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Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how to create this skeleton makeup look now this isn’t your typical skeleton makeup look I was gonna do that actually when i sat down and then as soon as I got in the eyes I was like wait a minute I have an idea though I also looked on line and Instagram and everywhere and a lot of inspiration from a lot of different skeletons because believe it or not even though we all have a goal and everything they all I don’t know a little bit different from what I’ve gathered so I’m so excited with how it turned out so I will show you those pictures along the way as I go though I really hope that you guys enjoy this video I hope the injury this week of luck if you recreate it had me on instagram tell your friends that they can see it as well and subscribe if you aren’t already and let’s just go ahead and jump into the video showing you a couple of my inspiration pictures here this honey can tell I loved a lot these are the pain that I’m going to use for the whole entire video there from Kryolan and they are the aqua color paints and beginning by feeling right orbital bone and then using this white eyeliner pencil just trace around it and use your orbital bone as a guide isn’t going to look the most realistic I’m using the sponge also checkout line shapes on the face including like the side areas and then you can you don’t have to do the nose area you don’t have to do the mouth but I was just doing it as a reference for me because I still had no idea what this was exactly going to look like so you end up going over all of that stuff anyways so you can pretty much ignored that then I’m going in with the white face paint from a palette from Kryolan and I’m using this brush from match just to blend it all into my faith I end up doing two coats of this make it a little bit more opaque but make sure the first layer is dry before going in with the second layer and using this collar bone it’s an eyeshadow from Anastacio and I’m putting it all over the face because I want this to be more of a bone color than just are quite a little bit more realistic than I’m applying some primer this is peter we can it is a paint pot and just gonna help so that mike tyson crease and it really did help so here I decided to go the black paint and then I decided I’m gonna do something cool was originally was just gonna do a pretty typical black and white skeleton outlined the eyes and then I went in with that bone I shadow again on a 239 brush and I went all over the lid area and then I went in with BlackBerry from Matt on this pencil brush and I went on the inner and outer corners kinda created a spotlight I accept its gonna be all met that’s what I really love about the fuck is that it was all completely matte no sign at all and i really think that that packed a punch I really really like to look at that spot light I down on the bottom almost like into the socket of the eye and kept them under I white and bright with them bone shape and you can see him a hug and then I went in with Corey eyeshadow from Mac just to blend the bone and the BlackBerry colors together and I’m just teasing that seemed puzzled Russia believe it’s a math puzzle brushed and then I took the black paint from crying again and I’m just lightly fading it and then with a fluffy brush took em 928 eyeshadow for make up forever I’m sorry forgot to show that deep perfect dark purple color I think that that made the luck and I just blended that out then reinforced that bonus shadow with a liner brush I’m taking English eyeliner and I’m not creating a lien I want this to be very rounded and then I applied some black eyeliner into my waterline nasa’s Via Veneto from NARS moving on to the rest of the faith I am taking that black paint and I’m just filling in all of these black areas here on the sides of my face and then I’m sending it with a black eye shadow this I shadow is corrupt from makeup geek and it just helps to make it very met and it also helps to fill in any of D skin that’s showing through so I do the same exact thing on the nose I fill it in with the black paint and then I said it with the Buckeyes shadow make it darker make it match and you can’t see any of the skin with that Corey eyeshadow from a just kinda outlined everything so I did the lines by the mouth I did these brow furrows I created like the brow bone shadow here so I used that Corey I should I would like a purple gray and then I went over it and blended with that bone eyeshadow from Anastacio to make it kinda bland and more and I use a little bit of birkenau as well and you think that a 98 eyeshadow from a cover ever with a little bit of black to contour the forehead and then moving on to the mouth and using that black paint just the kind of outline where each tooth is going to be and then I kind of make a curved triangle shape to make it look like it to practice on paper first before going and if you are a little unsure on it but that will help you to be the most accurate in between each tooth with a black eye shadow and using makeup peaks corrupt I am just defining it and making it really dark and then clicking at upwards I really want it to be super with be for the cheek bone area I loved Krispies design that she created last year really just mimic that because they loved how it looked so I am just creating bat with the black eyeshadow again and then just filling in the short shader brush for this so that it was his plan out very easily and I made this a little bit darker and more dramatic I just thought that up to you to really see how I did that and then with the teeth in the back I just took the black eyeshadow and I made for that they look like they’re really going into that cheekbone socket gum area whatever you want to call it and then make sure you really make it back in between each tooth because I think that that really makes the luck and really helps to make it look really dramatic and defined and then I did the same thing with the bottom teeth where I just kinda dragged them back into that area so I’m gonna fill in all of that including my ear with a black eye shadow and Dan I am making those little line ripley things just like crispy had I’m just using the quarry eyeshadow from asked to do this very similar to how we do it the brow furrows and then I go over it with the bone eyeshadow from Anastacio so that it looks really realistic than I created these cracks on the scar on the forehead and then I did some chain action but the chance tough ended up looking a little crazy but that’s ok does it really matter moving on to the neck I took the white aqua color paint and I just made a line down the whole like a neck bone area and then I let it dry and then just like we did with the face I am setting it with that bone eyeshadow from a necessity beverly hills and then I’m taking the BlackBerry eyeshadow for mac and a pencil brush and I’m creating the bones so think of a rectangle with rounded edges mixed with the shape of a trapezoid that is how I got it till the most accurate i think i still gotta did a better job but this is what it turned out to look like then I’m taking the black paint and a concealer brush from Sigma and I’m just blanking out the negative space fill in that whole area there and then I’m setting it with a black eye shadow that same corrupt color from makeup geek and just using a flat brush here and there are also using that brush to go into the bones make him look more realistic and shadowed then I’m taking the white paint and a concealer brush in creating the tendon just make sure that before you go back into your white paint again you have to wipe your brush up every single time yes it is tedious but I promise you it will look the most it will look the best that way now this is the most important step of gave herself a double chin and check underneath that area that you can’t see and take your black eyeshadow and blended and so that it’s super dark black I know that’s ridiculous but that way it’s gonna look the best and don’t have any skin they’re so give yourself that double chin so it really looks good moving back to the eyes I’m applying some mascara just a light layer to the top and a ton to the bottom because the lashes that a user very wispy and flirty and I loved these they are from the brand Alicia Monet beauty and they’re actually not out yet she sent these to me and I love them but they will be coming out soon though yeah when slashes are done is now complete that can leave everything for the really hope you guys enjoy this makeup luck and enjoy the Catholic twist on a typical skeleton makeup so give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you are already and I will see you guys by


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