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Rose Sparkle ♡ Spring 2014 Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Rose Sparkle ♡ Spring 2014 Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

you hey guys so today I am going to be doing a makeup tutorial for you I wanted to do something random and my hubby is calling me I wanted to do something fun and colorful and outside the box and on trend for spring because I am over winter I’m over sweatpants I’m over gaining weight I’m over at all and I am on for the spring trends and ready to move to the next season so I wanted to do something colorful that is universal and is going to complement a lot of you but yet surprise you because I feel like everything I do colorful here on my channel is incorporating purples because everyone wants to wear Purple’s because they feel like it’s the only color they can wear that won’t make them look like a clown but that’s not true it’s all about technique it’s all about how much you’re applying where you’re applying and what you are wearing on your body for instance if you can tell and wearing neutrals with just pops of color and my accessories if you can see I have green bracelets and then green and blue and my earrings this is like the most common or anything complementary thing you can do for coral and pinky and red and orange II eyes is wearing something like blue and turquoise and green and your accessories or your clothing matching your eye looks or your lip colors to your clothing is going to do the exact opposite and it’s not going to complement you and it’s going to be a little overkill it’s going to reverse what you’re trying to do so instead of wearing the same color on your body that you have on your face try to write the opposite color because as you can tell when I bring my bracelets on screen what’s on me that’s a scarf when I bring my bracelets on screen you’re going to see that it’s going to make my eyes pop more because it’s going to compliment the shadow that I have going on I hope that makes sense it’s just a quick side note because a lot of people big this doesn’t work on me but it’s because you’re wearing an orange t-shirt and you’re wearing orange on your eyes and that’s just too much so try to do the opposite on your body and that tip will take you far trust me okay quickly I just want to bring this to YouTube’s attention all of you guys um yesterday my account here on YouTube was terminated YouTube deleted my channel for six hours and it was the worst thing in the entire world for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I’m very glad didn’t have to be a part of it because it was awful um it was a mistake it was a misunderstanding I got it back he was gone for six hours it was a war six hours pretty much of my entire life I’m not even kidding I had everybody on top of it I I was in front of my computer and on my phone and using my husband’s phone while my husband was sitting there next to me like it’s gonna be okay Jacqueline and my best friend on his computer and his phone I had my mom taking care of stuff I had my sister informed like everybody I was emailing and calling every single person I knew texting every single person I knew thank you to candy Johnson Thank You Kenny Johnson was so sweet so supportive so encouraging and just amazing like I can’t believe I’m talking about Kenny Johnson right now I can’t record numbers even in my phone like I have been a candy fangirl for five years oh my god yes and I didn’t know who I am like oh my god candy Johnson but seriously like candy you are the sweetest woman ever I love you so much I you’re just the sweetest I love you I just want to say a true thank you to those of you who were so incredibly and beyond unnecessarily supportive yesterday like I love you guys I’m shocked I was absolutely shocked shocked by how sweet you were like I know I love you I know how I feel about you like ah in the back with you guys like we’re showing that love back to me that I feel towards you is just out of this world and so many of you were half chiming greenback Jacqueline and so many of you were telling me that you know you’re not just my fans or my family you’ll follow me anywhere ah I love you guys so much and so when I got my youtube back I cried so hard I sobbed like I saw my husband told me he’s never seen me cry that hard in my life and I’m not a crier I don’t cry easy but I bawled my eyes out like a baby like it was and I could right now because I’m just I’m so grateful to have money to back I’m so grateful that all is right again and I have the support of the lot of you guys you don’t know what your words mean to me seriously you don’t know every one of you I love you you guys are my best friends you really are you’re my best friend in the world it’s crazy how life changes you know at one point I’m homeschooled and no one wants to be my friend and now my YouTube account gets deleted and thousands of people are Tania’s are crying so it’s like ah I love you guys you guys make me feel like I have a place and I hope that I do the same for you so I love you and I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial we’re gonna do something fun and glittery and colorful to celebrate me still being here on YouTube thank you God and thank you YouTube I love you guys I’ll see you soon bye we are starting off with a fresh face and no makeup so let’s do this first and foremost as always we are going to start off by priming our eyes I am using Mac Pro Longwear concealer in shade nw20 this concealer was made with a technology to help prime your eyes for shadow so use it it’s the bomb calm then going in with makeup geek eyeshadow and Peach Smoothie one of my all-time favorite transition shades it’s got a little bit of a yellow undertone in it so it really works on any skin tone that has some olive in it and once you have put that in your crease all the way from inner corner to outer corner okay don’t fall asleep Jacqueline and you have just a little bit left on your brush start blending upward towards the brow and this will really help in the blending process then going in with makeup geek Mango Tango this beautiful peach color so gorgeous going in with an e25 brush which is just a smaller denser goat hair version of the e-40 so you can really get in there much more precisely again take your time doing this and just move from inner corner all the way to outer corner doesn’t matter how much of this you get on your lid you’re just really focusing on your crease the literally doesn’t matter so just keep blending upward the less product you have on your brush the more upward towards the brow you want to move then going in with Razzleberry oh I just love the name from this eyeshadow I just want to talk about all day okay so the exact same a25 we’re going to put razzle berry all the way from our inner corner to our outer corner as you can see I’m not focusing on blending this beautifully on the lid but we are focusing on the crease so just like I said before make sure