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Sharon Tate ICONIC 60s makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

Sharon Tate ICONIC 60s makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my  channel for the sharon tate tutorial   i love sharon tate her makeup is so iconic and  i do a lot of like 60s looks inspired by jean   shrimpton and her looks are a little bit more like  posh and mod and i love sharon tate because she’s   a bit more bohemian and sun but you still do get  that bold eye so i hope you guys enjoy this video   if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and  subscribe for more pop culture videos every week   and i also bought this amazing book so  i wanted to do a giveaway in this video   be sure to stay tuned for the pop culture password  to see how to enter and of course i love it when   you guys tag me in your recreation photos over  on instagram so i can feature you in my videos   i love to see you switching up your style with  confidence and let’s get started with this look   i already have my wig on and i always get  a lot of questions about the wigs i use   this one i believe is from pose wigs but see where  the curved pieces are that’s how long the wig is   and then i blended in extensions and i added roots  with eyeshadow for a tan i always use loving tan   and i love their deluxe face tan in dark and  now that we have a sunkissed glow we have to   prep the skin before makeup i love this alpine  berry water cream it feels amazing on the skin for foundation i mixed my go-to foundations the  rare beauty liquid touch foundation and the light   wonder from charlotte tilbury i love both of these  probably grab rare beauty the most i just mixed   them to get the right shade today i’ve really  thinned this out and i’m using it more like a   tinted moisturizer sharon’s skin had quite a bit  of bronzer and blush but it looked very barely   there in terms of makeup so that’s what i’m going  for prepping the lips with this new too faced balm   i love the feelings of these and the clear one is  my favorite they’re super cute and smell amazing   and by the way if you’re ever wondering how i  recreate looks i have a photo on my phone that   i constantly look at and now to brighten up  the skin i’m taking another too faced product   the born this way a multi-use sculpting concealer  favorite ever concealer and i’m taking a bit on   the back of my hand and then on an eyeshadow  brush i’m picking up a small amount of product   and i’m brightening my chin jawline beside the  nose up the nose bridge and onto the cheekbone   i’m using my inspiration photo which you can  really see at the high points of her face well   next i’m taking the charlotte tilbury airbrush  powder and i’m blotting over to mattify   especially on my cheeks since mine are a bit more  plump and we’re also going to add a lot of bronzer   in this area as well i kept grabbing for too faced  today this is the chocolate matte bronzer i really   love too faced skin makeup like their concealers  powders bronzers are all so good feels very high   quality and they do have some gimmicky products  but honestly i love all the cutesy kind of stuff   but um the skin makeup really is amazing for this  look you want a bronzer that’s matte and warm but   not too orangey so this is a great pick and i’m  taking this closer to my nose than i normally   would adding some depth there will kind of hollow  out my cheek a bit and then i’m also bringing this   under the jawline creating a divot in my chin  and blotting over for some all over color   i love the rimmel london maxi blushes  they’re a great drugstore pick   and i’m going to stipple over the cheek  area and across the top of my nose   i find it’s really easy to get the  perfect amount of product with powder time for a sharon tate inspired nose contour  i’m creating a taller looking nose by enhancing   the nose bridge kind of slimming it down a  bit and i’m connecting the nose bridge to   the eye socket for the tip go with a little slight  horizontal line a bit lower than where the top of   your nose tip starts and then fade this through  the nostril kind of slimming that down as well of course nose contour is always just  for fun and to give myself a challenge   to transform for my recreation photo but you  can always contour however you like or skip it i’m setting the face makeup with the new  professional super setter from benefit   i love the packaging this type of blue always  draws me in and it really is a mist sometimes   you get like water droplets from setting  sprays moving on to brows we have another   benefit product my go-to precisely my brow in the  shade 3.

