Home Makeup Tutorials Quick HEATLESS Hairstyles for SpringūüĆł Boho Hair Tutorial | jackie wyers

Quick HEATLESS Hairstyles for SpringūüĆł Boho Hair Tutorial | jackie wyers

Quick HEATLESS Hairstyles for SpringūüĆł Boho Hair Tutorial | jackie wyers

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel¬† for another series of heatless hairstyles¬†¬† i love to do these per season but i did skip out¬† on winter because winter is depressing but we’re¬†¬† back with spring hairstyles and i hope you guys¬† like these ones as always my own hairstyles i tend¬†¬† to do them a little bit more loose and bohemian so¬† that is the vibe of this tutorial and if you enjoy¬†¬† it make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe¬† make sure you ring the bell notification button so¬†¬† that you’re notified for when i upload different¬† series of hairstyles or pop culture makeup and¬†¬† hair tutorials and i love it when you tag me on¬† instagram so i can feature you in these videos¬†¬† love to see you switching up your style with¬† confidence and let’s get started with this look¬†¬† here’s my hair air dried i do have straight¬† hair especially since i’ve been using this¬†¬† mask on screen i’ll talk about it at the end¬† of the video i include my hair care routine¬†¬† but this hairstyle would work with wavy hair curly¬† texture as well plus if you do have straight hair¬†¬† this is a great style to give you volume at your¬† roots and give you second day waves i’ve brushed¬†¬† out my hair i have it in a center part and i have¬† not gotten a haircut in forever so i like to bring¬†¬† some serum to the lengths and the ends of¬† my hair and then i clean off my hands before¬†¬† working with the face framing pieces because¬† those pieces can look really greasy really fast¬†¬† i’m going to take some shorter pieces from the¬† front to frame the face you can skip this step¬†¬† if you want to i’m making sure the back is neat¬† by combing the crown backwards and then creating a¬†¬† soft center part after brushing out the length i’m¬† going to divide into two sections and then similar¬†¬† to the robe curl overnight method where you¬† wrap the hair around each other going backwards¬†¬† i’m gonna do that twice and then hold the hair¬† in place now let’s style the hair going into the¬†¬† twist by pinching and pulling up this will create¬† a really soft and pretty texture adds volume and¬†¬† i think it just looks a bit more boho and i¬† personally focus a lot on how hairstyles frame¬†¬† your face from the front and photograph because¬† that is what i care most about in hairstyle¬†¬† finish off the length with a simple twist i’m¬† not doing a rope braid here but wrapping the¬†¬† hair around each other without twisting the piece¬† as well you can also see i left quite a bit of my¬†¬† end straight it looks like a good three inches¬† here but once we knot the hair to begin the¬†¬† bun shape and roll upwards you’ll be left with¬† just a tiny amount of hair that makes a really¬†¬† cute little funky effect again i’m creating a¬† knot above the straight ends if this is falling¬†¬† apart you might want to loop the ends through¬† one more time and then roll the hair upwards you want to make sure you get¬† a bobby pin really wedged in¬†¬† behind your ear grabbing on to that twist i find that’s a spot where the hair can get¬† loose if it’s not secured and you can also¬†¬† use a mini elastic if you have thicker hair as¬† well as a couple bobby pins so that it sits flat i’m taking that little wispy piece¬† and pushing it right beside my neck¬†¬† and adding some hairspray¬† for a fun flipped out effect¬†¬† i remember doing a similar hairstyle way¬† back i’ll put the picture on screen i¬†¬† don’t like how i edited this photo back in the day¬† but it’s always fun to add a little funky piece¬†¬† and i think it’s a little bit cool and different¬† and i love to keep it really pc at the top¬†¬† and you can curl these front pieces this look was¬† very inspired by folklore as well as this photo¬†¬† of margot robbie so that’s where the inspiration¬† was from and it looks super romantic but because¬†¬† i’m not going to use any heat i decided to style¬† these pieces by adding a slight twist piecing¬†¬† apart it for again that soft texture leaving just¬† a small strand around the face and getting rid of¬†¬† some of that length by wrapping it around the¬† bun one more time this also helped it stay put and then to give the face¬† framing piece a bit of wave¬†¬† i just use hairspray because my hair¬† is pretty fine and easy to manipulate i love this it’s a very chill kind of red¬† carpet inspired look for spring and summer¬†¬† as for makeup i went with simple eyeliner¬† natural looking lashes brushed up brows¬†¬† hot pink lips with hot pink nails and i’ll have¬† the beauty products listed down below if you’re¬†¬† curious and i always post these headshots¬† on instagram and tag the products used¬†¬† also i paired with this awesome¬† floral off the shoulder top day two of spring hairstyle inspiration i¬† slept in those twisted buns which is super¬†¬† similar to the robe curl method but a lot¬† looser especially because the twist started¬†¬† so low so i did add an elastic to sleep in rather¬† than all the bobby pins and yeah we’re going to¬†¬† take it out we have these twisted pigtails it¬† will give the hair a bit of texture especially¬†¬† if you have straight hair and i really like how¬† this looks it’s more in perfect waves than curls¬†¬† and i’m going to brush it out so my hair is easier¬† to work with and let’s do some accent braids that¬†¬† don’t require any elastics to stay put i saw¬† this hair hack on amber filler ups instagram i¬†¬† had never seen this before i think it’s so cool¬† as you’re braiding usually you’d unravel those¬†¬† bottom pieces that are also getting braided as¬† well but you’re gonna keep braiding with your¬†¬† fingers up