you get this densely in the crease all the way from the inner socket to the outer corner of the eye and then blend up then going in with Too Faced shadow insurance glitter glue this is going to save everyone’s life who works with glitters or pigments or anything chunky that has fall out tap on the back of your hand tap it all over the area that you’re going to place any pigment or glitter and then go in and watch the magic fold I’m using Mac Rose pigment it’s a beautiful true rose shade this is an oldie but a goodie in the Mac world and using a Mac 242 brush which the only reason I’m really using this is because all my e55 s are dirty I need to wash my brushes very badly and you know it’s a dreaded job I’m just going to pack this all over the lid to make sure that we don’t have fallout all over our black eyeliner that we’re going to apply go back and forth and rub like you see me doing that will make it so if you have any fallout it’s going to fall right now and not later throughout the night so pack Pat it on and then rub back and forth I’m telling you the Too Faced shadow insurance glitter glue life Savior when it comes to keeping on that pigment then using Maybelline gel liner and blackest black I’m going to put on a pretty thick band of liner for looks like this I recommend doing as thick as you are comfortable within your liner because when you’re using a color like pink it can easily become looking like an infection so when you do a thick band of black liner it’s really going to separate and it’s going to make it look more like a beautiful eye look and not pinkeye okay who I talked too much I have on velour lashes and I use lash in the city and now I’m going in with NARS and sheer glow foundation in Punjab that is the shade that I am using specifically and I’m just going to breeze through this because I talk about my foundation and the f80 brush away too much then I’m filling in my brows with the Anastasia brow Wiz in the shade what is the shade is this ash blonde in the inner corner and then caramel on the outer tail then I’m going to just sculpt my brows because I just want to clean them up a little bit and make them more precise I do have a video I’ll link down below where I talk when you too much about my brows you guys can go watch an in-depth tutorial on that if you’re curious how I achieve this exact brow then going in with the Mac Pro Longwear again and shade nw20 I’m just going to tap this with my finger inner corner down and upside down triangle all the way up making the concealer face that we all have to is our mouth hanging open and just going back towards my temple I always use the Sigma F 86 for this which technically isn’t a concealer brush but the reason I’m not using it today is because again it’s dirty then I’m going in with the Anastasia contour palate using that yellow banana shade and mixing it with Mac Pro emphasized shaping powder using a sigma tapered highlighter brush I’m going to just dust this all under that eye area I always suggest patting it on first and then swiping it afterwards this is just going to make it look the most airbrushed when applying these specific products using this specific brush then I’m going to tap it in the middle of my forehead bring it down a little bit on the bridge of my nose Cupid’s bow and tap it on the chin just for a natural highlight then we’re going in with makeup forever bronzer and number 20 and we’re going to contour as always with the NARS eita brush we are focusing our contour today on the outer portion of our face back by our ears and on our temples and then we will just slowly blend this inward but we don’t want anything harsh because our eyes are really calling the attention with this pop of glittery pink so just make sure you blend blend blend blend blend and then blend some more when it comes to your contour oh that rhymed points then we are using Clinique’s new blush this is pretty much the same shade as what’s going on with my eyes which is fine because if you match your blush you want to do a little bit something different with your lips so we’re matching our blush and then we’ll do a little something lighter with our lip color and I’m using a Mac 129 short-handled brush just to blend this backward in with my contour and just buff it out then we’re going in with the balm Cindy Luminizer this is a new highlighting powder by then it’s just like the mary lou manizer but it’s Pinker as you can see and it almost has this pearly acid like pearlescent lilac undertone to it or it’s like a purpley pink and it’s beautiful for spring and it will look good on so many different skin tones this was my second time using it and I absolutely love it you can see I just yeah I’m expressing how much I love it that’s the way I do that for you and then I’m going to go in using any pencil brush and Mango Tango again by makeup geek from inner corner to outer corner and just make sure you keep blending this under-eye area can quickly become a hot mess because you don’t blend I assure you if you just keep working and blend blend blend blend blend it will end up looking perfect like everyone wants it to then going in with razzle berry again I’m using a makeup geek brush I believe this is just called the pencil brush and I love because it’s super tiny and easy to get in those hard-to-reach spots on your eyes so not everyone’s going to want to put pink underneath their eye you could just do the Mango Tango or you could go in with a purple or you could go in with a dark brown I wanted to do the pink though just to make this look more fun then using nylon eyeshadow by Mac I’m going to pop that in my inner corner to highlight this is a very intense highlight it’s also beautiful on the brow bone and the cheekbones just make sure you don’t use too much now I’m using Rimmel lash accelerator on my bottom lashes just to complete the eyes please leave me your suggestions to your favorite lower lash mascara down below because I’m on the hunt for a new one then using dose of color a lipstick in the shade angelic this is a nice creamy orange shade I’m going to just apply this all over the lip but we’re not going to stop there we’re also going to go in with dose of color cotton candy I didn’t realize that this was a dose of color day mixing these two together is going to create a tone down version of our eye look it’s not going to be too pink or too orange or too bright so it’s like that perfect soft almost nude color to complement what we have going on our eyes our cheeks so I really hope that you guys enjoy this video I love you guys so much and as always I’ll see you soon bite okay once again I’m done I suck hey guys what up you’re gonna be like oh and I’m gonna be like uh-huh you’re gonna be like you’re right I’m gonna be like I know no closer cracker pinkish-orange ish curly glittery sparkly kind of look hey guys what was this I was like hey guys I’m coming uh-huh hey guy I need to stop I’m annoying oh you know what don’t even lie


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