Hi guys, my name is James Charles, welcome back to my channel. So I was on Snapchat a few days ago, you know, just doing the usual.. Taking all the selfies in the world, updating my story, making sure all my streaks were in line.

. But, when I went to go take my ‘good morning Snapchat fam’ selfie, as usual, as I do every single day, I came across this amazing filter, and wow, I was shook. As soon as I saw that filter, you guys know my first thought was holy crap I need to turn this into a makeup look, So me being me, that is exactly what I did.

So if you want to see how I created this full-face galaxy-inspired Snapchat filter makeup tutorial, Wow that’s a mouthful, make sure to keep on watching. Alright, I already went ahead and did my face makeup off camera.

I figured that since this is obviously a pretty intricate and detailed look, we’d just focus on the eyes today. For this look today, I’m going to be using my Morphe 35B palette, you guys know this is my favourite palette for my coloured looks And you can use code “JAMES” for 10% off.

I’m going to start off by taking this bright pink shade on my Morphe R39 brush and buffing that all into the crease. I’m really taking a lot of this pink shade and buffing it all over the crease, And the eyelid just in general.

. This look and filter takes up almost the entire eye region, So I’m going to put a lot of this pink in here because there’s going to be a lot of colours going on and we really want everything to blend out nicely.

Once I have all that pink in place, I’m just going in with my Morphe M441 brush and going around the edges To make sure everything is really blown out and blended. I’m pretty happy with how this looks so I think we’re going to move right along I’m going to grab my Morphe M433 brush and this bright purple shade from the palette and start to build up my crease a little bit.

I’m really roughly placing this colour in the outer corner of my crease cause that’s where I want the most colour And then with the excess I’m just dragging it into the inner corner a little bit, as well as winging it out and then back down into the lower lash line.

In the filter, the eyes are pretty dark, so I’m going to stick to that and I’m going to layer more purple on there. In the snap filter itself, you can definitely see the pink tones on the nose bridge and around the edges of the big smokey eyes with the constellations.

But, as for the actual eyelid and the crease region, it was kind of just a big purple and black pit of nothing, So I’m kind of interpreting this in my own way with what I think it would have looked like if it was a little bit brighter So I’m going to be using these purples, pinks, blacks and blues, to kind of stick true to that galaxy theme.

Once again with that M433, I’m taking a little bit of that purple shade and buffing it into the outer corner of the eye, Making kind of a V shape and then buffing a little bit of it onto the lid. Once I get to the outer corner of my eye, I’m just kind of taking that excess shadow and winging it out And really diffusing the edges, like I said, this eye shadow look is going to be huge.

For the lid, I’m just taking this blue shade from the palette and my Sigma E25 blending brush and just tapping it right on. I’m being very very careful and light-handed while packing this blue shade onto the lid This palette is extremely extremely pigmented and I want this blue to pink transition to be really really pretty and seamless and really buffed and blended out, So I don’t want there to be any harsh lines.

Once that blue is all on there, I’m going to go back in with my Morphe M433, Which is the brush I used for the purple and kind of brush over the border of the blue in the crease to make sure everything is really blended out.

Okay, so obviously we have a lot of colour going on right now, But, I really like how in the snap filter, there was a lot of dimension and it was still kind of dark, So, I’m going to take my Morphe M562 brush and mix together the dark purple, blue and black shades from the palette And start to blend that into the outer corner.

I’m being really gentle and careful while doing this blending, because as I’m sure you guys know Black can very very quickly mess up any makeup look and make it look super muddy and really really really messy.

I’m going to quickly go ahead and line my upper and lower waterline using NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean. I am going to be wearing lashes with this obviously, and I want to do a little more black on the lower lash line so this will help everything blend together.

I hate doing this so much, oh my god. For my lower lash time I’m taking my Morphe M213 brush and once again just mixing those three dark colours And buffing them into the waterline. Now I’m just going to go in with another M213, I didn’t realise I had so many of these.

. I’m dipping into that purple shade and I’m just going to buff out that black. To finish off the shadow portion of this eye, I’m taking my M441 one last time, with a little bit of pink on it And I’m just going to buff all around this entire eye look, to just make sure we don’t lose any of that pink.

