Hi, Sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my channel Festival season is officially upon us and I’m so frickin excited to spend all this amazing time with my sisters Listen to some great music and take amazing instagrams pictures like I said in last weeks video I know that tickets to these events are crazy expensive And that’s why I wanted to do a drugstore tutorial just for all of these guys out there on a budget, but for this week’s video I wanted to tone back into a regular James Charles style, and today.

I created this rainbow and half cut-crease pink glowy look using products from all my favorite brands out there by the way this look It’s very very loosely inspired by one way all say favorite artists on Instagram whose name is Barbra Kell She’s like the queen of festival season She did something relatively similar to last year professional seasons But I just wanted to give her credit anyway because if you guys don’t know who she is you need to check her out She is literally the queen.

I freakin love her anyway this is the look the I came up with today And if you guys want to see a how I created it make sure you keep on watching alright, for this I’m starting out with my base already on, this look is obviously going to be a super duper concentrated on the eyes and I guess like the highlight and contour area So I figured we would skip out on the base because you guys have already seen me do it 54 million times So let’s get right on with the eye look I’m going to start off my eyes today using this holy grail eyeshadow palette the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette if you don’t own this you are really missing out 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend I’m first going to grab the shade burnt orange on my 513 brush, and I’m going to use it as a transition shade in my crease I’m just gonna do windshield wiper motions, but I’m really going to keep this color concentrated on the inner third of the crease We are gonna be doing a half cut crease today But the other half of the cut crease is going to be transitioning into a pink I have a very very complicated plan for this look and there’s a whole lot of colors involved I’m just going to kind of be throwing stuff on there So you guys just got to kind of follow me as I go, I’m not really sure how this is going to work Explaining-wise Next taking my R39 on dipping into the shade “Realgar” And I’m just going to put this right in the crease just to create a little bit more depth and dimension when I’m blending this I’m blending very very lightly as well because there are going to be so many different colors and situations going on on the eyelid region And I really want to make sure each area is very very defined and also blended out as well Make sure that all the colors don’t get like muddy together and really gross looking.

Next I’m gonna grab my M507 and mixed together the shades “Cyprus Amber” and “Red Ochre” And just deepen up the very very inner corner of that eye I’m going to take a little bit more “Realgar” on my R39 again and just blend over that to make sure that it is not too harsh I’m going to go ahead and leave the crease where it is right now And we’re going to come back to it in a few minutes, but for now we’re gonna grab the Morphe 35B You guys can use code “James” for 10% off your purchase at morphebrushes.

com You should know this by now this is my favorite holy grail palette for all colored shadows I’m going to grab my M514 and I’m going to dip into this in neon pink shade And I’m going to start the other half of the crease I’m going to start to blend upon in the outer corner And I’m obviously going to blend right into the orange shade as well being really careful once again to keep them blended together But not getting muddy because you really wanna sure each of the colors shine today When I get to this outer corner, I’m going to wing the shadow I’m actually going to bring up all the way to my hairline Because we’re going to be putting a whole lot of blush all in this region It all makes sense later on just try to follow along for now *mocking fire siren* move out of the way, bitch.

There’s a fire. I’m coming. Yeah Next dipping back into the Modern Renaissance palette with a clean M433 again I’m going to grab the shade “Love Letter”, and I’m just going to use this to deepen up the crease on the pink side I’m going to pat this color on the outer third And we’re also going to bring onto the eyelid a little bit to start off the blending and once again once you to get to the outer corner I’m just going to kind of pull it out and wing it towards the hairline Next I’m gonna grab yet another M433 brush, and I’m going to dip into this purple shade And I’m going to deepen out the outer corner I’m going to wing the shadow out and then kind of pull it back in right into the crease Just to create a little bit of a V effect then I’m gonna grab my M433 that I used “Love Letter” on and I’m just going to blend into the crease just to make sure the orange and the purple shades are nicely transitioned together And I’m also going to go ahead and put the shade all over the lid just to prepare for the cut crease I’m also gonna grab an M562 and a dark indigo shade from the palette I’m also gonna grab my M562 and the dark indigo shade from the 35B And I’m just going to deepen up that outer corner once again and finally with that M562 I’m going to grab just the tiniest bit of black Cross your fingers, and then deepen up the outer corner.

Just a little bit. We’re really testing our limits here Like I said, just the littlest bit Goes literally the longest way, the last thing you want is for this to turn into a black smoky eye. That’s next week’s tutorial Now we’re going to go ahead We’re going to do the half cut crease so I’m going to grab my Tarte “Shape Tape” concealer and just put the tiniest bit onto The back of my hand.

I’m just gonna grab the concealer on a “Dose of Colors” eyeshadow brush and I’m going to carve out the crease Next I’m gonna grab this palette from Natasha Denona, I honestly have no idea what it is called, but this palette bomb af It is very very expensive So there are definitely several alternatives you could use for the shadow But I’m gonna grab the shade “52M Golden Beige” on the same shadow brush I’m gonna quickly grabbed by my R39 and dip into a “Realgar” and just.

