Oh. That’s not . . . Those are my t–s. Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. Today I’m going to be falling into the hype, and I’m gonna be recreating somebody’s makeup tutorial. I was trying to decide who to do, and I was thinking about doing Laura Lee, because I always mock her.

And then I was like, “Nah. I should do NikkieTutorials,” because I really respect her as an artist. But then I just decided, “Who do I want to give clout to?” I know, obviously, not that much. But who do I want people to watch their videos after this? I want Kathleen motherf-ing Lights to get more f-ing clout.

I love her. So . . . I’m gonna be recreating her Blue Dream Makeup Tutorial that she did with the Dream St. Palette. I know I just did a tutorial on this – actually two – but this was posted on February 7th.

It’s February 19th right now. Nine days until my birthday! Off-camera, she did her brows and her . . . [burps] she primed her eyelids, so I’m gonna do that, and then I’ll be back. We’re back. And also, I want to do the thing that all beauty gurus say when they’re sick: I’m sorry.

I’m really f-ing sick right now. Yeah. [coughs] I can’t stop coughing. Anyway . . . KL: . . . I was wearing in my Best of ColourPop video, which I’m about to film right now, but you would have already seen it.

Yass b–, I have. KL: So this is look I was wearing in that video, only I have on a different lip, because I’m about to change it . . . Okay, I don’t care. Sorry. KL: . . . Okay. So my eyes are already primed, and I’m just gonna jump into the Dream St.

Palette. I’m gonna take the shade “Shooting Star,” and I’m just going to start building this color into my crease. Just working this in little by little, building up the color. This look takes a lot of crease work, a lot of blending, in the beginning.

So just bear with me here. This brush isn’t as . . . KL: Now I’m going to go back . . . Wait! No, girl! I’m not ready. No. Honey. I think I’m just gonna do one eye, and then I’ll probably do the other eye off-camera.

Sounds like a plan? That kind of looks like hers. She kind of did a little . . . Kind of swooped it out a little bit. KL: . . . palette, and I’m gonna take the dark brown. It’s called “Elfish.” And I’m gonna be doing the same thing kind of, but I’m not really taking this past my crease.

With “Shooting Star,” I was kind of putting that everywhere, but with this shade, I’m really, really focusing this on the outer corners, and I’m dragging it into my crease. I’m being a little bit more precise with this shade.

And just slowly building up that color little by little. Lots of building. KL: Now I’m gonna take . . . Girrrl! Not ready! Uggggh. Okay, this looks nothing like hers. Hers looks way more purple than mine.

I know that she didn’t do this, but I think I just, like . . . am incompetent, so I’m just gonna go back with “Shooting Star,” and blend a little bit, because . . . KL: . . . and I’m gonna do the exact same thing I did with “Elfish,” focusing this on the outer corners and dragging it into the crease.

Building up the color little by little. Okay, wait. I’m gonna pause it before she can finish before me. The shades just look muddy. Hers looks good. Okay, wait. Actually, that’s not that bad. I’m not mad at it.

Ha, b–! Finished before you. I’m just kidding. I love you! KL: . . . Crease effect. But I’m not gonna take it all the way like I usually do, or like how I’ve done in the past. I’m just gonna do a halfway cut crease.

So I took my ColourPop concealer . . . Okay. So, she took the Colourpop No Filter Concealer, and it looks like she’s using a little bit of a larger concealer brush. I would normally go for a smaller one, just because I’m so anxious about f-ing everything up.

But . . . if this is what she does, then, we gonna have to go with it. I’m scared. Oh no, girl. Yep. Bigger brush is not my thing Okay. We’re gonna take a smaller brush, and just clean up a little bit.

“Miss Keisha!” We kind of did it. KL: … just carving out my lid. You see here what I’m doing. I’m not passing the crease, and I’m not really taking it all the way towards the end. And then I’m just gonna fill in my lid, fill my lid in with concealer.

