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Quarantine QT – SNL

Quarantine QT – SNL

>>> I’m going to show you guys how to make it work for the quarantine so first thing you’re going to want to do is — you probably have one of these on you if you don’t have one of these, chances are you have some version of it.

Black crayola marker you know, you want to do your brows because they sort of frame your face. Thick is in right now. In lieu of blush, I’ve got this crayola in red, rojo road. Yeah, so it’s like a little bit on your cheekbones kind of get the apple of your cheeks running low.

Then, you’re probably gonna want to do a lip. I am kind of feeling something bold just because things are hard and everyone’s probably again tired of seeing their bare face I’ve got this in violet. Okay all this stuff is probably still available on amazon, like people are buying it like cleaning supplies, and like hand sanitizer and whatever but chances are you can get a couple of these.

It’s not as bold as I’d like, so what I’m going to do is mix it with this blue, azul I like to keep it lighter near the middle of the lip. And then you’re going to want to do a highlight so you’re going to do a highlight right in this region and just a little highlight on your chin.

And you’re done. Face time ready for the quarantine in case you run out of your make-up. Yeah, guys, I hope this adds a little bit of joy to your lives. I hope I’ve kind of made this whole quarantine this easier for you.

I don’t feel like, you want to do too much. You just kind of want to keep it natural, have people thinking this is the chill, every day vibe so anyway, thanks, guys, don’t forget to wash your hands. And stay the hell inside


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