Home Makeup Tutorials Selena Gomez ICE CREAM makeup tutorial using RARE BEAUTY🍦

Selena Gomez ICE CREAM makeup tutorial using RARE BEAUTY🍦

Selena Gomez ICE CREAM makeup tutorial using RARE BEAUTY🍦

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel for the selena gomez tutorial inspired by this behind the scenes shot on set of ice cream i love the vintage vibes and like the half getting ready vibes so i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and of course i picked up some rare beauty products so i’ll be uh giving a review along the way on my favorites from there and then just how to get the look in general and if you’re new to my channel i post pop culture tutorials every week and the transformation aspect is totally for fun with like the wig in the contacts and i’m just trying to bring you guys new makeup and hair tips and tricks in a new way uh to encourage you to switch up your style with confidence so if you try this look out be sure to tag me on instagram i love to feature you in my videos and yeah subscribe bring the little bell notification and tag me and you can be featured in next week’s video anyways let’s get started with this makeup look why i decided to pick up my skin before filming couldn’t tell yet but let’s see how this liquid touch weightless foundation evens out my skin tone i did skip the primer because i have some self-tanning moisturizer already on has a bit of weight to it so i didn’t want to apply another product on top but make sure you’re moisturized or use the primer and using this applicator i’m creating a couple dots and this is so lightweight and when you’re applying it to the skin it really does just melt creates a second skin like appearance and it feels like a serum so you do shake it before applying it to make sure the ingredients are mixed and it doesn’t seep into pores or fine lines like this is my new favorite foundation lasted me all day and as for medium to high coverage i would say it’s more medium coverage i do have a couple of dark spots on my skin and after one layer of foundation you still could see that through it but i personally don’t mind that i think the foundation looks really nice and evens out for the most part and looks very natural so i would prefer that over high coverage i’m not even going to use the concealer because i really really love the finish of the foundation so instead of going in with higher coverage i’m using a second foundation because i did buy two i’ve heard such good things about the foundation i wanted another shade for my pale winter skin that’s coming and i added this on the high points of the face and in areas i wanted to brighten up the foundation is soothing and nourishing it really does feel like skincare so if you’re frustrated with your current foundation and you find it’s cakey like try this one it’s really amazing and you can make this like more of a tinted moisturizer if you add a luminous primer like from rare beauty or just any moisturizer but i loved the coverage as it is and now that i’ve blended that out and have some more dimension with the highlight there i’m going to powder i just bought the products from the line that i was super interested in as a consumer rather than like the full collection so this is one of my favorite powders it’s from hourglass and i recently bought the kendall and kylie blotting powder and i just never grabbed for it so i didn’t want to get another um like blotting type of powder but i did love the case it has such a vintage feel so that might be the next product that i pick up and i watched selena gomez’s vogue get ready with me and she used the benefit hoola bronzer so i’m applying that as well also i hope none of you are commenting about how bad my hairline looks hopefully this bronzer will make it look a little less noticeable but i put all the curlers in my hair and then my baby hairs were like blonde and it just looked really awkward so i added shadow but the hair was already pulled upwards so i couldn’t blend like actually in the hairline because it was just pulling so anyways ignore that then i’m going to take the bronzer and i’m going to add a v-shape on my chin to make it a little bit sharper and time for the nose contour this is a revlon brush from a cream eyeshadow i use it all the time it’s so random and i love it for contouring so i’m bringing in some sharper definition to my nose bridge connecting to the eye socket and fading out and then just dusting a bit of that bronzer above the tip for a cute button effect then i’m adding some divots like selena for more structure and of course contour however you like to my nose doesn’t have that much shape so i can kind of do whatever to it i just you know do whatever i want on that day um and then we have the soft pinch liquid blush from rare beauty and i picked out the shade joy i really wanted this one it’s so pigmented i love the packaging and the little ball on top apparently is to help people with arthritis so i thought that was a really lovely touch from selena and it’s it is really easy to open which is just great for everyone and i took most of the product off the applicator and applied to my cheeks and first i tried to blend out with my fingers but since i already powdered and everything the oils from my fingers kind of lifted all the work i did and made it look a bit patchy so not the product’s fault sometimes you can use cream over powders and it’s fine but with fingers it’s a no-go so i stippled on the other side and it was really wonderful i love the pop of color so i would just recommend not to use your fingers if you do your makeup in a similar way when you do your blush last and then for brows i am going to subtly fill mine in with my favorite brow pencil the precisely my brow and shade 5.

