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hey guys i’m Roxette Arisa and welcome back to my channel so today I’m doing a super quick and easy makeup tutorial and sort of like 5 minute makeup challenge thing but this is actually more of a makeup tutorial because this is what I actually we’re on like an everyday basis if i wake up late if I’m just trying to get out the door and I am you know I need a little bit of makeup if you wake up late hit that snooze button a few times then this is definitely the makeup look for you it’s so clutch it really comes in handy sometimes like let me tell you from experience it is so so happy to know how to do this really simple look so I really wanted to show you guys plus also i think it would be really nice for like back to school makeup it’s reasonably affordable i don’t use too many products to create this makeup so yeah let’s just hop right into the video subscribe if you haven’t already all right like I’m gonna set a timer for five minutes because I really want this to be like an actual five minute makeup do we start with the glossy boy brow because it’s just a really quick and easy way to get a bit of fullness in your browser it’s not gonna like completely changed the shape of your brows but it does you know pull them together a little bit already next is concealer i’m using the NARS creamy concealer what is it called radiant creamy concealer and this is the shade custard so I’m gonna be just applying this everywhere which until right now lot of scarring problems ok done with that low three minutes remaining ok gotta do powder on powder is always going to be quicker to blend out then any sort of liquid so i’m just using that as like my main foundation and this is a really good one it’s the new bareminerals beer co nice and then I was like to go in and warm up my face even if I’m you know running really late i will still do this step so this is one of my favorites to use if the blotting powder from cover effects in the shape deep and use this as like a contour bronzer shade it kind of works both and it has a little bit of extra coverage as well so I got you here a minute and a half left to do this but now i’m gonna go in with highlight because let’s just be really got a glow so this is the tart exposed highlight reel quick and I’m going to blend that out with just a light blush from makeup geek it’s this one right here I do not have time to get the name right now but i will link it down in the description box i’ll link everything down below like always do you know what about time right now quickly going to curl my lashes just to open up the eyes a little bit and that’s all we’re going to do for the eyes it just helps to like make it look a week and then finally killer lip product right here so easy to apply so easy to wear this is the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London one of my all-time favorites and that is it so we actually finish this in under five minutes which is crazy right I mean obviously it can be done oh there’s the tyrant so five minutes is up but we did our full face of makeup I feel really good about it i mean like if I am really running late and do not have time to do a full face of makeup this is exactly what I do and what I would do because it definitely makes you look a little bit more put together a little bit more bright eyed and awake and you know rosy-cheeked so it just helps yet you know get to get her done and get out the door and that is exactly what this tutorial is all about you can obviously go in and set it kind of Scott but you know if you have time to do a little sprays of the urban k alright guys so that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it helpful I think this is a really good look especially if you’re looking for something under five minutes and its really really easy to do you just need a couple products so yeah don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I do two new videos every single week and you don’t want to miss out remember you are beautiful inside and out i love you guys and I’ll see you next video there’s so much fall over at the time I don’t know what I’m just saying


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