Home Makeup Tutorials Rep lips christmas makeup ⛄ labios rojos | 크리스마스 메이크업

Rep lips christmas makeup ⛄ labios rojos | 크리스마스 메이크업

Rep lips christmas makeup ⛄ labios rojos | 크리스마스 메이크업

Hello hello let’s start, first applying a tonic and we hope that the tonic is absorbed a little now I go on to hydrate the skin with a facial cream the base that I will use today is this Cushion I apply it with little touches I am picking up my hair so that I do not bother to make up I am going to apply concealer today I will use a slightly lighter concealer, which I usually use and I will combine it with a corrector of a more yellow tone, the lighter concealer I will use to illuminate and the most yellow to correct I apply the same concealer in the eyelids and where I need to correct I blur first with my fingers as it gives me a little more coverage I moisten the makeup sponge with loose powder seal where I apply concealer today I will be using the lighter contour of the palette I let the powder act for a few seconds, while I do the outline of my nose I will only make a shading with a small and loose brush I bring the shadow a little to the basin now I take the light outline to define the outline of My nose dusted off first I comb my eyebrows with a spuli and I will color them with a brown shadow, black pencil to make an outline on the water line, I apply white pencil as a blush, I will use a seal lip ink with a little compact powder last.

A divine red lipstick and good girls here is today’s video, I hope you liked it. See you in a next video byeee !!


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