5 and sharon tate’s brows were very unique   i specifically chose a look where she had bangs  so i could kind of cover my brows because i knew   i wasn’t going to be able to get that thinner  shape of the tail but through the top of the   brow it was always brushed up and fuller and then  it would fade into a slender tail with an arch so   i’m recreating that the best i can and to really  get an inspired look i’m taking the 24 hour brow   setter my favorite brow setter ever from benefit  and i’m going to brush these hairs upwards and   kind of inwards to try to control the hair upwards  i find if you go through the brows one time they   won’t really stick up but if you let it dry for a  couple seconds and go back in with one more coat   you can really manipulate them well okay let’s  put those bangs down and move on to the cut crease i love the new killer liner collection from too  faced super cute packaging love the pastel pink   and i’m going to use a brown liner called killer  chocolate what’s so unique about sharon’s look is   it wasn’t a perfectly rounded shape but more of  an angled line that faded up and dipped down past   the natural crease shape i think sharon was just  drawing the natural shape of her deep set eyes   so with me you can see there’s a bit of a space  between where my lid and that exaggerated crease   shape is so i’m going to fill that in with the  brown liner also that first line i did was too   thick um i left these on my desk and the sun was  beating on them so the product was a bit softer   than it usually is but that’s okay because this  is just the baseline we’re going to softly smoke   it out and i find these liners are very easy to  move around when you first put them down so i’m   blending creating a softer look and then from here  we’re going to deepen up with a darker liner to me   a lot of photos it looks like a deep purple in the  crease but i did see at a sharon tate auction that   she often used a brown liner from maybelline so i  thought i’d put the brown first and then with a um   off black liner i’m gonna go over that first line  but more precisely and focus more heavily on the   inner portion where that space is to create more  depth as well as right before the line trails off these two spots once we put on those  big lashes will give the illusion of   those gorgeous and unique deep  set eyes inspired by share it   blending this in and then taking a matte gray  or taupe apply this to the lash line and blend   upwards sometimes it looked like sharon had fully  dark lids most of the time i think it was just the   lashes and liner giving that illusion so i’m  gonna keep the lid bright for lots of contrast   there and then fade in some black shadow on the  outer portion of the lash line i’ve been using the   natural lust palette by too faced by the way and  i love the natural love and natural lust palette   i use them in almost every video they just have  great neutral shades and some fun shades as well   and then i’m adding a matte  highlight to the brow bone   i saw some sparkle through the lashes so i’m  using this iridescent liner applying it to the   lash line for eye color i wasn’t sure what to  do in some photos sharon eyes look very green   others brown so i went with these tie-dye  contacts that have a brown outer circle   and then yellow which would make my blue eyes turn  a bit more green and i think they were a great fit   for drawing on graphic but still subtle lashes  i’m gonna go back to my first favorite liquid   eyeliner the mac brush stroke liner create about  seven lashes with a slight angle towards your nose   and then when you’re in the middle create one lash  kind of straight down then keep hugging the eye   towards your nose until you’re at the corner  and give the outward lashes a bit of a flick   hopefully i described what i was doing well i  love how this looked but you can create similar   lashes just big or small  do whatever you want to do and i always show my twiggy lashes from yardley’s  that really were from the 60s but i’m going to   use this gorgeous pair by kiss and glue them on  there one of my favorite strip lashes while that’s   drying i’m using my favorite iconic nude lip liner  from charlotte tilbury rounding out the outer   corners of my lips slightly and keeping more of a  prominent cupid’s bow underlining the bottom lip   trying to blot it out there for a similar lip  shape and you can go with a nude lipstick or a   nudie pink i went with too faced sweet peach lip  oil which smells really good and subtly lightens   up my natural lip shade giving me a similar  lip color to the photo we have two more makeup   steps i went in with the too faced better than sex  mascara this is a special packaging from a makeup   collaboration with shayla super cute reminds me  of my first attempt at merch so coat your lashes   with lots of mascara i did three coats and really  built up those falsies as well as my lower lashes   speaking of merch i do have a new line inspired  by 60 styles so this is the crew neck i wear it   all the time especially when i’m editing and it  features some of my favorite 60s recreations that   i’ve done on this channel illustrated by me so  check it out if you are a 60s lover and i also   have a mug in the collection you can find these  items on my teespring page which i’ll have linked   down below if you want to help support my channel  with some cute merch one last step i decided to do   was bring in some brown under my tear duct as well  as following the flick from the bottom lash line   with this brown i faded just above the crease to  complete the look bit more blush and faux freckles   i almost forgot with the benefit precisely my  brow there is the sharon tate inspired glam   this has got to be one of my favorite tutorials  i loved wearing this blonde wig and if you want   to enter the giveaway which is for this gorgeous  sharon tate book by her sister deborah tate the   pop culture password to comment down below is  valley of the dolls which is the most iconic   film that sharon tate was cast in also leave your  instagram handle so i can dm you if you want and   keep on watching i do have a fashion haul inspired  by sharon tate if you’re a fragrance junkie sharon   liked chanel number five as well as a fragrance  called jiki from a french brand called guerlain   i have the newer bottle it’s not the  extract but like a fragrance and i love it   i was really inspired to pick this up from another  creators video so if you want to see genuine   products that sharon tate had i have it linked  down below as well as in the cards of this video   i love the black and white classic look that she’s  worn i recreated that in the once upon a time in   hollywood inspired video so that’s um also on my  channel but a picture that i love is this photo of   sharon at a cafe and i did have something similar  that i thought was really cute and classic so you   can always go with something pastel that’s kind  of tailored has a color and then if i was going to   modernize this and just be inspired rather than  like a replica i would wear something like this   so i got this dress from revolve and i love it  it’s a very similar texture and color and i think   this is so classic so this is one of the things  that i got for upcoming spring this dress is also   really similar to an outfit that sharon wore so  i got this again from revolve and i wore this on   instagram i’m obsessed with it um i love the dark  floral and another place that you can get similar   dresses is modcloth so here is last year’s kind  of baby doll bohemian dress this one’s super cute   and you can look up 60s on modcloth and a lot of  pieces will come up finally this dress and these   earrings that are super similar i found thrifting  on poshmark i love to get free people on poshmark   because once you wear free people one time it  looks warm so i’d rather just buy it half price   and um yeah there are the pieces that i pulled  from my closet that i thought were very sharon   tate inspired if you want to see more videos like  this again you can check out one of my favorite   60s recreations i always promote this video  because i’m really proud of it it’s inspired by   jean shrimpton and it’s a yardley ad or if you’re  looking for hair inspiration you might like this   bohemian 70s inspired series of hairstyles hope  you’ll keep on watching and i’ll see my next one


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