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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, with Jennifer Bradley

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, with Jennifer Bradley

hi I’m Jennifer Bradley celebrity makeup artist and I’m gonna show you how to do a smoky eye for redheads it’s also I’m gonna be using today are a smoky shadow a black kohl pencil and this flat brush the really main key to smoky eyes is the pencil a lot of people think it’s all about the shadow but it’s really about the pencil so you’re going to take an acrylic makeup mirror and apply the pencil all over the bottom of the lid and really smudge that out and you can make almost any eye color a smoky eye as long as you smudge a black pencil the base of the lid the bottom half of the lid first you want to use the flat brush and use your smoky shadow and really blend that across with the brush you want to just really concentrate all the deep color on the bottom of your lid this lower part of the lid is where you get the smoky eye blend blend blend you can also use the same flat brush and do a thick line underneath we’re going to do the same thing on the other eye with a pencil remember it’s all about the Kohl pencil at the bottom half of the lid blending smudging and focusing that deep shade the lower part of the lid again with the deep shadow blending over making everything even and you can also take the same brush and this kind of makes a fat line underneath the eye for a little more smooth and that is how you create a smoky eye look for a redhead your must-have item today is a black pencil thank you very much for watching this has been Jennifer Bradley


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