked about them before but I do really like it just because it allows me to kind of like get out of my comfort zone because you know I’m there’s always shades in there that maybe I wouldn’t have picked out myself but because they’re in the palette I’m you know kind of inspired to use them and I feel a little bit more inclined to try out different shape plus the quality is actually pretty good I would say and the thing that I like the most is actually that each palette is a collab with another youtuber which I’m all about that live team youtube all the way I love showing support for other youtubers and this specific one was a collab with Babs beauty and I think she did such a good job at like picking out the shades I mean just like a really unique shade range so if you know her comment down below because I think we should show her some love for these shades because I’m super excited to use them it looks like it comes with three different eyeshadows a blush a highlighter two lip creams and then it also came with a little lip chubby in the box as well so let’s go ahead and get into the tutorial I think I’m going to go with this one first I know this is the blush but I’m going to take the shade Bob be down here and use this as a transitional shade so I’m picking that up on a Mac two one seven and just blending that in to the crease and these powders have such a beautiful silky texture which is why I can actually use them for blushes or eyeshadows they just blend out so SuperDuper seamlessly and I mean look at that pigmentation girl we see you then I’m going to pick up the shade making mobs on that same two one seven brush from Mac and just start to deepen up the outer part of the crease and add a little bit aren’t dimension to the look and I always like to go in with a fluffy blending brush and kind of just blend out all the edges to make it look super duper seamless and I did pick up a little bit of about cosmetics blur eyeshadow to do this step and for the base lid shade I’m going to take this shade up here called Sofia which is literally the most beautiful purple I’ve ever seen in my life I like it because it’s actually like a bold purple you’re not I mean so I think it will really make a statement for the look so we’re just going to be pressing that onto the lid and then blending upwards towards the crease I remember the last time I created a look with a deck of straw pallet it was actually just on deluxe clap and Sunda deluxe is literally everything to me she is just I love her artistry I love her as a human being she’s literally everything like there’s no other way that I could describe it and I got to meet her at Coachella literally died I was so excited and I had like a little fangirling moment um but yeah really really liking these shades so there you go we’re always going to go back in with a little fluffier blending brush and blend out the edges that’s just like my go-to like I always do this so that we can get everything that nice and seamless but I’ll be sure to put a link down below for you guys if you want to check out deco scarlet because I’m really like impressed all over again with the shadows and I know it might look super sketch over here like I’m turning into the hamburger or something but um you know we haven’t done like foundation or base makeup yet so that is okay we are definitely gonna wipe that away and I’m just going to add on a really small bit of liner I’m not doing wings or anything but I just like to add on a little bit so that we can hide our lash band when we go in with falsies and for this step I’m using of course my NYX brush from Sigma and the Sigma gel liner just a little something-something Chanel it’s a mine okay next we are going to be adding on some mascara this mascara is everything to me right now benefit roller lash you guys know I’ve used it in like my last few videos because I’m literally obsessed like nothing else really holds holds them up as well as this one does so there you go we’re going to use Coco lashes queen bees today I loved these last years honestly I feel like Koko lashes sometimes when I order them they look way different than others and I just ordered three new pairs and this new batch is like prime like do you guys get that I don’t know if you guys have ordered Koko lashes before but sometimes I order them and they’re just like crazy wispy and then others they’re like the perfect amount so we’re going to pop these on with my favorite house of lashes glue and I think this will be really pretty for the smokey eye because it’s just kind of wispy and hopefully you can see the colors like still bold underneath the lashes see what I mean like this one is perfect if only all of them could be this perfect but I know that they’re like handmade I think so that’s why that’s why they’re always like a little bit different already now moving back to the face I may be using the dr.