high and then when the two braids¬† are about to meet flip the bottom through the¬†¬† hole and pull and there’s your braid how cool is¬† that again i’m gonna loosen up that top section¬†¬† i’m always looking for hairstyles that i¬† can get a bit of volume i find hairstyles¬†¬† where i can piece apart the hair up top off my¬† scalp i can go longer without washing my hair and you can do as many of these as you¬† want and even though these do stay put¬†¬† they are easy to unravel at the end of the¬† day so you won’t be left with a ton of knots¬†¬† here’s a look at my outfit i have a brown¬† tank on this super cute cropped sweater¬†¬† and for makeup i went with a pop of gold and¬† green from this rare beauty holiday palette¬†¬† which i haven’t grabbed for a lot but i feel¬† like it has some pretty spring shades in here¬†¬† and one of my favorite beauty products for the¬† spring are these lifter glosses from maybelline¬†¬† you can dress it up it’s very serena van der¬† woodsen which reminds me if you’re still watching¬†¬† comment the pop culture password of this video¬† which is always serena and blair inspired because¬†¬† whenever i think a fashion or hair inspiration¬† i always draw from the iconic gossip girl¬†¬† for this final hairstyle i’m working with day¬† three hair again i love to have some texture to my¬†¬† hair so if i’m too lazy to do robe curls i’ll just¬† put it in a rope braid i’m saying robe with a b¬†¬† first and then p rope braid in a bun and then¬† i’ll have a bit of wave and of course we need¬†¬† some dry shampoo at this point and now i’m gonna¬† do a low ponytail i think low ponytails are so¬†¬† chic but it’s hard to get it’s super loose at the¬† back without having the front just kind of like¬†¬† poof and fall over your face and since my hair¬† is a bit oily i’m gonna add some teasing and¬†¬† then twist the front piece going backwards and i’m¬† gonna pin the hair under at the nape of the neck¬†¬† pinching and pulling for some volume and texture¬† and this kind of gives a princess vibe like this¬†¬† one’s a little bit more princessy than boho but¬† depends on how you style it now gather your hair¬†¬† in a low pony i like to add a bit of dimension¬† by grouping in little pieces like a light twist and then piecing at the top this looks especially¬† pretty if you have highlights and then i’m using¬†¬† an elastic to keep it in place you can leave it¬† like this i like to keep pulling apart so that it¬†¬† kind of looks like a faux bob from straight on¬† because like i said i like to have hair around¬†¬† my face for photographs and then i decided to¬† add this earthy slip of fabric as a headband¬†¬† to further kind of separate this look and make it¬† a little bit more interesting so from the front we¬†¬† have a third day hairstyle that still looks very¬† elegant and at the back we have a loose pony with¬†¬† an undone texture to it so i’m going to call this¬† the undone princess look and final optional step¬†¬† to this ponytail is covering up that elastic so¬† take a small piece of hair and wrap it around and¬†¬† then instead of using a bobby pin the easiest way¬† to hold this hair in place is with a tiny plastic¬†¬† elastic so apply this right underneath the main¬† elastic and make sure you get the end of that¬†¬† wrapped around hair in there and then when you¬† tighten the hair the elastic is so tiny that you¬†¬† won’t be able to see it under the wrapped around¬† hair and i’m in love with this spring dress i also¬†¬† wore it in my latest sharon tate inspired makeup¬† tutorial so i’ll link that one if you missed it¬†¬† and this makeup is very fresh i will be wearing¬† this eyeliner a lot in the spring it’s by marc¬†¬† jacobs and it’s called deja blue i’ll try to link¬† it it was sold out last time i checked but i’m¬†¬† also a big fan of their purple pencil which i wore¬† in the lily collins recreation from the met gala¬†¬† what was that 2018 or 2019 now the ears are flying¬† by but anyways i’m a big fan of these eyeliners my hair care i keep it pretty simple i’ve been¬† using the ogx shampoos and conditioners for years¬†¬† this one is my favorite it’s the extra strength¬† extra volume plus biotin and collagen shampoo and¬†¬† conditioner so i love these purple bottles they¬† smell amazing and this is what i normally pick up¬†¬† i did run out and i was sent this lava beauty¬† shampoo conditioner and this is a little bit¬†¬† more high-end i will re-buy this because it¬† smells like a spa it’s amazing i love this and¬†¬† it has cbd aloe vera coconut and jojoba oils¬† don’t know enough about the ingredients here¬†¬† all i know is that i like it so i’ll have these¬† linked down below if you want to check them out¬†¬† and like read a little bit more about it and then¬† i have not got a haircut since before quarantine¬†¬† so i decided to pick up a more high-end hair¬† mask this wasn’t too bad for price point but it’s¬†¬† the don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask¬† and this is great for thin hair it has no harsh¬†¬† sulfates silicones or parabens i’ve just found¬† it’s very um nice and leaves my hair pretty silky¬†¬† so that has been another favorite of mine that i¬† wanted to share i’ll have all these products that¬†¬† i’m talking about linked down below but that’s¬† really it i just wash my hair probably every¬†¬† three days and i’ll leave a mask in um once a week¬† just while i’m in the shower while i wash my body¬†¬† and yeah thanks for watching and if you want to¬† check out some more spring-inspired hairstyles¬†¬† you might like these hairstyles inspired by daphne¬† bridgerton i feel like they’re perfect for spring¬†¬† and summer or if you’re looking for a barely¬† there spring makeup look you also might like¬†¬† this other daphne bridgette tutorial so be sure¬† to check it out and i’ll see you in my next one


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