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Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

hi everybody it’s been some time since I’ve done a simple everyday makeup look I think this look is perfect for those of you guys still in school or college or if you guys have work and you just kind of want to throw yourself together in a short amount of time this makeup look took me under 15 minutes to do so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you want to learn how I got this look please keep watching to start off this look I’m just applying a little bit of this agave lip mask onto my lips because my lips have been super dry I just wanted to thank one of my subscribers because you recommended this to me and I have been obsessed ever since I got it it’s literally like honey for your lips I feel like next I’m priming my face with my favorite primer this one is the Smashbox pore minimizing primer and I love using this because it really smoothes out any pores any fine lines that kind of mattifies your face so if you guys are looking for a really good primer this one I definitely recommend spending the money on I use it all the time and my new favorite thing is to use a pore minimizing primer because it makes the foundation go on so much nicer and smoother and it doesn’t seep into your pores I was thinking of filming a new contour tutorial for my nose because look at this baby so many people have been recently yelling at me saying that I got a nose job again and look at it those look like I got a nose job I don’t think that for foundation I’m using the matte and poreless number 220 by Maybelline and I’m applying it with my Mac 190 brush so you’re just going to lightly apply it all over your face don’t blend it in just kind of wipe it on and then I’m blending my foundation in with my damp Beauty Blender I’ve been loving the beauty blender to blend my foundation in because it really makes the foundation look flawless on your face if you guys don’t have a Beauty Blender you can use a regular foundation brush of course so don’t feel like you need to do this um I just been doing this lately and I’ve been liking how it looks so that’s just my little routine s at the moment for concealer I’m using the age rewind in the color light I love this concealer because it cut it looks like it’s coming out heavy but it’s very very thin so then you just blend in again you just want to apply this concealer wherever you have like darker spots if you have any pimples of course you can cover those as well next I’m just filling in my brows with my brow bar to go in the darker shade if you guys want a full in-depth eyebrow tutorial I just posted one so I will link it for you guys to set my concealer I’m using this powder from Make Up For Ever it’s the pro finished powder this is just so the concealer won’t crease so next we’re bronzer I’m using this new to phase the little book of bronzers and it’s all of their bronzers that they have in their collection I actually have this in the larger version so when it came in the mail and it was the smaller version I was just like oh my god it’s so cute so how to use it today so I’m gonna go with a matte bronzer so I’m going to use the milk chocolate bronzer right here so since we’re just doing a simple everyday look I’m not going to be contouring I’m just going to be using these bronzer shades as a bronzer to kind of warm up my face but I’m applying the bronzer where I would normally apply my contour shade so I mean if you guys have the time and you want to contour a little bit you can use a more drier tone right in your contour zones but for today I’m just going to add some bronzer with my Sigma e-40 blending brush I’m going to be taking a little bit of that bronzer and just applying it right into the crease of my eye and this is just to kind of make my eyes look more awake you so this part is a hundred percent optional most of you probably won’t have the time and I really don’t recommend it but just for me since I’m so used to contouring my nose I’m just gonna take a sigma e45 brush and the color mink it’s a contour shade the new one from Anastasia and I’m just going to very lightly draw two little lines on the sides of my nose and that’s just again because I feel more comfortable that way once I learned how to contour my nose right I just can’t go a day without doing it so call me crazy but I’m just gonna very lightly draw lines just to thin out my nose a little bit so next moving on set blush I’m using this one by NYX in the color statement in red I don’t know why it’s called stateman red when it’s pink but I like using these mineralized blushes because they give it a nice little shimmer and they’re not too too pigmented so you just kind of build on them which is good because sometimes when you put too much blush it’s like oh no I can’t really blend in and it kind of just ruins all the work that you already did so next I’m just applying my L’Oreal telescopic mascara next moving on to lips I’m using stripped down by Mac to line them and then for lipstick I’m using butter cut by drug cosmetics so this is the final result it was super quick and super easy so I hope you guys can incorporate it into your routines and hopefully it will help you guys throw yourself together in a short amount of time so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I love you guys so much and let me know what other videos you want to see this week because I am planning on getting up at least one more for you guys but I love you so much and until next time I’ll see you guys later


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