And then, everywhere I applied the concealer, I’m gonna go in with the shade “Kaleidoscope.” So, on a flat brush, I’m just gonna apply the . . . Brush? I found a brush. Is it clean, though? Oh. Nope! Okay.

“Kaleidoscope.” On our lid to set the concealer, which is also interesting, because normally if I did a half cut crease, I would set my lid, then go in with . . . Like, I would set with a translucent powder, and then I would go in with the shimmer shade.

Never go just into the shimmer shade. I think we’re gonna have to touch up “Water Bearer” a little bit on the outer corner. Because, you see, we kind of lost it. KL: . . . I’m just going to apply this wherever the concealer is.

I’m gonna go back into “Water Bearer.” I think she does that later in the tutorial. But it’s bugging me now, so we’re doing it now. This doesn’t look that bad. I think, actually, the bigger brush made the cut crease better.

She’s really packing on this “Kaleidoscope” shade, so . . . She’s really putting it on. KL: . . . So to blend the outer corner with the “Kaleidoscope” shade, I went in with the shade “Mermaid Boy,” and I’m kind of using this to sandwich the outer corner in with “Kaleidoscope.

” Does that make sense? Well, you’ll see. It goes from like a gradient. It goes from “Kaleidoscope” to “Mermaid Boy” to then, “Water Bearer.” And I think it looks so pretty. So I went back into “Water Bearer,” just to intensify the blue, because if all of it did get blended away while we were blending all that eye shadow.

So I’m just adding some more blue to the outer corners. And then, to clean up the crease and just, you know, blend everything to where it’s nice and seamless, I went back into “Shooting Star” so that I can get rid of these harsh little lines-ies.

“Lines-ies.” Her voice . . . like, she has the very lightest Cuban accent or whatever. So f-ing cute. I love her. Okay. Okay. I’m going to do the other eye off camera. Okay. We did it. This eye had definitely a little bit harder of a time getting there, but .

. . Imma be honest. Last night, I actually did do this look. And it ended in me just being really frustrated, because it did not look good at all. It turned out kind of decent this time, and I’m kind of happy.

So that just proves that guys, if you don’t get sh– on the first try, that is okay. It’s totally fine. Like, this just about learning. You’re learning something new. I’m learning something new. KL: Okay.

So I’m gonna hop into “Moony,” and I’m gonna use this to . . . “Hop into “Moony.” That was weird. I’m gonna use this to highlight my brow bone and then I took a makeup wipe to clean out the . . . to clean up the fallout, and to create, kind of like, a cat eye.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl. I almost never highlight my brow bone, just because, honestly, I can’t be bothered. Like, I don’t really give a f–. But I think “Moony” is my favorite shade for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corner, because it’s such a subtle highlight.

You know? Okay. Whatever. Okay. So now we’re gonna move on to the face makeup, and I’m gonna be following the tutorial. I’m gonna be trying to use as many of the same products as she did. I don’t have all of them, because I’m not .

. . KL: . . . to the eyeshadow, so I just made the edges really sharp. So I’m gonna move on to the . . . Should I do that? I don’t really have any makeup wipes. I have a dry makeup wipe. So, here’s what we’re gonna do.

Girl, if Jeffree Star can lick his makeup brushes, I can lick my makeup wipes. F– you. What I find so frickin funny about Jeffree Star, is that he was like, “I hate like putting things on my fingers.

Like, that’s so gross, so unsanitary!” And he licks his damn brushes. Okay. I think cleaning it up definitely did help. It still looks ratchet, but . . . KL: . . . On to the rest of my face before I finish up the eyes.

You know the drill. I went in with my Dr. Brandt Luminizer Primer, and then I went in with two foundations. The first one is the Hourglass Vanish Foundation. Don’t have that. KL: . . . on everywhere. And then I mixed in a little bit of my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

Don’t have that. I think I’m just gonna use a random foundation. I don’t think I’m gonna use a stick foundation, and I don’t know. I don’t really care that much. And I don’t think she does either. Oooh.

I just put copious amounts of that primer on my face, and I gotta say, the more you put on, the better it f-ing feels. Maybe I just . . . I don’t even want to do foundation. I’m just gonna do concealer.