I’m going to take this eye a few steps further and add some pigments over the top of the shadows, Just to make everything pop a little more and add some excitement. So, I’m going to start off by taking Makeup Addiction Cosmetics pigment in Valentine and pop that in the inner corner.

And then for the very very inner corner, I’m taking my Morphe M515 brush Spritzing a little bit of Make Up For Ever Mist & Fist, and popping on Rosy Future from Star Crushed Minerals. To add a final pop, I’m going in with a tiny bit of Denessa Myricks pigment in Daydreaming And I’m just going to pop that right in the centre of the lid over the top of that blue.

Alright, that completes this eye, I’m going to go ahead and do the other one off camera mirroring it completely And then when I come back, we will do the constellations, mascara and lashes And then obviously finish off the rest of the face, so I will be right back! And there we go, the other eye is complete.

I’m going to quickly go in and highlight my nose bridge using my M515 and Pink Heart from Anastasia Moon Child. I know this is all in like a weird order, but I just want to do the nose highlight before I put any constellations on Trust me, it’ll all make sense in a second, just bear with me.

To add in the constellations and the stars, I’m going to use my Wet & Wild Mega Liner in the shade Trim With Lace, which is just the white liner. I’m being incredibly careful while doing this, as I’m sure you can see, my hands are shaking, I’m trying to stay as still as possible though, And if possible, if you’re doing this, try to rest your hand on either your face or a table or something so you can keep steady so you don’t make any mistakes.

I’m not really into astrology, so I have absolutely no idea what any constellations look like. Aside from the Gemini one, for obvious reasons, so I’m kind of just drawing these in completely randomly.

Now that we have all the big constellations mapped out where I want them to be, I’m going back in with the same liquid liner and adding in stars just to fill up the empty spaces. Also, just a DIY little site note, if you have a pimple, oh my god, turn it into a star.

. Wow.. Problem solved.. To prep for lashes I’m just going in with Benefit Roller Lash. For lashes today I’m going to pop on Esqido Lashes in the style Black Magic, They’re pretty wispy and not really dense, which is perfect because obviously we just did a whole lot of work on the eyes and we don’t want to cover it all up.

I don’t think there has ever once been a time that I have put on my lashes on the first try and gotten them perfect There’s always something wrong, something that needs to be re-glued down or something that needs to be adjusted.

. What about you guys? Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your least favourite part about your makeup routine is Because you all know what mine is. Actually, it could be nose contouring too.

They both suck. To give my face a nice spacey-inspired glow, I’m going to go in with my Anastasia Moon Child Glow Kit In the shade Pink Heart with my Morphe M501 brush. Oh.. Okay, wow.. For lips today, I’m going to first go in with Anastasia liquid lip in the shade Potion.

Okay, uhm, I went a little bit crazy with the over lining today, I’m well aware, I can see it with the eyes that I have on my face, So please don’t leave any comments about it, it is currently 3:41am and I want to go to sleep So I am way too lazy to fix it.

Uhm, if you don’t want your lips to be this big, don’t draw them this big, and that’s that. To make the lips all spacey and metallic, I’m first going to layer over the Daydreaming pigment from Danessa Myricks.

And then just popping on a tiny bit of Pink Heart from the Moon Child Glow Kit right in the centre. And there we go guys, that completes this full face galaxy nebula inspired Snapchat realness. If you guys did enjoy this video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below.

It lets me know that you guys enjoyed this and maybe I’ll do more Snapchat filter recreations in the future. Also, if you’d like to, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, I post videos every single week.

. And speaking of subscribe, we just hit 50k of you guys, holy cow, that’s so freakin’ rad. Thank you so much for all the support and all the kind words you guys have left me on my channel. If you’d like to keep up with me, my Instagram and Twitter are both [updated] @JamesCharles, I’m on there all the time.

Since this is a Snapchat tutorial, might as well plug my Snapchat too, it’s @JamesCharless It’s a very good time, 10/10 would recommend, I do a lot of ranting, complaining, story telling, makeup look previews as well.

Go add me, I promise you won’t regret it. Alright, I think that is everything, thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time with a new video. Bye!


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