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renaissance angel🕊 soft e-girl aesthetic makeup tutorial

renaissance angel🕊 soft e-girl aesthetic makeup tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I wanted to show you guys my take on the soft girl aesthetic so I love the super blushie cheeks blush on the nose faux freckles and then I’ve seen quite a bit of face tattoos and I thought it was really cool but I wanted to do what my own spin on it and just used what I had in my kit and create this rose design I really wanted to do florals and roses because I love florals for one and also I was inspired by this picture of a renaissance angel there’s a lot of like angel imagery within the soft girl clothing style so I thought it was appropriate I know this is a little bit random but it’s a really rainy day and I was bored and wanted to have fun so I hope you guys like some of the makeup techniques in here I’m just having fun with me playing with makeup and some cool products as well they’re all really pretty products that I picked out and anyways let’s get started with this a soft girl look they already have my hair curled this is the same method I used in the lily collins as rosie dunne prom hairstyle I’ll have that linked and these big bring that type of curls are super angelic and youthful I also have white iridescent nails like angel wings and for foundation I’m using one of my favorite high-end primer and foundations by Geurlain, first pore minimizing and shine control primer it’s super fresh and lightweight it’s mattifying has avocado extract so pretty cool it’s all very natural and the packaging is very luxurious and another super angelic option is the YSL Touche eclat primer I kind of wish I used this one today but then I went and applied as some of the foundation I already have it too on my cheek to test the shade already but it’s my favorite natural glow foundation that’s higher-end if you are on a budget the L’Oreal Lumi line is also great you’ll see in this video I’m using some new Sephora Pro brushes that they sent these over and they’re really nice and I’m using the can’t stop won’t stop concealer this I do find if you have dry skin flakes it kind of clings to it a tiny bit but it’s the lightest shade I have and it’s higher coverage for dark under-eye circles and it definitely brightens up the high points of the skin since I’m super pale here and for powder I’m using this benefit silky mattifying powder I thought the packaging really suited this look – just patent over the concealer to set another matte product up next this is again from benefit and it’s the hoola light bronzer I fit pan on this bronzer several times if you want a bronzer for fair skin that’s mad it warms up the skin without being too dark or orange this one’s great I’m going a little heavy-handed around my face to give some dimension but once we have the bold cheek and lip it won’t look as harsh but if you go in with the light hand this is like a barely very barely-there product and for the millionth time my favorite palette is coming out to play this is the Too Faced natural lust palette I usually use the natural love but I love them both and it’s just this big lightweight palette that folds over it has so many natural earthy shades for everyday in the packaging is just super intricate like this look is gonna be first step I’m using the slightly grey brown matte powder on a tiny brush for my nose contour this is how I normally do it I’ll do two little lines where I already have little divots and then I’ll fade lightly above the nose tip and then start from my brow on an angle Tim my nose bridge I love slightly connecting the face like this it just adds a bit more structure and you can barely see it but it is there and then for brows this is my favorite way to do them for a natural and full look I keep grabbing for the L’Oreal Paris a micro ink pen in the darkest shade they have this one you just brush up and it doesn’t come out super bold just a tint but the little comb applicator creates a really nice fade and fills out the front of the brow again I love this for just the head of the brow and then I’ll go on to my other favorite which is the benefit precisely my brow and I’ll use this to fill in the tail and also with the benefit brow pencil let’s add some faux freckles just dot and blot with your finger I’m concentrating this on the nose and this is just my spin on the soft girl look like what I was inspired by but you can go bolder and more drawn on with the freckles moreover at the top of the blush which we will do later and brush out and then add your favorite brow gel mine is the benefit 24-hour brow setter I wanted the look to be natural and textured so I’m keeping the ends of the brows slightly brushed up eyes were keeping it pretty simple I took a peach shade very similar to my skin tone anyway and applied across the lid as the base use the contour shade that I used for my nose in my crease and then I winged this out following my brow shape under the eye I went with a warm medium tone Brown still keeping everything matte and I added this shade to the inner and outer corner of the eye for some definition you angelic pearly-white in the tear duct and you can do whatever you want with the I is I wanted to keep it simple and clean and focus on the lips cheek and rose art but there’s no rules just have fun getting creative with makeup also bring that iridescent white to the brow bone to make it pop and show off those textured brows this green liner I’m using is from tease it’s actually years old but it’s a great earthy green I probably should not be using this on my eye but anyway it’s a great liner if you want to buy it new and I’m creating a winged focused on the outer corner in a pretty dramatic shape here then I trimmed some Demi lashes from ardell and I’m adding these on the outer corner kind of angel wing inspired and then to blend em using the damn girl mascara by Too Faced it’s so huge and over the top I’m blending the lashes after a quick curl and I’m really just adding some mascara to the inner lashes to blend the falsies actually trend these lashes in the front instead of the side you want to go on the outer corner to trim them so that it’s easier to blend in I messed up a bit but this is how I’m trying to what blend and fix the problem a little bit of glue was showing so I added some black liquid liner and this was unintentional but I dragged to the black through the green and it kind of looked like a leaf so it was kind of fun and then time to get plushy I started with one of my favorite drugstore matte blushes