like selena’s shape i’m bringing up the top of my brow to be a bit higher and then i’m creating a soft arch and filling in any sparse areas i did pluck a couple because i never do and i thought it would look nicer with a bit of a cleaner brow and rare beauty does have a brow harmony pencil and gel i just love the fine tip from benefit precisely my brows so i don’t think anything will replace my favorite for me but let’s move on to a quick eye shadow look which is just going to polish the eye with a matte brown connecting the nose contour to above the crease in a rounded shape dipping down into a faded outer corner wing in a soft feet use a matte shadow to create a highlight on the brow bone and i’m cleaning up the nose contour with that lighter shade um by bringing it in a rounded shape to just showcase the eyelid shape more and then i took a champagne gold shimmery shade and popped it right on my lid i do wish i used a little um wetness on my brush so that this popped more but i’m just going to add a little more dimension to the eye with a deeper warm brown in the crease and under the outer corner bottom lashes and oh my god the rare beauty perfect strokes matte liquid liner is my new favorite liquid liner and the one i’ve pretty much used for years in like every video is the mac brushstroke liner so for me to have a new favorite is amazing i never really like new liners and it has a great grip so if you have shaky hands it makes it easier to hold and it’s a gorgeous matte rich black shade you can use one stroke and you don’t get that skipping over the skin that sometimes happens when a product applicator like doesn’t have enough give to work with your skin so i love it and then once i have the wing how i like it i’m going to drag that liner and connect it to the center of the eye and then fill that in and then i go and press the applicator from the inner corner to the center of the lid along the lash line and this applicator makes it really easy that’s all you gotta do it’s definitely waterproof i wore it through a humid new york day and you guys will see this product every time i do a bolder liner look it is really great deepen up the eye with a liner if you want a little bit of a bolder look this is the charlotte tilbury pencil liner and i’m tight lining as well as bringing in some to my bottom lash line and i picked out some lashes this is from a brand called my lash wish canadian brand and i love their lashes boom definitely adds a glam factor a little bit of mascara on the bottom lashes to blend everything together and starbucks break this reminded me so much of her iconic picture with the starbucks that i recreated back in the day i love that they kind of remade this behind the scenes with the ice cream and my go-to drink right now not that anyone asked is the pumpkin spice iced latte i just had my starbucks and then we’re gonna move on to the lip souffle matte lip cream i wanted to give this product a chance without using a lip liner just to make sure that the color wasn’t like changed so i’m skipping liner and i’m gonna see how this product looks when i over line my top lip a bit which is generally what i like to do to balance out my lip shape i love the applicator it’s super soft and there are so many gorgeous shades i will be picking up more but this one is fearless and it’s kind of 90s it gives that like melted in color with nourishing hydration and it reminds me of some of my other favorites like the lip blush kit texture from kylie cosmetics and then i tried out the lip balm which honestly felt like butter it’s so comfortable the shade that i liked best is called thankful and makes the lips look healthy on the go i hope you can’t hear that rap music bumping outside my window also surprise giveaway i usually have a little code to write in the comments in my down bar but i decided i wanted to start putting those in the video so if you’re still watching here is the pop culture passcode for the tutorial to comment down below simply put ice cream chill and chill in the song definitely reminds me of a hannah montana throwback and i accidentally bought two of the gorgeous red lip souffles in the shade inspire so comment the pop culture passcode plus your instagram handle and i’m going to select a winner i’ll send you a dm and you could win the extra lip souffle it’s stunning i wish i took more photos with this red shade and here’s a look at the curlers this headband is just pink and white striped but i wanted that pop of retro plaid so i used pencil crayons i sat there in my pajamas and i colored on this headband to have a similar pop but i only gave myself five minutes to do it because i have perfectionist problems and i would have sat there and done it for like three hours till it looked the exact same but it’s good enough and if you’ve tried out these products i would love to know which ones are your favorite and side note i met selena years ago at a meet and greet with pantene and whenever anyone asks me who’s the nicest celebrity i say selena she’s very warm and engaging okay for my hair it’s actually a wig um and then i just styled it with some rollers everything that you see like the earrings and the shirt will be linked down below if you are looking to get the look and if you’re looking for more beauty inspiration to keep on watching we have a kendall jenner tutorial that i recently uploaded which is another soft glam look i actually wore this wig in it and then if you’re looking for something maybe more vintage and you like the retro feel of this style you might like this gene shrimp and recreation from one of my favorite ads so keep on watching and uh yeah i’ll see you guys in my next one you


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