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Reacting To Viral Tiktoks With My Boyfriend + Our Best Viral Moments

Reacting To Viral Tiktoks With My Boyfriend + Our Best Viral Moments

hello friends welcome back to my channel  if you’re new welcome my name is christine   this is my boyfriend brandon he’s in such  a giggly mood but we thought it would be   such a fun video idea to react to a few of my  viral tiktoks as well as a few viral tiktoks that we’ve seen recently that are just funny so  i’m excited he hasn’t seen most of these so it’ll   be his like first time reaction and i laugh  the same jokes over and over again always so   before we go ahead and jump into the video  first make sure you subscribe to my channel   also follow me on instagram and tick tock because  i’m so active on there this makeup look actually   just recreated so the video will be up shortly  after this one so stay tuned for that it was   like a full face of elf makeup and other new  makeup do you like my makeup love it one of my   favorites that you’ve done one of them anyways  let’s go ahead and get started with the video first video this is actually my first viral video   it has 1.

8 million views it  was you being the cafe boy this is march 2nd before quarantine even happens  before lockdown remember we’re in seattle yeah   and like no one was very messy at the time it’s  not crazy that was a year ago i remember hella   people thought it was like actually real meanwhile  we just filmed it as like a joke and then i kept   calling you cafe boy on my tick tock for the  next couple of months and then people figured   out that he’s actually my boyfriend already oh  this is the first ever viral video your mom was   like what the hell is going on how she’s moving  her head around and look at you you’re like wink   blinking and look juicy juicy’s in the oven  people kept saying is there a dog in the oven   the mom is staring into my soul  thought the dog was in the oven   okay this is a good one the posing video  this is my like third ever viral posing video yeah it’s a good poopy pose oh remember this video  you know would be super nice if a guy choked me   and then finished the job be a man until  me finish the job i remember his sister   she’s a little bit older than us but her friends  were sending her that video and they’re like   isn’t that your brother making my way downtown  walking fast i’m a seagull go [ __ ] yourself the fact that he’s just how fluffy it looks rapper’s first  song versus most popular song part one   rapper’s first song versus  their most popular song part one what the heck that video doesn’t even look real   first you’re watching you’re like what kind  of prank yeah that’s his first music video   and he’s like what the heck the heck what the  heck oh remember this is the trend i did on you this is old head who’s grandpa’s on tick-tock   okay this is a funny trend if your man has  a beard let’s expose him with this filter he hasn’t seen her yet look at how good you look just look look oh my god everyone was saying he  belongs as part of a lesbian biker gang   i thought your mom would really  think this is funny come on someone’s like let’s dress up as a horse today this is you and charlie there’s the cat how cute is that the tiny no-show  socks yeah they’re cute everyone always oh you just like browse it for braids  and it brings down the skin’s temperature   see how it kind of got stuck on that and everyone was like man’s waited so long  to do that wish things would get better   i’m trying to get rid of them hi leonard i’m  afraid could you imagine just sending that to you   there’s another one where the student like [  __ ] the student like emailed her professor   and she was supposed to say i woke up ill  today but the emoji said today i woke up   okay some people might disagree with me on this  but honestly i don’t care because it’s the truth   boy’s name michael and colgate toothpaste tubes  have the exact same energy they honestly kind   of like look the same like tell me that doesn’t  look like every person named michael you’ve ever   met in your entire life does that make sense  to you that’s like fridays is the number five   it’s like words that don’t it’s like words that  aren’t together but like make sense together   this one’s not that funny i know  something funny this is cute can you look at her she’s  so cute it’s freaking me out the way she was just standing there like look at it looking it’s like  freaking venom that was good this even funny i don’t even  get it but it’s hilarious that’s you and me hey budgie let me get it out yo you got me i didn’t get it i didn’t get it all  right so uh i go in there right and i’m like yo   looking for a tamper i’m in a tampon  house right looking for what you need   a rechargeable tampon and then how  mad he is a rechargeable tampon it means me snowboarding oh whoa that’s so deep though hundred dollars and  i’ll drink this water without touching the towel   i’m ready to show me the money  first i’ll pay for you there   no okay give me now but you’re  low man i’ll i’ll pay by you error you really think you really think you can drink the  water without touching the towel   oh how you can’t even see the glass all right what the hell my god who  said you would get existed   michael the instant like realizing what  just happened the instant anger see i   expected some sort of reaction when i did  this to you but you just had no reaction the fact that that dog figured  out how to do that you’re trapped   on my property you didn’t wish my yard i would  all of you daddy chill what the hell is even that   daddy chill what the hell ha ha ha ha ha all right there’s this thing on tick tock where  like you fake laugh and so like you really laughed you gotta do it until you actually start laughing as soon as you think it’s over there’s  more the way he kept coming back to laugh why’d he start barking at them that  was funny that was a good laugh   we are off to get burgers now but i  hope you guys enjoyed that we had a good   little laugh and it’s time to eat because  we’re both hungry but if you guys enjoyed   brandon’s on my instagram and tick tock a lot  but i’ll go ahead and link his socials down   below but thank you guys so much for watching  and we’ll see you in the next video bye peace


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