Home Makeup Tutorials Simple Smokey Eye & Dark Red Lips | Makeup Tutorial {HD}

Simple Smokey Eye & Dark Red Lips | Makeup Tutorial {HD}

Simple Smokey Eye & Dark Red Lips | Makeup Tutorial {HD}

hey guys today’s tutorial is the simple smokey eye makeup with dark red lips it’s a very glamorous look but it is super easy to do so if you’d like to learn how just keep on watching so as always I’m going to start by priming my face and today I am using my ELF hydrating face primer for foundation I am using my L’Oreal True Match and the color golden beige and my Belle Bambi round top kabuki brush to buff that up this was my first time ever using this foundation and I have to say holy gosh this is my new holy grail for concealer and highlight I’m using my bushwa healthy mix concealer and the lightest shade and a small fluffy brush to blend it up and set my foundation I am using my Rimmel stay matte powder and transparent and my Sedona lace kabuki brush to contour my face I’m using my NARS Laguna bronzer and my Sedona lace if bo5 brush and for blush I’m using my super pigmented chichi mosaic blush and pink Browns onto my brows I’m of course using my anastasia dipbrow pomade and blonde and a small angled liner brush and then because I personally like having dark brows with blonde hair I’m taking the powder side of my elf eyebrow kit and dark for the eye makeup we’re going for a really simple and messy kind of smokey eye so I’m gonna start by taking my Revlon eyeshadow and vintage lace and apply there all over my eyelid just to help blend the darker colors to start darkening the lid I’m first taking this taupe colored eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette called tease and applying that with a fluffy blending brush and then I’m going to take the purple and black shades from this next smokey eye shadow palette to create the smoked out of fit when doing the step you want to make sure you don’t blend the color too far up towards your eyebrow and also make sure to blend it into your lower lash line and then I’m taking a small clean fluffy brush and I’m just going to take the time to make sure that I shadow is properly blended I am also taking the white shade from that palette and applying it to the inner corner of my eye for the eyeliner I’m going to skip the liquid because it will look a bit too harsh with this look and instead I’m going to use an angled brush to smudge a couple of dark shadows into my lashline but just to make the colors a bit more vibrant I’m going to dampen the brush with a bit of water for my waterline I’m using my next jumbo eye pencil in the slate and this is just a really nice dark grey shade and then for my mascara I am taking my all-time favorite which is the Max Factor false lash effect to coat my top and bottom lashes and then to tie my whole eye makeup look together I can’t forget about false lashes so I’m using my Miss adoro 73’s and my Revlon precision dark lash glue and onto the dark lips I’m first starting with my chichi lipliner and bewitched to line and fill in my lips and then to finish I’m taking their amazing lime crime Velveteen and the shade wicked and if you don’t own this already you need to get it because it is incredible and voila that is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial please like comment subscribe if you did I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of those who have already subscribed that means so much to me that you guys actually want to watch what I do so yeah I’m so grateful thank you so much and thank you everyone for watching I will see you all next time


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