Home Makeup Tutorials Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween DIY Angela Lanter

Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween DIY Angela Lanter

Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial | Easy Halloween DIY Angela Lanter

hello gorgeous welcome back to my channel welcome to October and this is my first official Halloween tutorial of 2017 I decided to make it an easy one one that anybody can do and it’s stuff that you probably already have at home for the most part really the only thing I had to buy to do this look was the straw and the hat so it was pretty simple to put together and it’s cute so if you want to see how I got this look you know what to do alright guys so to get started I’m priming my skin using Mac’s prep and prime just applying it all over before I foundation up next I’m going in with my brows and are going to do my brows using a benefit brow palette love this palette it’s I’m using the powder side and just applying it with my it cosmetics brow brush to set my lids I’m using the Make Up For Ever flash palette using the gold shade just applying it directly onto my lid for eyeshadow I’m using the Urban Decay Naked fire palette oh my gosh I love this palette you guys know that using this tan shade and working it right into my crease and then I’m going in with the lighter shade and applying it to my brow bone next I’m using the colour-pop blow me away palette again these colors are incredible they’re like peachy orange II like they’re just speaking to my soul adding them directly on to the gold that I put on it’s gonna set that in place and then working it underneath my lid for eyeliner I’m using this black kohl pencil this one’s from Marc Jacobs applying it all over my upper lash line my lower lash line waterline and tightline you name it I’m just lining it up and then for mascara using this Ardell mascara this is the whispies formula now I’m gonna go in with foundation using Kat Von D’s tattoo locket concealer I went with the lightest shade that I had in her concealer foundation I don’t went in with the lightest shade of her foundation I really wanted to get a really good coverage and I think that her foundation does the best for heavy coverage applying some loose powder from Kat Von D again went back in with the flash palette and I am just marking up my nose I’m gonna give myself a scarecrow nose it’s just like a teardrop shape okay so taking that same shade from the flash palette and loosely drawing a circle on my cheek don’t worry if it’s not a perfect shape just work that out with your finger and then using Mac blush to set that in place going back in with the Marc Jacobs eyeliner and I’m just lining the edges of that nose and drawing some stitches on to it to make my nose look like it’s done next I’m applying my lashes they’re my favorites six four teams which are salon secret I buy these at Walmart and like the multi pack and the 615 lower lashes I think these are my local Halloween store you should be able to get them online this is what I was talking about here see I’m ty lining then I’m just going in with a dark shadow and tight and applying that on the tight line so it doesn’t budge lining my lips with Mac nude pencil then I’m going in with lipstick I’m using the covergirl Star Wars this is the special edition so Matt loved it I’m gold lipstick it’s like the bb-8 going back in with that Marc Jacobs liner and I’m just loosely drawing lines up the side of my face because I’m gonna make them look like stitches and I’m using a liquid eyeliner here just to mark up some random stitches along that line all right so this is the finished look it was so easy to do it took me like no time at all this would make such a cute family costume because you’ve got Dorothy the Carrie the lion the Tin Man everybody could be somebody and then if you have a dog the toto if you recreate this makeup please be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see because I love when you guys recreate my makeup looks don’t forget to visit me on my blog Angela Lee intercom please please please subscribe to my channel cuz you guys want to be the first to know when I have a new video go up right leave a comment below if you have a Halloween tutorial request because I’m still gonna be filming a couple more and thank you guys so much for watching happy Halloween


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