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Shopee 12.12 Haul || Skincare🧚 [ eng/ind ]

Shopee 12.12 Haul || Skincare🧚 [ eng/ind ]

shopee haul 12.12 hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I made a video haha this time I want to make a shopee haul 12.12 actually it’s a video ” A day in my life” but because there are files missing so just make this video:> previously sorry if the lighting is not enough 🙁 because I make it at night the first package I bought a blackhead mask for those of you who want to please check the description box I bought Hada Labo Moist Milk Pink I checkout this for rp.

100 haha quite difficult: “) I bought a face mask is this really a y-axis clone? sorry if the haul is really random 🙁 if you have any ideas, comment below i will make the haul thank you there are 3 straws and 1 cleaning tool and the last package I bought toner from pyunkang yul This toner is crowded in TikTok so I bought this haha so because I forgot to close like this first video from me thank you


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