Home Makeup Tutorials Rustic Miniature Table – Simple Wood Tutorial

Rustic Miniature Table – Simple Wood Tutorial

Rustic Miniature Table – Simple Wood Tutorial

hi guys today we’re doing this rustic looking table I made this from pretty simple materials stirring sticks popsicle sticks and wooden dowels Godfrey stirring sticks to size to be the top cut the popsicle stick into smaller pieces for support and for the legs cut a dowel into four equal pieces sand down any edges where they would have spread while cutting rough off the texture of the wood I started with a nail file then I moved on to a knife and cut slits to make it look very old and chipped be careful when doing this if you’re not an adult and have adult supervision I have someone help you Roth off the leg pieces as well through the stirring sticks together to form the tabletop once dry glue on the legs be sure they’re straight blue in the sports once completely dry thin down to McRib paint and stain the wood I have a few different sheets scrape your knife against the surface while it’s still drying for additional veins you finally use a dark brown acrylic thing to define everything finish with the color glaze to protect the paint and the project is complete thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video leave a like if you did subscribe if you wanna see more bye


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