..whoa Okay, apparently I’m really going to dip into “Realgar”. Okay and I’m going to a blend that line out Then just to add a little bit of pop on the half cut crease I’m going to grab the Urban Decay glitter liner in the shade “Midnight Cowboy” and just put a little bit on there Then to start off the lower lash line, I’m going to go to this Tarte clay pot in the shade “Blue Moon” They just sent me a huge PR package of a ton of clay liners and these are all honestly so freaking pretty So I needed to get one of these in this tutorial I want to just have a little bit of a pop of color on the lower lash line, just to kind of switch things up Keep you on your toes I’m such a fucking loser, so I’m gonna put this in my waterline today You’re kidding me that’s so pretty.

Oh! Oh my God. To blend out this blue I’m going to go into the Mac single shadow in the shade “Electric Eel” And my morphe M149 brush, and I’m gonna lay this right over top of that Tarte clay liner Sister Cassie recommended this eyeshadow to me, she told me it was one of her favs So obviously I had to put it into this tutorial Then I gotta go back into my M433 that I used on that purple shade And I’m just going to blend out this outer corner Now that the eyeshadow portion is all done I’m actually going to skip lashes, just for right now, and I’m actually going to go into the contour and highlight portion of the base Just because it’s all going to kind of connect so I figured it would just be easier to just blend it all together And then worry about lashes and all the other stuff later on To start off I’m gonna grab the MAC blush in the shade “Dolly Mix” and my Morphe R36 brush And I’m gonna start putting on some blush and connecting it up to the eyeshadow region You guys know that on this channel, there is barely ever blush in these tutorials It’s honestly probably my least favorite makeup product of all time But for this look, it’s going to be absolutely necessary to pull everything together So we’re really going to pack it on today This is hurting my coul a little bit, but I promise it’ll look good at the end, hopefully And then once I get up here I’m going to pack on that blush a little bit more heavily and I’m going to blend it right into the eyeshadow portion I’m keeping the shadow the most pigmented right in this temple region by the eyeshadow and also right at the edge of the hairline And then fading it out as we get towards the center of my face Normally, I would do at one eye off camera now, and then come back for the highlighter and the rest of the face But this look is going to be exactly symmetrical and like I said we’re focusing in this area right now So I’m gonna going to be Ofra Cheek Bone Enhancer in the shade “Cheeky”, I’m pretty that it’s just a highlighter But it’s a fancy name for it, it’s just a loose pigment and it’s pink, so yeah.

I’m also gonna spray it a little bit with Fix Plus before woah. Next I’m gonna grab my very very cracked and shattered Mary-Loumanizer from The Balm and I’m gonna highlight my browbone and inner corner For lashes today I’m gonna pop on mt all- time favs, and that will be House of Lashes “Iconics”.

Shocker For mascara today to blend in the falsies with my regular lashes I’m gonna use the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and just do a light coat Alright sisters And that is one side of the face all completed now I’m going to go ahead and do the other eye and this situation off-camera I’ll be right back and we can finish off like the lips and then I guess that’s it Be right back Alright I just went ahead and did the same thing on the other side of my face and now we’re going to go ahead and finish off I guess this look with the lips For lips today I’m gonna use my Morphe liquid lipstick in the shade “Vanity” I really wanted to go in with a really really light pink, I feel like It just suits this look very very well.

Now lipstick was looking a little bit too purpely on me And it was not really matching with obviously but pinks the are going on in this look, so I decided to switch it over to a mixture of the Ofra liquid lipsticks in the shades “Pasadena” and “Panama” I like this color a whole lot better And you can use the code “James” for 30% off all Ofra Liquid lipsticks as I’ve said a million times I don’t know why I’m having a sword battle with myself over here, as I’ve said a million times you can use code.

.. what the fuck. It’s my favorite formula It’s way too late at night for this And as a last and totally optional step, just like my last tutorial, I’m going to take that Tarte clay later one last time The blue and a liner brush and I’m just gonna draw a line right down the center of my lip Yeah AS the last and final step, I’m going to go ahead and set my face using the Urban Decay Oil Slick setting spray This is going to be a festival look, as I said before and the whole lot of makeup that we have on our face So the last thing you want is to melt it off while we are getting crunk in the fields Alright sisters and this is the completed rainbow, half cut crease Festival look.

I have no idea what I’m going to call this to be perfectly honest with you, it is like 3 in the morning But I freaking love how this look turned out And this is it on my face. If you guys did enjoy this video Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, subscribe if you haven’t already I post videos two times a week every Tuesday and Friday And I would love to have you join the sisterhood.

If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, they are both just James Charles and my snapchat And YouNow, for more behind scenes type stuff is James Charles with an extra “s” after Charles Alright sisters, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one.



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