I think she uses the ColourPop one. But we’ll see. KL: . . . And then for a concealer, I went in with my ColourPop No Filter Concealer. This is the shade “Light Neutral.” And I’m just buffing that in with a brush.

I like doing one side first, and then going into the other side, because this . . . I don’t know. Okay. She’s doing that, and she’s blending it in with a brush. I don’t have a brush like that. This is kind of the only concealer brush that I have.

So I’m just going to do that, and I’m gonna blend it in one eye at a time, because that’s what she said she liked to do, so . . . I do agree, though, that this concealer does dry a little bit fast. But I don’t know if she’s just doing it with this concealer, or she’s doing it with all of her concealers.

I don’t know. It just takes a little bit more time I shouldn’t have made this go so high up, because it just makes my eyes look smaller. But . . . too freaking late now. Do you see how high up I made it? Like that .

. . I don’t know. That’s kind of annoying, but . . KL: . . . Recently, I’ve been doing that with my concealer and I feel like it just . . . it’s better, because . . . I forgot how much I liked this concealer.

I need to use her more. KL: I’m so excited. She’s using Patrick Starrr’s powder, and I don’t have that, because a MAC tests on animals. Kathleen. Girl. Girl. So I’m going to take my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, which is just like another bougie setting powder.

I thought that I would opt for something a little bit bougier. She’s using a tapered brush, and I think that I have one. Okay. I found it. This is a Crown brush. I don’t know the number, or the details, or anything.

KL: . . . This is a great, great powder, I think especially if you have oily skin, because it is very mattifying. But even with my dry skin, I don’t think it looked dry under my eyes, so . . . I like it.

To finish up the eyes, I’m going in with the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in the shade “Mainline.” I love this eyeliner. I don’t have that. Okay. I think what I’m gonna do . . . So she lines her tight line and her waterline with that.

I think I can figure out something to do with my waterline, where I take an angled brush, and I take the “Water Bearer” color, I’m pretty sure it was. Put that there. And I think for my top lashline, I’m just gonna use a black eyeliner.

This is by Vintage. Ugh, I think I just went blind from that. Holy sh–. Oooh. Okay. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take that “Water Bearer” shade, and we’re gonna take an angled brush. And you’re just gonna take that on the angled brush, and then you’re gonna put it on your waterline.

I do like . . . the reason why I’m not skipping out on the blue liner stuff altogether is because I actually really like the effect that it gave. I’m such a DIY Tumblr Queen. KL: . . . And then for my lower lashline, it’s very quick.

I just went in with some “Shooting Star,” then some “Elfish.” And then I went in with . . . Oh, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill. “Shooting Star” . . . Also, it would have been better if I didn’t have such a high up thing, because then my lower lashline could blend.

But . . . It’s like a 90 f-ing degree angle. I passed Geometry. Where did I put the f-ing brush? I used “Water Bearer” too. I’m gonna get a more precise brush and run . . . like, smudge the lower lashline.

Hers looks so much better. Holy sh–! [music plays] KL: . . . For my inner corners, I went in with a little bit of “Moony,” but since this look is so intense, I wanted to go in with something even more intense than that.

I’m gonna do that, and do that even more intense . . . KL: . . . So I took the ColourPop Highlighter in Flexitarian . . . I have it. I’m a pro beauty guru! I have a nice collection of ColourPop highlighters that I never use.

So I’m taking that. I’m excited. I haven’t used her in a while, and I know that she is pop-pin. Here we go. Oh, honey. KL: . . . For mascara, I’m using the Thrive Cosmetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara I don’t know what that is.

Never heard of Thrive Cosmetics. Why don’t we use the Bellapierre Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara? it has a similar-ish wand. I think. Maybe. I’m so bad at putting on lashes after I put on mascara. I never do that.

So this is gonna be . . . something new. Challenging. Does she do her lower lashes too? KL: . . . I’m only applying a little bit of this because I’m going in with some falsies. These are the Camille #16 Easy Lash falsies.

