Home Makeup Tutorials Red Eyeshadow EASY | Beginner Eyeshadow Tutorial | #Morphe

Red Eyeshadow EASY | Beginner Eyeshadow Tutorial | #Morphe

Red Eyeshadow EASY | Beginner Eyeshadow Tutorial | #Morphe

Hello everybody! My name is savanna Miller and today I’m going to show you how to create this look from start to finish! This is a beginner friendly tutorial and I’m only going to be using 4 blending brushes and one colorful eyeshadow palette! This is face tape from Sephora and I love it because it doesn’t hurt your face when you take it off.

For beginners I recommend using some form of tape to help create a nice sharp line! The first thing I do is go in with my cover girl lid lock primer. I apply this all over my eye and tap it in to make sure it sets! Today I’m going to use the Lisa frank 35 b palette! I’ve used this twice before in my videos and I love it.

I’ll go in with a big fluffy blending brush with my transition color. The first color I’m going in with is a light red/orange called Hunter And I apply the color all over my crease Now I’ll go in with another clean fluffy brush And I’ll blend that out using circle motions and going back and forth Lots of blending Now I’ll use a smaller blending brush And I’ll go in with my true red color called Buzz And im applying that underneath the orange color And I’ll blend that out And now repeat the first two colors and blending to build depth.

This is really important when trying to create a vibrant colorful look. You usually won’t get a very saturated look unless you go over the eyeshadow a few times and build up that pigment. Like look at the difference that made Now I go in with my smaller blending brush And I’ll use this black color called Max Splash in my outer corner And now another small blending brush it’s important that it’s clean And blend that black into the red Next I’ll go in with the colors in the reversed order to help them blend I’ll go in with the red and blend it into the orange And then the orange again And blend it alllll out one more time Next I’m gonna cut me crease with my favorite liquid eyeshadow This is called crystal fusion by Kokie Professional Glitter moose cosmetics loose glitter I like to top my liquid eyeshadow with a nice glitter using a flat brush And you just pack it on there This eye is done so I can take my tape off And I’ll do the other eye off camera Some mascara and lashes I used too much glue but that’s okay! It dries clear I kept this part in to show everybody makes mistakes I’m gonna rip this eyelash off and start over because I can! And perfect! we’re done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! This is part one of my ROYGBIV series where I’m going to do an eyeshadow tutorial for every color of the rainbow! If you want to see more colorful eyeshadow tutorials hit subscribe! Thanks for watching! Byeeeee


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