Brandt pores no more Luminizer primer and I’m just pretty much focusing this in the areas where I have more porous especially towards the middle of the face this stuff really like really does something something then for foundation I’m going to be going in with my Maybelline fit me matte and poreless in the shade 230 natural buff also guys I think this may be one of my favorite foundations of all time it is so bomb like I don’t know what it is it just makes my skin look so good especially because it has like a natural finish it’s not super matte and it’s not super gooey either I really really love it and I’m just pressing that into the skin with my Sigma 3d HD blender cleaning up that shadow that not a little eyes light if you like pick up a lighter shade because the shade is slightly too dark for me right now this is like my tan shade you know I think I need one shade lighter then for concealer I’m going in with heart-shaped tape in the shade medium disa brand new spankin new tube I used up all my other because this one is so long if you guys are looking for a full coverage concealer this is 100% the one that I recommend to you I’m going to put a little here too so it can kind of like fill in um you know the areas right there that kind of divot and then I’m now go into my Laura Mercier it terms of setting powder today I’ve shown you the sky in a minute but you know I’m one fall again today and just kind of pop that underneath you guys do a little light baking tell me why put dry shampoo in my hair and it literally looks like I have gray hair but that’s okay I’m going to add on some contour while that goes ahead go the heads and bakes yes while that goes ahead and bakes I’m going to add on some contour with Hula’s benefit bronzer and a Sigma small contour so5 brush then for bronzer today I’m actually Minnie ooh that was a weird a sentence passionately passionately imagining when I eat I’m actually gonna be using this foundation from bareMinerals it’s the bear pro powder in the shade hazelnut and I’m taking that on a Mac 160 brush and just sort of you know going along the contours warming it up this is a foundation so it’s going to have a little bit more full coverage which I actually like for more glammed up looks so that’s why I’m using this guy today all right looks good and gently wipe this powder way you do want to be pretty gentle I kind of feel like a mixture of pressing and sweeping motions are you now we’ll go ahead and finish off that lower lash line so I’m digging back into the little deck of scarlet palette I’m going to first take Bob Dee again and sweep this underneath the eyes this is the shade that’s going to go the lowest if that makes sense so what I would consider like the main um lower lash so I’m just sweeping this under the eyes and then connecting it to the top portion of the eyeshadow and I’m using a sigma pencil e30 from the copper collection which you guys are obsessed with then on the same brush I’m going to take a bit more of Sophia and place this right above I want to take this one a little bit higher so that the shade bobbed you still kind of shows through underneath just want to make this look just a little bit more smooth so I’m going to take this master off gel liner but I got to sharpen it because it’s so blunt it like you know when the pencils are so blunt they like scratch at your eyes that’s what just happened to me so we’re going to go ahead and sharpen it up a little so that it’s at least a little easel I use this thing so much so so that’s why it sticks so dull but it really is a good formula I like it a lot there something just fell but that’s okay I’m going to pop this into the waterline and look how black so I want to place that in and then go in and blend it out with that same thing for brush I would like to do this that because I feel like it looks like it goes more like sometimes if I just put black in the lower line and then nothing else it like looks all crazy you know next we’re going to move back to those lower lashes benefit roller lash you know what’s up and I am NOT going to talk because I’ve been having some catastrophes lately when I mess up my entire makeup look at this stuff and for that err corner I actually want to take a little bit of the shade peachy-keen and pop this in on a morphe 35o right ear eyes are done we are going to add on some blush so I think you should try this Bob new shade of the blush I’ve never worn a shade like this so you know what let’s just get this shot so I’m going to pick up Bob D on a Sigma f40 and then just kind of go for it we’re just going to use patting motions and press it into the apples of the cheeks very different for me I’ve never in my life or in a blush like this but I like it it has a really beautiful beautiful finish like very velvety you know then for highlight I’ll try out gilded over here and I’m applying this with a Sigma strobing fan f42 mm a shine right that environment let me line my look lips using oh I found it guys I don’t know if I even mentioned this but I have lost this and it is my favorite lip pencil of all time and legit I lost it but I found it is in the trunk of my car now I don’t know what I’m going to do for lips because I was actually planning to use a liquid lipstick but my lips are so dry right now so I don’t really want to choose that I maybe will go in with kind of sexy from that I use this in a hot minute but we’ll see how it goes honestly with these eyes it really depends like what kind of look you’re going for you know you could do like a really light nude I think that would be really pretty if you’re going for more of like a pinky nude like this like pinky neutral that would make it more like springtime summertime appropriate in my opinion but if you went with like a darker vampy lip it would be super cute for fall so kind of depends like what you know what the occasion is with the time of year is Yatta Yatta Yatta and i think i want to go into brownies from the deck of scarlet palette and go ahead and just kind of layer that on top of the lipstick so that we have a little bit more of a purpley plummy um Pony tint to the lips yes we have arrived at our final destination my friends so this is pretty much the finished look we’re just going to set it down with the glam glow glow setter whoa this stuff is like next-level next-level first of all it smells freaking amazing but also um I feel like it actually does really set my makeup well and give me like a nice luminosity already this is the finished look so hope you guys enjoyed the video I had so much fun playing around with purple today let me know if there’s ever any likes acidic colors you want incorporated into tutorials or just like you know Civic tutorials in general because I’d be down to do some fun stuff for you guys and I think that’s going to be it for me and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe and join the rockstar family if you haven’t already and yeah I think that’s going to be it for me remember you are beautiful inside and out love you guys so much and I will see you next time


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