Okay, I wish that I had those, because those look so cool. They’re only the ends of your eyes, and I don’t have those. So I’m just going to use my Kiss ones, because I feel like they get really wispy towards the outer portion of your eye.

So I’m gonna put those on, and I’ll be right back. That took a damn minute. Okay. That took forever. KL: . . . Just brushing out the mascara, making sure . . . And then I went in with my M Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner in the felt tip.

And I . . . These eyelashes are too big. I’m not doing that. Okay. Then she went in with a really small mascara, so I’m gonna be using the Pixi Lash Mascara. Oh my god. She is such a goddess. Holy sh–! She’s just like .

. . It’s paused right now, and I’m just looking at her. And I’m looking at me. And . . . Yeah. KL: . . . And then I went in with some bronzer. This is the Thrive Cosmetics Sunchaser Bronzer. I don’t have that, but she described it as like a soft blendable, so .

. . That. KL: . . . I love to contour with this. It’s such a smooth creamy bronzer. I love it. Oh, okay. She’s contouring her nose, too, but with a bigger brush. KL . . . And then to warm up the skin just a little bit more, and give myself a little bit more of a bronzy glow, I went in with the ColourPop .

. . I had this bronzer, but I lost her. I lost it before I could even try it, which is the worst part. But she said it has a little bit of a sheen to it, so I’m gonna assume that it’s kind of like the Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer, and I’m gonna use this.

KL: . . . For blush, I’m mixing these two together. This is the Jouer Blush Duo in “Adore.” I don’t have that. I’m gonna use this. She mixed two shades together, and this kind of looks like the two shades mixed together.

I don’t know. A little bit. Maybe. Oh cool. My camera is gonna die. KL: . . . And then, to highlight the tops of my cheeks, I’m taking one of my favorite ColourPop Highlighters. This is the Here Kitty Kitty Highlighter.

I don’t have that. Oh my god. I feel like such a fake beauty guru. Okay. I think I’m gonna use the Too Faced Candlelight Glow in “Rosy Glow.” Because I think this is kind of a pearly highlighter. I don’t know.

I need to use a slightly different brush, just because this highlighter is a little bit difficult. KL: . . . And then I’m just gonna melt everything into the skin What did she use? KL: This is the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray.

I have that! I have that! I’m almost out of it, though. But I have it. Oh! I haven’t used her in a while, though. Guys, if one of you guys has a YouTube channel, you should do a “Recreating Annika Osterlund’s Makeup Tutorial.

” I would love to watch that. [giggles] Oh, I feel so pretty. Whenever I wear fake lashes and a lot of highlighter, I feel pretty. KL: . . . And then I’m gonna pop on my lip combo. This is the NUDESTIX Lip and Cheek Pencil in the shade “Whisper.

” One of my favorite nude colors ever. And then I’m gonna pop on some gloss on top. This is the ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade “Moonchild.” Okay. I don’t have either of those. But . . . That kind of looks like .

. . I have a ColourPop lip gloss. I need to find a better way to organize my lip drawer. Here! It’s in “Aquarius.” It’s actually her ColourPop collab. It kind of looks like that. Oh my god. It looks exactly like that.

KL: . . . And that completes this video, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and I will see you in my next video. Bye. I’m not done. Okay. So this is the final look.

I’m actually really happy with the way that it turned out. It definitely exceeded my expectations after . . . especially after what happened last night. I didn’t think that . . . I was expecting to have to choose a different YouTuber.

But I’m really happy with how this turned out. I think that I learned a new technique for makeup. Like, I’ve never really done a half cut crease like this. I don’t know. I never really use that many deep colors.

I feel like I usually stick with lighter colors. I don’t know. I’m really pleased altogether. And I love KathleenLights. She’s my favorite, so . . . It was so much fun making this video. Let me know if you guys did this video.

If you guys have YouTube channels, who did you do? Did it turn out well? Are you gonna do it again? So yeah. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on recreating KathleenLights makeup tutorials!


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