Home Makeup Tutorials Selena Gomez Transformation – HANDS TO MYSELF Makeup Tutorial

Selena Gomez Transformation – HANDS TO MYSELF Makeup Tutorial

Selena Gomez Transformation – HANDS TO MYSELF Makeup Tutorial

Can’t keep my hands to myself No matter how hard I’m trying to I want you all to myself Your metaphorical gin and juice So come on, give me a taste Of what it’s like to be next to you won’t let one drop go to waste Your metaphorical gin and juice (Oh) All of the downs and the uppers keep makin’ love to each other And I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’ All of the downs and the uppers keep makin’ love to each other And I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’ but I Can’t keep my hands to myself Hey guys welcome back to my channel! Really quickly before we start on the makeup tutorial, I’m gonna give a big thank you to Gustavo for allowing me to rent out his penthouse for the weekend in Miami, and I’m going to put his airBnb listing down below in the description box so you guys can go check out in case you guys want to stay there, but yeah let’s go ahead and get started For the skin the first thing you want to apply is a full coverage foundation all over which I already have done So for the eyes whenever you do a smoky look always start off with a primer Then you want to apply a white eyeshadow all over so the dark shadows don’t get patchy and uneven while trying to blend To get a perfect eyeshadow cut apply tape to where the ends meet the end of your eyebrow So Selena has a warm plum undertone Which is barely noticeable, but it’s definitely there, so apply “Nooner” or any plum color lightly into the crease and be sure to blend Now blend a brown smoothly into the crease to deepen it.

This will be the primary color in the crease Next apply black eyeshadow on top of your lid only into a wing and then gently blend the edges for a smooth transition Be sure that you don’t get too much black on top of the brown You only want the meeting lines to blend not the entire shadow And if you need to apply more black on to the eyelid and re-blend And if you do that be sure to apply more brown to re- blend that out Now peel the tape off and apply gel eyeliner on top and bottom to prepare for the lashes Take the brown eyeshadow you were using and apply it on the bottom lash line with a flat brush for a smoky look Then take black and lightly apply over the liner so the liner isn’t so obvious Now use a highlighter to illuminate the inner corner of your eyes And then apply some wispy false lashes.

These specific ones are my absolute favorite Then apply mascara to the top and the bottom lashes For the eyebrows, I just pencil them in with eyeshadow as usual But I put the front a lot lower than usual because Selena’s eyebrows kind of dip in there And Selena has these natural shadows under her inner brow bone, so I’m going to apply some brown eyeshadow in those areas So for the overall transformation, I applied Cotton balls into the inner corners of my cheeks which looks Super hilarious But trust me It works when I’m trying to get her face shape and I applied a piece of cotton Above my lip to give myself a bigger pout I actually got this idea while I was watching wisdom teeth extraction videos And you can actually use this trick for photos if you want fuller looking lips Then for even larger lips use the lip injections lip gloss.

I love this stuff because it actually works To get her features apply the contour and highlighter the way I show here The highlighter will create the illusion that we have a similar bone structure [and] although I can’t look exactly the same because of my really petite features this technique definitely helps give off the illusion in selfies So Selena has quite a bit of bronzer on her cheeks instead of blush, most likely for music video purposes, so that’s what we’re going to do too So to get Selena’s round lips add a lip liner that’s the exact same color of your lips to reshape and round out your lips without adding too much color.

You want to make sure that your upper lip sort of is the same shape as a rainbow Then apply a nude lipstick over it For getting a wider nose in detail, check out my contouring series on my channel Lastly I noticed Selena highlighted her face with a gold highlighter rather than a pearl highlighter, so apply that on Now I’m just applying contacts because Selena’s irises are a bit larger than mine.

I know that sounds creepy, but I’m a perfectionist guys So this is what I look like before And this is what I look like after Thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t checked out my other celeb videos definitely do and subscribe so I can see you in my next video


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