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Skeleton Mask || HAlloween Makeup Tutorial | Facepaint

Skeleton Mask || HAlloween Makeup Tutorial | Facepaint

Hi guys! 1st I grabbed some cheap paint brushes My Ben Nye Aqua Paints and a NYX Eye pencil that was super light and I traced over every where, where the mask would be so I had my general outline ! When I was done with that I got a damp Aqua Sponge and I applied white face paint all within the lines.

then with a flat brush I mixed the black and the white face paint together and I applied it all over to give it some dimension. Next I got this teeny tiny brush and I outlined the whole mask and I go back in quite often to just darken it up and put a little bit of shading or shadowing in it and I put it exactly where my eyebrows was to try to conceal my eyebrows a little bit.

here I’m just adding some white face paint to my Upper lip. Now with the black face paint, I’m outlining all of my little teeth that im painting on my face and I’m painting them on my upper lip and a little bit above and darkening up my lower lip.

I also went back in on this and just kept shading the teeth and adding more white face paint to make the teeth look whiter. next I was creating cracks or stress lines all over the mask or like the skeleton to give it some age and just make it look a little cool Next I just got a wet brush and I just started blending out anywhere where there were these harsh black lines like around my eyes and on the cracks.

Finally I did my nose and a basically just made to triangle on the top and filled it in super dark and super black then once I was happy with how it looked I added my eye makeup and made it quite dramatic and then I was just trying to show that no matter how you move your face the mask will move with it! I hope you guys like this video and if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if not and comment if you want to see something else ! Bye Guys!I love you!


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