Home Makeup Tutorials Skull face for Halloween – Makeup Tutorial – Cirque du Soleil

Skull face for Halloween – Makeup Tutorial – Cirque du Soleil

Skull face for Halloween – Makeup Tutorial – Cirque du Soleil

Hello my name is Eve Monnier a makeup artist at Cirque du Soleil. This week we are preparing Halloween and everyone is in it. The makeup that we are inspired about it’s from Kooza show. It’s the character called Death Liberace and we gonna transpose this mask into makeup using a water-based makeup.

I’m gonna use two colors so we make it very easy to reproduce and I want to mix into my product. I first gonna start by applying tracing the face around face the only difficulty when you work with water-based makeup it’s to manage the good amount of water.

And now what I wanna do is to dab my color to cover all the pinkish color of the skin. If you would like to give a little satin finish to your white base I suggest you use some pigment. So this is a white luminous pigment Then with my black I’m gonna go create the round shape of the eyes.

So make sure to let it dry before your model open the eyes. And to trace under the eyes some time can be difficult. When the eyes are closed you can still follow the lash line and go as close as you can.

Once you’re happy with your eye shape you can go back with the white just to fill in the little part that can be missing. So now I’m going to start doing the details. So to do the nose you can see the corner of the eyes I’m gonna start right there in the middle.

so here you just want to keep a little white space in the center of the nose. We gonna create this very wide mouth and I want to imagine a line going to the ears tracing the line but just in the center of the lips.

So once this is done I can start drawing as many teeth as I want. So you see charging my brush I’m gonna be able to draw at least 4 or 5 teeth. To realize those swirls around you want to use a small brush.

Just keeping a little gap between the eye shape and your new line. Now here at the sides I want to create the little lashes. So you see the way I’m doing my triangle I’m doing the outside of it two lines and then I’m filling in.

Go very free with your colors with your design So we gonna have some Swarovski here using regular eyelashes glue. Apply the glue on the face directly. To issue apply little stones over one teeth like the mask you better cover one in black.

Applying the Swarovski on the lips you better applying on the top of the lips. There you go. So thank you for watching! I hope you did enjoy it. Have fun with the details. Have fun adding some glitters some Swarovski If you wish to see more just subscribe to our channel.

Thank you and Happy Halloween!


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