this is Rimmel’s maxi blush in the shade wildcard and I’m no I’m gonna use some deep rosy shades for the roses so I’m bringing this lightweight matte blush to the bottom of the apples of the cheeks so they stand out and also through the tops of my cheeks and temples because I’m gonna start the Roses with a white pencil my skin is so light so I thought it would be hard to see for my demo so that’s why I added some color there and then my fav Chanel blush and I love Chanel blushes they have a very distinct smell some people find it too intense right out of the pan but I just think ooh this is Chanel it’s a really smooth and silky formula I’m building up the color to make the apples of the cheeks pop as well as on the nose tip so it doesn’t look too like bulbous I’m still keeping the same shape as the contour I like it more subtle but hey if you want to go intense soft a girl this is the step to really amp up on to the roses I’m using a mix of products that I randomly had if you have several liquid liners with fine tips like white pink and a magenta or red you can create create precise roses I used a mix of a cold white pencil as a base I had and then I H tin lines with a pink and magenta liner for an abstract painterly look and don’t worry I will slow this demo down so I did the same steps each time so they would be easy to follow and with this style it’s so small that if it’s too detailed and perfect from afar it won’t read as a flower as much just start with a dot for rosebud and then under create a couple comma like strokes for the tips of the petals and next add your pink around the bud on one side and then under those initial lines in a rose the petal will be darker curbing into the base of the flower but you don’t have to be perfect with this you’ll see even if it doesn’t look like a flower at this stage which it doesn’t with a couple petal like strokes in the deepest shade and added green buds from a step back you’ll start to see those vintagey flower shapes form so let’s take the last liner this one is so dried up oh my god but it turned out kind of cool with more of a textured look than smooth straight lines kind of like an oil painting on a canvas so create a little dot or squiggle in the center of the white bud and then a couple strokes following the other lines you can go a little bit more squiggly with these as well doesn’t have to be perfect when you step back maybe add a couple more white lines to make the rose pop or add more petals at the top of the bud and then taking that green liner again four little Leafs helps bring this together and it’s a great step if there are any smudges or like portions of the flower you don’t like how it turned out just add a little a little leaf and then BOOM you covered it up then I had some fun creating some buds of the temple I did a little squiggle and then I went with a white bud and added the pink liner on one side and then the pink and magenta with a squiggly line through the center like it’s a bud that’s as a petal that’s about to bloom you can stop here just do one rose and call it a day but it’s pretty fun when you’re loose with these lines and not too precise about it and you can start to see the shapes born themselves using these big steps I thought it would look cool in the inner corner I feel like you don’t need my explanation and it might just be helpful to see some different demos so enjoy some angelic music also it looks really cool to have the pink or white have a bit of sparkle so when the light hit it picks up the detail and looks more 3d these are totally imperfect but I could do this look over and over until it was like super realistic and whatever I could be a perfectionist like a typically amp but I feel like the more abstract vibe it looks really cool and I would love to see how yours turns out as well lips I wanted to go with a red on we heard it you can see some of my inspiration photos so I’ll have my fav app linked down below I’m scared of copyright because it is fair use but is it I don’t know and I forgot how much I love the Revlon Ultra HD and matte lip colors I’m using the shade keep it real it has Ashley Graham signature on it and I started with painting it on and then I just went with an awesome plushy applicator the product does feel really lightweight it’s super velvety and the smell is my favorite part it’s creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance it’s so good finally some finishing touches with more Chanel blush I also like to bring the shade to the eye a bit on the chin and forehead for some harmony around the face when you’re looking straight on but totally optional and we can’t forget the nose highlight I see a lot of bright nose tip highlights on tik-tok and Instagram and I think then the dot is large on me it makes my nose look bigger it’s cute but how I prefer to do it is two tiny dots just above where I put the contoured lines it gives kind of a fairy like appearance makes a little bit pinched and more structured while still adding the cuteness of a highlighted tip got a fluff of my curls and I’m adding my favorite hairspray by OGX this is the bada fiying in bamboo a fiber full big hairspray I’ve gone through at least four cans of this and then I added some dried up roses that I kept from Valentine’s Day dried up flowers sit really well for photos or in updos so I love keeping dried flowers around and there is my very inspired soft girl Renaissance angel look I hope you guys enjoyed it my take on this soft a very feminine look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe but for more pop culture videos I’m super inspired by the tick-tock generation like girls are so young so good at makeup and have their own like aesthetic like I never thought that way when I was in middle school or high school I had no style at all so it’s just really cool to see and I’m definitely inspired by the tick stalkers out there I do have a tick tock if you guys want to follow it but I don’t really post on it and I’m not gonna dancing so I don’t dance I do I will I won’t say never say never though I might dance one day um and I don’t really know how to do makeup videos on my phone so I’ll try to attempt it but anyways that was the inspiration for today’s video and I hope you guys will try it out as well while you’re stuck at home I’ve been loving your sixties recreations that you guys look amazing and a bunch of you have tried out the messy bun I love it when you guys that tag me on Instagram so I can feature you in my videos and anyways I will see you in my next one


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